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All CSC 110 Students Should Check This Page Frequently


Submitting VB Files/Folders
(Differs from VB Guide Method)

  • Logon to D2L

  • Click Assessments then
    click Assignments

  • Click the link that corresponds to what you are submitting, e.g., "Lab 1", etc.

  • Click the Add a File button

  • Click the Browse button, open your CSC110Student folder, then the Credit folder, then right click on the Lab folder. Mouse over Send To, then click Compressed (zipped) Folder. This will create a new file with the same name as the folder, (in this case Lab) and will have a zippered folder icon next to it. Click this newly created file, then click the Open button.

  • Click the Add button, then click the Upload button. You can add a comment (not usually needed) then click the Submit button.

  • You will see a File submission successful comment, and an email confirmation is sent.

  • You will not see a grade until your instructor has posted it.

Note: This page will be updated as the semester progresses (Quiz links will be activated)

E-Book Assignments: These are due and are graded BEFORE class starts (but you can work on them after the due date). You can always see ALL Practice questions (your Assignment does NOT include all questions) for a chapter by clicking Recharge AFTER you complete the Assignment (or you can click on the black LearnSmart widget AFTER the due date).

Your E-Textbook is REQUIRED to take quizzes, do assignments, etc. (see your syllabus),
and McGraw Hill's Connect Success resource.

"Do not pass Go, do not collect $200!" - know ALL the cell phone laws.

Ergonomics Videos: Home, work, and cell/smart phones. Don't forget head rests.

Symantec (Norton) "Guide to Scary Internet Stuff" videos ("oldies but goodies").

Who's building the World's Fastest Computer?

Information Security? OOPS!

Search engines to try:

  1. Google Advanced (to fine tune your searches and narrow results)

  2. Dog Pile and ixquick ("private" and "safe") meta searches for hard to find items

  3. ipl2 (formerly for "Librarian's Internet Index"; for "reliable" searches)

Password Tester - Kaspersky's secure password check

"The Women of ENIAC" - ...and their importance in the beginnings of programming

Is radiation from my cell phone nuking my brain (or other body parts)?

Key Words/Phrases:  Quiz 1| Quiz 2 | Quiz 3 | VBSA Quiz Lab

Make sure to see "VB Tips" for help and L3P1 | L3P2 | L3P3.



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