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inc. gauge  Comprehensive Business Financials Analysis Tool

Free Online Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Calculator & Benchmarking Tool

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Comprehensive and easy to use, inc. gauge is a Key Performance Indicators (KPI) calculator & Benchmarking tool that :

  • automatically calculates 17 key business performance indicators

  • includes Benchmark Averages of (about) 50,000 financials

  • is free to use, totally confidential, and online (no downloads)

  • includes a Glossary of all calculated key performance indicators

Intended users of inc. gauge are:

  • business & association decision makers

  • educators & students (business, accounting, finance, etc.)

  • competent advising & practicing professionals

Browser Support for using inc. gauge:

Windows OS

Mac OS


Click here for a screen shot of inc. gauge, or click here to try it now.

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Terms of Acceptable Use

While inc. gauge is free to use, please respect & observe all copyrights.

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