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Welcome to the Eco252 Web Page

This is a web page in progress. The page contains links to the course syllabus, course outline with homework assignments, computer problems, and annotated outline. It will contain old exams and problem solutions after they are discussed in class. For future use bookmark this page.

My hard drive is regularly checked for viruses. If you get a virus report, please give me the document number and I will reboot it.

 My Standing Offer: If you submit a good exam problem to me, you might just find it on the exam. The better thought out it is, the more likely it is to go on the exam with minimal changes. However, since there are 2-4 Statistics exams, the numbers are likely to be changed. A number of students have submitted questions in the past and, I believe, gotten better grades because of it.


Notices ----

You should always be sure that you have a copy of the current outline pages to bring to class. You should know how to access Blackboard.


In addition to the prerequisites you are expected to be able to express yourself in writing. All e-mails to the instructor should be in grammatically correct but not terribly formal English with the spelling checked!

Apr 30 – The 3rd exam is graded and you can pick it up. A corrected solution to the 3rd exam is also now posted. The main correction is a long note on an inexcusable error many of you made on the take-home. Some of you may be skeptical that I could grade a customized problem without doing the calculations, so I will be glad to run your version on a Minitab macro that I wrote for that purpose if you wish and tome permits. A solution to the extra credit section has been posted temporarily as 252solngr4-041s.

Apr 28 – The third exam is posted as follows: 252x0421 Third exam, Spring 2004, questions only, 252y0421 Third exam, Spring 2004, solution.

Apr 22 – Don’t forget that there is a review of the first part of the course, 252review. I will use this in putting together the cumulative, open-book final. I will try to start all exams a few minutes early since we cannot run more than a few minutes late.

Apr 19 – I just posted Solution to Graded Assignment 4. I wish someone had reminded me that this wasn’t posted when I returned the assignment. I have also posted all problems assigned for the semester (See PROBLEM SOLUTIONS ). The 4th Computer problem is ready and will be part of the final exam.

Apr 12 – There is an error in the Take-home exam. I left out the second 10 in the example. You are supposed to provide the 7th number. a) should read:

a) Note that office 2, the ‘head’ office in the Cayman Islands, has a smaller sample than the rest. You can help by adding a seventh measurement, the third to last digit of your student  number (If it’s a zero, use 10). For example, Seymour Butz’s student number is 976500 and he will have a second column that reads 7, 6, 10, 3, 9, 10, 5.  This should not change the results by much.  Find the sample variance of this column. (2)

This means that d) should read:

d) (Extra Credit) Now we find out that this was not a random sample and that each row represents a separate job description. If this changes your analysis, redo the analysis. In order to fill out the data from the Cayman Islands, use the last two digits in your student number. For example, Seymour Butz’s student number is 976500 and he will have a second column that reads 7, 6, 10, 3, 9, 10, 5, 10, 10 (5)

The page is numbered wrong too. It’s 252x0431.

Apr 7 – All the problems for Sections G, H and I are now available in PROBLEM SOLUTIONS.

Apr 2 – A correction to Graded Assignment 4 has been made and the promised extra credit problem has been added to it. The exam solution (252y0421) will be posted under OLD EXAMS later today.

Apr 1 – The following sections have been added to the outline for ANOVA – 252mvar and 252 mvarex. All problem solutions have been posted for  Section F in PROBLEM SOLUTIONS.

Mar 31 – A serious error in Grass 4 has been pointed out to me in the ranges for the ANOVAs. Please make sure that you got your copy after 11:20 AM today.

Mar 30 - Graded Assignment 4 is now available and due one week for Wednesday. Make sure that you have a version of Excel with enabled statistical tools.

Mar 26 – The following sections constitute the remainder of the course except for the review. 252regr, 252regrex1, 252mreg, 252regrex2, 252regrext and 252corr. Please bring them to class. Two of these sections have just been rewritten to simplify the calculations.

Mar 22 – The Solution to Graded Assignment 3 is now available. The URL for the data file for the take-home exam is http://courses.wcupa.edu/rbove/eco252/2x0421-1.MTP.

To compute means and variances use the let and sum instructions. For example if the data I want is x in column 5, you can get the sum of x and the sum of x squared as below. If you copy out the results, I will never know that you didn’t do it by hand.                                                   

MTB >  let c6 = c5*c5

MTB > sum c5

Sum of C5

   Sum of C5 = 10.000

MTB > sum c6

Sum of C6

   Sum of C6 = 30.000

MTB > print c5 c6

Data Display

 Row    C5     C6

   1     1      1

   2     2      4

   3     3      9

   4     4     16

Mar 19 – I will be in A002 (or in my office if no one shows) from 9 to 11am today. The 9am computer session will not exactly be made up, though I will be available to help you in A002 on Monday afternoon between 3 and 4. For the 9am class the take-home and the first computer assignment can be handed in until Friday, and I can e-mail you the take-home if you send me a request.

Mar 17 – The next exam will be on Wednesday, March 24; the Take-home will be distributed on Friday, March 19. (The exam will cover Sections D and E, and computation of the sample variance). On Friday classes will meet in Room A002. The computer problems to be done are on the document 252cprb, which you should bring with you. All problems in section E are available in PROBLEM SOLUTIONS. You should bring the first computer problem and your Poisson calculations to the exam.,)

Mar. 4 – The exam solution (252y0411) has been posted under OLD EXAMS, and solutions to problems in section D and some in section E are available in PROBLEM SOLUTIONS.

Mar 1 – You should have copies of 252chisq (revised 1 March 2004), (252chisqx1), 252anova,   252anovaex1, 252anovaex2, 252anovaex3 to bring to class. The 3rd graded assignment (Graded Assignment 3) is now available and due on Mar 17.

Feb 24 – Office hours extended to 6pm.

Feb 23 – Three important words were left out of question 4 on the take-home. They are underlined. 4. a. Assume that a travel agent claims that the average number of clients coming into the office in an hour has a Poisson distribution with a mean of 5. Test this hypothesis with a 5% significance level if the following occur:

Feb 22 - Solution to Graded Assignment 2 is now available. Just a reminder that Wednesday’s exam is open book, open notes. I have suggested that the best way to prepare for such an exam is to act as if it were a closed book exam but that you intend to cheat and thus have prepared a very good, very concise summary to take with you.

Feb 16 – You should have copies of 252mean , 252meanx1, 252meanx2, 252 meanx3, 252meanx4 and 252conf  (252conf is in syllabus supplement) to bring to class. The Solution to Graded Assignment 1 is now available. The take-home exam will be distributed on Friday. Problems in section C are now available in PROBLEM SOLUTIONS.

Feb 13 - pp. 17-18 252form has gone through yet another revision. Only the second page was changed.

Feb 12 -  All problems for section B are now available in PROBLEM SOLUTIONS.

Feb 11 - The second graded assignment (Graded Assignment 2) is now available and will be due on Feb 18.

Feb 10 – To open commands on Minitab place your cursor in the session window. Then use the ‘editor’ pull-down menu and click on ‘enable commands.’ The first half of the problem solutions for section B are available in PROBLEM SOLUTIONS. If you want to begin to understand hypothesis testing and p-values, look at them now!

Feb 5 – All problems for section A are now available in PROBLEM SOLUTIONS .

Feb 2 – You need the following documents for the next two sections of the course. 252ones, 252onesx1 , 252onesx2, 252onesex, 252conf  (252conf is in syllabus supplement)  and 252power.

Jan 30 – The first graded assignment (Graded Assignment 1) is now available and will be due on Feb 9.

Jan 29 – If you have the syllabus supplement the following pages should be replaced:

pp. 17-18 252form

pg. 22  252Wilcoxontable

pp. 49-50 ttable1

pp. 52-53 251form

pg. 66 251var2 (Only one page)

All but the first of these are currently available from me.


Jan 28 – Two sets of solutions for problems from section A have been posted. Go to PROBLEM SOLUTIONS. If you have the 4th edition of Downing and Clark, get new versions of the syllabus (252syll) and the homework assignments (252hwk).

Jan 27 – From the textbook manager.

I assure you they are here. Please tell your students to see our staff or myself if they are having trouble finding them. I will make sure that the books are well stocked and visible.


Reggie Riddick

Textbook MGR

Student Services Bookstore

610 436-2242




-----Original Message-----

From:             Bove, Roger Even

Sent:               Wednesday, January 28, 2004 2:55 PM

To:                  Riddick, Reginald

Subject:         RE: Texts for ECO 250/251


I have some students who still need the package and claim that it is no longer available.


-----Original Message-----
From: Riddick, Reginald
Tuesday, January 20, 2004 9:37 AM
To: Benzing, Cynthia
Subject: RE: Texts for ECO 250/251


     All of the components have arrived for the Berenson package. We have put them together and complete packages are now available. Students that purchased incomplete packages may now pick up any of the missing components free of charge. Thanks. for your patience through all of this..  


Jan 20 – From the tutoring center:

Dear Faculty,

Attached is the list of tutors who will be working with the Learning Assistance and Resource Center (LARC) this Spring semester. Spring 2004 LARC staff

Please note that tutoring began on Tuesday, January 20th.  The last day to request a tutor will be Friday, April (????) 9th.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/concerns.


