343key 9/23/04


Welcome to the Eco343 Web Page

This is a web page in progress. The page contains links to the course syllabus, course outline with homework assignments, computer problems, and annotated outline. It will contain old exams and problem solutions after they are discussed in class. For future use bookmark this page.

My hard drive is regularly checked for viruses. If you get a virus report, please give me the document number and I will reboot it. Some virus problems have been reported in one of the computer rooms. These seem to be in the computer, not in the documents. If this happens to you, report it to the help desk and try another room.

My standing offer. If you submit a good exam problem to me, you might just find it on the exam. The better thought out it is, the more likely it is to go on the exam with minimal changes. However, since there are 4 Statistics exams, the numbers are likely to be changed. A number of students have submitted questions in the past and, I believe, gotten better grades because of it.

Documents available:

343works 2003 bibliography

343bibl 1998 bibliography

343IO Input output analysis

343Outl1996 outline

343syll Proposed Syllabus 2003

343syll96 1996 syllabus

343ClippingsFile - Site index for clipping files.