West Chester University  Department of Economics
Economics 500:   Economics in the Business Environment     
Tom Andrews Ph. D
Anderson Hall 313

 Text:   Economic Literacy: Basic Economics with an Attitude.  Frederick Weaver.

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is essentially a survey of microeconomics and macroeconomics.  Students should learn the ability to use economic thinking to improve the efficiency of organizational decision making.   In essence, upon completion of this course, students should be able to to provide an economic analysis of  the sort of problems commonly encountered in a newspaper.  Each class will involve a lecture segment where new material is introduced followed by an application segment devoted case studies.

1. Homework Assignments (up to 40% of grade)
At least 8 homework assignments will be given.  Each is worth 5% of your final grade with the credit above 20 percent deducted from your lowest exam.  Four Homework assignments are required. Homework assignments beyond the 4 required are optional, but if  turned in will be graded and counted (so don't turn in junk).  Homework will be assigned one week before due date.  Homework is important in terms of final grades, and as a preparation for exams.  Collaboration with fellow students is allowed, though answers should not be identical.  Homework will be graded on a scale of one to ten.

2.  Three Exams (up to 80% of Grade)   Exams will be short-answer / essay format

 Make-up exam policy:  Make-up exams will only be given for well documented emergencies.  In all other cases missed exams will be counted as zeros.

ATTENDANCE:   Attendance is strongly suggested. 

  Course Outline: