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While focused primarily on WCU CSC students, this website also contains, and provides links to
FREE and very low cost academic and business resources including the "inc. gauge" KPI tool

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Free & Low Cost Academic & Business Resources

Select Your Category Below for Explanations of Free & Low Cost Tools, Hardware, and Software.

Resources @ Low / No Cost

Free & Low Cost Academic & Business Resources - Many major and second tier firms offer software, computers, and related equipment for free or at very low cost.

User types are segregated into three major groups - While there is some overlapping, these groups should make searching a bit easier:

  • Students (and Parents) - this category is geared toward college students and their parents (because the offerings are mostly focused in this manner). Software for WCU students.

  • Businesses & Associations - both for profit and non-profit organizations will want to use a number of resources (many already have) and online tools. Serious research must be done to avoid infringement as personal and business uses vary greatly.

  • Everyone - useful resources for, well -- everyone . . . Consider visiting this site, but free or not, always do your due diligence!

 What's this page all about?

Quality free and low cost resources are out there for just about anyone.

REMEMBER: "Buyer beware!" Free or not, always do you due diligence.

Terms of Acceptable Use

Even free resources have legal protection regarding acceptable use. Please respect and observe all of the copyrights.

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