Cultural Genogram Assessment

The Multicultural Genogram is an important diagnostic tool in examining historical interactions across generations related to diversity. It is a graphic representation of the multigenerational family diversity tree.

The visualization of the family diversity tree can help you identify recurring themes and behaviors that flow from one generation to the next.


1. How would you describe your cultural background?

a. Who are your people?

b. Describe how culture and people influence you and your family?

2. Who were your parents?

a. Biological? Adopted? Unrelated kin?

b. Where were they from?

c. Who were their relatives?

d. What do they remember about distant relatives?

3. If there was immigration in your family, is there a story? [Elaborate on the story].

a. If your family is indigenous, is there a story? [Elaborate on the story].

4. What were the relationships like between members of your family?

a. Were there any issues of cultural differences? [Elaborate on differences].

5. Cultural and Family Diversity:

a. Address the ethnicities, genders, race, religions/spiritual practice, sexual orientations, language, mental & physical abilities, social class and occupations of each of your partners family members?

6. When did you first notice cultural differences?

a. What were those early experiences like?

7. How was your family similar or different from those of other families in your community?

8. What are some of the stories you remember being told as a child regarding your family’s origins?

9. Discuss how and when your family talked about cultural differences?

10.What aspects of your cultural of origin do you have the most comfort "owning" and the "most difficult "owning"