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West Chester University    Department of Economics

Economics 502                             Dr. Tom Andrews
Fundamentals of Statistics             313 Anderson Hall
Summer 2003                                 West Chester PA 19383                610-436-1082 office     610-436-2592 fax

Text: Berensen, Levine and Krehbiel,   Basic Business Statistics: concepts and applications.  9th Edition

Materials: Required- Calculator (with square roots and factorials)

Objective: This course is designed to provide an introduction to basic statistics. Students successfully completing this course should have an understanding of basic statistics, their generation and interpretation. In addition, students should become somewhat familiar with statistics software. i.e minitab (free demo)   Here's a nifty Excel add in: Kstat

Course Requirements: Students are required to take (and pass) approximately five examinations (including the final), and complete any homework that is assigned. Exams will be closed book, and I will provide you with most of the necessary formulas.  Generally speaking we will have an exam every other week, and a homework assignment due on the weeks where there are no exams.  The first homework assignment will be due the second week, third week will be an exam, fourth week homework....

Attendance: Attendance is strongly suggested. Students are responsible for all material covered during class. If a class is missed, the material should be obtained from another student. Students with poor attendance rarely succeed, and more importantly these students tend to slow the class down.

Course Outline: (Under Construction) (examination schedule is tentative)  Answers to most odd numbered problems can be found at the back of the text. You should do some of them until you get comfortable with the material.

 I. Fundamentals

Introduction (chapter 1)
 Data and Data Collection

Description of Data (chapter 2 and 3 particularly sections 2.2 and  3.2)
 Qualitative Data
 Quantitative Data: (frequency distributions)
 Measures of Central Tendency and Skewness
 Measures of Variability
Measures of Relative Standing ,  

also a bit of sampling distributions (preview introduction to chapter 7)


Week one topics and practice

Practice Exam One             Solution

Another practice exam


Examination #1 ( week three) 

II Probability  Homework 2 due

Introduction to Probability
This is a link that covers what you need to know  (follow it through conditional probability)
4.1 Events, Sample Spaces and Probability  Unions and Intersections
4.2 Conditional Probability   M&MS
Week two topics and practice    Probability practice

Independence exercise    Independence exercise data

Discrete Probability Distributions chapter 5 (This chapter we could probably skip)
5.1Discrete v. Continuous Random Variables   Expected Values
5.3  Binomial Random Variable
5.5 Poisson Random Variable 

Practice questions solutions*: Word version  Wordperfect Version

*Solutions were calculated by the instructor.  There is no guarantee that they are correct.
 View them at your own risk.

Practice Exam 2           Solutions

Examination #2 Exam  Solutions

Continuous Random Variables (Chapter 6)
6.3 Continuous Uniform Distributions (just check it out)
6.1  Normal Distribution (extremely important)
Normal Distribution Homework Assignment

Human cannonball and other normal tortures          Solutions

III Sampling

Sampling Distributions (Chapter 7)  The theory here allows the rest of statistics to happen.  focus on the concepts. 
 They are the key to every chapter that follows.   Shoe size exercise
7.1 Sampling Distribution of the mean   X
7.2 Sampling distribution of the proportion

review and practice problems: populations and sampling distributions

Exam  Sampling and population distributions   Solutions

Confidence Estimation from Sample Data (Chapter 8)
8.1 and 8.2  Confidence intervals for the mean
8.6 Confidence intervals for the proportion
8.4 Sample Size

practice problems for confidence intervals   Solutions

confidence interval Case     Data 

Hypothesis testing Single Sample (Chapter 9)
Elements of a Hypothesis Test
Tests about a Population Mean
 Test about a Population Proportion

Practice problems for single sample hypothesis tests and confidence intervals Solutions

Examination #4             Solution

Hypothesis testing two Samples (Chapter 10)
10.1  Two means independent samples
10.2 Two variances independent samples
10.3 Two means dependent samples

12. 1 two proportions

Decision Tree

Two sample practice questions       Solutions

Two Sample Case Homework         Data

Multiple Samples ANOVA and χ2   Chapters 11 and 12

Simple Linear Regression (Chapter 13)

 Model and least squares estimate
 Inferences about the slope
 Coefficient of Determination
 Estimation and Prediction

Multiple Regression (Chapter 14 and 15)
Functional Forms
Inferences about the slopes
Coefficient of Determination and F test
Estimation and Prediction
Model Building (Chapter 15 time permitting)

Gas Data

Baseball data  Baseball text

Demand estimation in-class exercise: Data  Text

 Crime and police data    Crime and Police Instructions

 Advertising Data    Advertising results

  Take homeExam Word 7    Data

   Take home exam Word 6    Data Excel 5

Final Exam Last week of class

ambulance data