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Subject: RE: 2006 LARC Staff List

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Currently, we only have one tutor for MAT 121.  His name is Vincent Penrose, and he is an Honors student and a math major.  He has not taken any economics courses, but after talking with Dr. Corbett, she says that if you feel someone who tutors the math portion would be adequate, we could add 251 and 252 to his schedule. 


He received As in all calculus, statistics, and measurement courses.  Please let me know if he seems appropriate to handle 251 and 252.  Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Gerardina Kenney



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From: Bove, Roger Even
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I was very disappointed to see no tutor for ECO251-252. It seems to me that anyone capable of tutoring MTL121-MAT122 should be able to handle this.


Roger Even Bove, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Economics

Dept. of Economics & Finance

West Chester University

West Chester PA 19383-2220

Phone: 610-436-2134 email: or

Fax: 425-645-4198 or 610-436-2592


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Subject: 2006 LARC Staff List


Department Contacts:  Please make copies for any faculty who do not have e-mail access.  Thank You.





Attached, please find the 2006 LARC Staff List.   Also, attached is our Student Success Seminar registration form.   Any questions, please feel free to contact me at the number below.  Thanks, and have a great day!!


Gerardina  L. Kenney 

Interim Director of the Learning Assistance and Resource Center





Lawrence 105 (610) 436-2535

Interim Director

Mrs. Gerardina L. Kenney

(610) 738-0496

Interim Assistant Director/CHE SI Coordinator

Mrs. Miranda W. Morehead

(610) 436-2591

BIO Supplemental Instruction Coordinator

Mrs. Laurie Townsend

(610) 436-1062

Math Tutor Coordinator (110 – 162)

Mr. Nick DiDonato

(610) 436-1062

Math Tutor Coordinator (Q01 – 108)

Ms. Misha Patel

(610) 436-1062

Front Desk Staff

Amanda Bowers, Jason Irvine, Debbie Oakes, Megan Hines

(610) 436-2535



Frank Fraser, Alex Hillemeyer, Amanda Levengood, Danielle Corrao


MAT 000

Natalie Gamble, Susie Malt

WRT 120

Megan Trexler, Laurie Townsend, Jessica Carmichael


MAT 001

Elyse Kolonauski


BIO 100

Sugir Velpari, Stephanie Sciarra, Laurie Townsend


CHE 104

Amy Larson

BIO 259

Archana Vadlamudi


CHE 107

Joy Murage

BIO 269

Jhansi Navuluri


CHE 230

Tiffany Senne

CHE 103

Amanda Donley, Phil Montemuro, Heidi Snapp, Andrea Megill, Lyle Miller


CHE 231

Chase Cramer, Jen Eddy, Jeff Cruz


ACC 201/202

Sheena Perez


MAT 105

Amanda Zern, Geoff Harman


Marcy Barth


MAT 107

Steven Assalita, Greg Sternschuss, Chris Reimer, Geoff Harman

BIO 100

Katie Moyer


MAT 108

Steven Assalita, Greg Sternschuss, Megan Litkenhaus

BIO 204

Archana Vadlamudi


MAT 110

Alex Nitica, Chris Reimer


Maggie Dudley


MAT 121

Vincent Penrose

CHE 107

Brianne Cook


MAT 151

Nick DiDonato

CSC 141

Nick DiDonato, Vincent Penrose


MAT 161

Dan Fagerburg, Steven Assalita, Greg Sternschuss, Andrew McLaughlin

CSC 142/HIS 150

Nick DiDonato


MAT 162

Dan Fagerburg, Alex Nitica, Andrew McLaughlin

ECO 111/112

Andrew Buechner


MTC 112-215

Megan Hokaj, Heather Siegfried, Jeffrey Slemmer, Jon Manness

FRE 101-202

Isabelle Mattie, Jennifer Ralston, Jaclyn Bloth


PHY 100/130

Aaron Jahn

GEO 101

Lisa Rusek


PHY 170

Heidi Snapp

GER 101-202

Geoff Harman


PSY 100

Megan Litkenhaus, Claudia Puleo, Sarah Wildrick

ITA 101-202

Daniela Villanti


PSY 245

Claudia Puleo

MAT 101

Lisa Rusek, Amanda Senholzi, Krystin Brobst


SOC 200

Megan Litkenhaus

MAT 102

Krystin Brobst, Sarah Wildrick


SPA 101-102

Nicole Borochowski

MAT 103

Alison Despines, Tara Colantuono, Claudia Puleo


SPA 102-202

Brad Sives

MAT 104

Tara Colantuono, Viktor Kapiliovich


SPK 208

Andrew McLaughlin



Laurie Townsend, Silvia Ramos



Miranda Morehead, Greg Sternschuss


LARC HOURS   Monday – Thursday  8:00 AM–8:00 PM & Friday  8:00 AM–4:00 PM

ALL tutoring sessions are by appointment.  Please encourage students to register as early as possible.


To register for the Study Skills Workshop, please complete the form below and answer the questions below.  Send your completed registration form to the LARC BEFORE the first session.  Tear off and save the bottom half of this page to remind you of the dates and times of the sessions. 


Name:                                                                 Student #:          _____

            Last                                          First


Phone:                                                       Email:                                      _____


Circle One:


I can/cannot attend the Study Skills Workshops on Mondays from 10:00 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. beginning on October 2nd, 2006.



To complete your registration, you MUST

answer the questions below:



The Study Skills Workshop consists of five sessions.  Each session covers different topics, so plan to attend all 5 for a comprehensive review.  For more information, call 610-436-2535 or 610-738-0496.


Please answer the following questions.


1.  Have you taken our Study Skills Workshop in the past?     (Circle One)      Yes/No 

2.  When was the last time you took a Study Skills review? ____________________________

3.  Was the review taken at the high school or college level?                         _____________

4.  What would you like our Study Skills Workshop to focus on?  Check all that apply.

¨      Note taking

¨      Test Anxiety

¨      Types of tests

¨      Study Techniques

¨      An in-depth review of specific concepts, specify            ________________             __

¨      Something else (please describe)                       _____                                        __



Study Skills Workshop

Location: Sykes 257

Mondays 10:00-11:00