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The Gradenator - "What If" Grade & GPA Estimator (Beta)

Free online tool that estimates your course and semester grades and GPA ("Study hard'll be back!")

This version handles number scores (e.g., 100), for schools like WCU using the GPA system where "A-" = 3.67, etc. (see "Understanding GPAs")

Quick Start:


Be part of the Solution

Easy to use and versatile, the "Gradenator" quickly estimates grades using known and guesstimated scores ("what if" analysis) with:

  • automatic estimates of up to 21 items for up to 7 courses

  • GPA estimations for the current and all semesters

  • total confidentiality, no downloads (online)...and it's free

  • a Glossary explaining the simple inputs and results

"Gradenator" MENU - select one (all include GPA estimators):

  • Short - 1 course at a time

  • Grande - up to 5 courses (5 to 15 sec. load time)

  • Sette - as many as 7 courses (5 to 15 sec. load time)

  • New! Just GPAs - 3 useful present and future GPA calculators

Browser Support for using The Gradenator:

Windows & Mac OS


(Win only)



This is a Beta (test) version. Bug reports and requests are welcome!


Q: Why use this?

A: This tool calculates known scores and guesstimates, and allows for "What Ifs" to estimate your ending grades.

Q: There are no or only partial results.

A: This is usually due to missing input.

Q: Can I save this?

A: No. For your privacy and security, it is not saved anywhere.

Q: Can I print results.

A: Yes. "Sette" is usually two pages, so consider shrinking it to fit one page or print double sided.

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