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(What's) Hot!

All CSW131 Students Should Check This Page Frequently

Uploading Files to Server

WinSCP (upload web pages)


Your Website Project

Requirements - See D2L (due PRIOR to TBA).

Project Plan (example): FINAL due TBA BEFORE class printed & stapled

Getty "Open Content" images


Dates TBA; see Class Review emails

Quick way to view the source code on the major browsers.

The following resources are for class work and may different from those accessible through the textbook author. All links open in a new tab or window.

Worldwide Web Consortium

HTML5 Browser Support Test

Color Use: 1 | 2 | 3 | converter

Safe Fonts: Stacks & Fonts

Lipsum Filler Text

Web Accessibility In Mind

Colorblind Simulation & Fixes

Quirks: interesting information

Using WinSCP

Icon Generator

Web Hypertext App. Tech. Working Group

W3C Validators: HTML | CSS

Website Color Planning Tool: Adobe Color

Character Entity References: HTMt5 | HTML4

Multi-browser testing tool (limited use)

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Accessibility Rich Internet Applications

Normalize: for discussion only (use TBD)

Intellectual Property Topics - WCU

(...more to come...)

The following items are IMPORTANT to CSW 131 and are NOT in the textbook.

$$. JavaScript;

1$. Default Web Page (

Note: Key course files will be posted in a secure (D2L) location.

Website projects are due uploaded to server & D2L Assignments PRIOR to TBD class

JavaScript Quiz handed out in TBD class only; due at VERY BEGINNING of TBD class

About the CSW131 Textbook

"Do I really need to buy the hard copy of the textbook for the CSW131 class?"

ANSWER: Yes! It is required, we need to use publisher files and code accessible legally to textbook owners, and all or parts of some quizzes and tests are open book (hard copy, not electronic).


Clearing browsers for better testing

Chrome; FF; IE; Safari; Opera

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