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While focused primarily on WCU CSC students, this website also contains, and provides links to
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Be part of the Solution

Be part of the Solution - Love them or hate them, computers are an integral part of our society; locally and globally. Quite the opposite of public perception and what you may have heard, there is quite a shortage of expertise in computer oriented fields in the United States. My goal is to help you be part of the Solution and become more valuable by learning the language, customs and culture of our current environment.

Website layout - complementing D2L (Desire2Learn), pages included are:

  • Hot! - most currently updated items -- visit often!

  • Syllabus - online and printable (dates vary by section)

  • VB Tips - corresponding to class and VB Guide material

  • - access to FREE and discounted academic and business resources, including helpful / interesting software, online tools, and outside websites.

 #1 Student Question

"Do I really need to buy the E-Book for the CSC 110 class?"

ANSWER: Yes! It is required and students that use the  books earn better grades (and one book is free!)."

Acceptable Use of Free Online Tools

Free online tools like "inc. gauge" are for academic, business, and institutional use for all endeavors.

However, please observe copyrights.

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