Theories of Personality

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Schultz, D. & Schultz, S. (2005). Theories of Personality, 8th Edition. New York:         Brooks/Cole Publishing Company

Ashcraft, D. (2006).Personality Theories Workbook, 3rd Edition. New York:         Wadsworth/Thomson publishing Co.

Course Title: Theories of Personality
Course Number: PSY-257 80

General Introduction:

This course introduces you to the psychological study of personality. The nature of personality is considered from a number of theoretical points of view, all of which have strengths and weaknesses.

(1) Personality Assessment. General instructions for this will be given during the second and third class meetings. Specific guidelines will follow shortly thereafter. In brief, you are to develop a case history of a person that you do NOT know well, (not a family member or a best friend, for example). Select a personality theory from your text and integrate the theory with your personality assessment. An example paper is available for you. Your presentation will be in the format of a brief 20 minute presentation.

(2) Read Chapters in the textbook prior to the class in which each theorist will be presented and discussed. By completing the assigned reading and developing questions about the material, you will be prepared to discuss the personality issues that will emerge in class.

(3) Evaluation. There will be Two exams (Mid-term & Final) based on the readings from your textbook. Each exam will consist of 100 multiple choice questions. Grades will be determined on your performance on the two exams, the personality assessment presentation/paper, and class participation and attendance (see below).

Due Dates
Exam 1 - 25% of grade! March 6th (Mid-Term)
Exam 2 - 25% of grade! May – 8th (Final - approximate)
Personality Assessment - 40% of grade! Presentations throughout semester.
Personality Paper is due 1 week prior to presentation.
Class participation and attendance - 10% of Final grade!  

1st Genogram Assignment

Click here to download the genopro software from website. The software package allows you to graph out your family history. For this assignment include your immediate family members, parents, brothers, sisters, pets. Begin graphing your family tree - Assignment due January 24th.

ADA Statement: “At WCU we wish to make accommodations for persons with disabilities. Please make your needs known by contacting the instructor at the beginning of the semester. Sufficient notice is needed in order to make accommodations possible.”

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