Idna M. Corbett

Director, Learning Assistance and Resource Center

West Chester University, West Chester, PA 19383

610-436-1062, FAX 610-436-2600


Jan 13 – To rent Minitab if you want it on your own computer go to http://www.minitab.com/education/semesterrental/default.aspx . Final exams from last term are available from OLD EXAMS below.

Jan 12 – You should come to class with the current outline – lecture summary pages 252onea, 252oneaex1, and 252oneaex2. The handout available in class includes 252syll and 252hwk.


Office Hours:  (Call 610-436-2134 if you're not sure! But you are always better off e-mailing rbove@wcupa.edu) . I am often in during afternoons outside of these hours.)





Monday April 19



Tuesday April 20

4:00pm – 5:30pm


Wednesday April 21



Thursday April 22

2:00pm – 3:30pm

5:00pm-8:00pm Either in office or home grading (email rbove@wcupa.edu or call 610-436-2134 first.)


Friday April 23


3:00pm-8:00pm Either in office or home grading (email rbove@wcupa.edu or call 610-436-2134 first.)





Monday April 26



Tuesday April 27

5:00pm – 6:30pm


Wednesday April 28



Thursday April 29

12:30pm-3:30pm Either in office or home grading (email rbove@wcupa.edu or call 610-436-2134 first.)


Friday April 30

11:00am – 12:30pm

12:30pm-6:30pm Either in office or home grading (email rbove@wcupa.edu or call 610-436-2134 first.)





Monday May 3

1:00pm-3:00pm EXAM Eco 251                                  (MWF)2pm

3:00pm-4:00pm Office Hours


Tuesday May 4

3:00pm – 5:00pm


Wednesday May 5

8:00am-10:00am EXAM Eco 252                                  (MWF)9am

10:30am-12:30pm EXAM Eco 252                                  (MWF)10am

1:00pm-3:00pm EXAM Eco 251                                  (MWF)1pm

4:00pm-5:00pm Office Hours


Thursday May 6

2:00pm – 5:00pm Either in office or home grading (email rbove@wcupa.edu or call 610-436-2134 first.)


Friday May 7

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Saturday May 8

8:00am Commencement





Monday May 10

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Tuesday May 11

2:00pm-5:00pm Either in office or home grading (email rbove@wcupa.edu or call 610-436-2134 first.)


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252syll    For homework assignments, see below.



252hwk contains a course outline and homework assignments.

Partial solution to 2000 second graded assignment.

252cprb is the first 3 computer problems. Bring a copy of this document to the computer room or get one off the website as soon as you arrive the computer sessions. 4th Computer problem

Graded Assignments and Solutions will be accessible below.

Graded Assignment 1

Solution to Graded Assignment 1

Graded Assignment 2

Solution to Graded Assignment 2

Graded Assignment 3

Solution to Graded Assignment 3

Graded Assignment 4

Solution to Graded Assignment 4

*Hint: You can check your answer to Graded Assignment 1 by putting the data in Column 1 in Minitab and using the following instructions to print out standard deviations, standard errors and confidence intervals.

tinterval 90.0 C1

This is the instruction for a 90% interval using t.

zinterval 92.0 100 C1

This is the instruction for a 92% interval using z and a population standard deviation of 100.

zinterval 99.9 100 C1

This is the instruction for a 99.9% interval using z and a population standard deviation of 100.

OUTLINE – Lecture notes.



These will be made available by request.




Does chi-square homework


Does simple regression homework






Behrenson Text CD-ROMs




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ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Dr. Daniel Mohan has kindly provided a list of websites related to statistics. In particular a copy of Minitab can be rented from the Minitab website.  Note: A new window will be popped up to display the linked pages. You will want to close this window when you are done looking at the selected site.     

SPSS Home Page                     http://www.spss.com/
Minitab Home Page                   http://www.minitab.com/
Texas Instruments Calculators   http://www.ti.com/calc/
SAS Home Page                       http://sas.com/
Frontline Systems                      http://frontsys.com/
LINDO Systems                       http://www.lindo.com/     

Stata Corporation                      http://www.stata.com/

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URL list for this document.

Because some people have had trouble using the links in this document. They are listed here.

252hwkadd                              http://courses.wcupa.edu/rbove/eco252/252hwkadd.doc

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252syll                                     http://courses.wcupa.edu/rbove/eco252/252syll.doc

252hwk                                    http://courses.wcupa.edu/rbove/eco252/252hwk.doc

Partial solution                   http://courses.wcupa.edu/rbove/eco252/252solngr2-01.doc

252cprb                                   http://courses.wcupa.edu/rbove/eco252/252cprb.doc


OUTLINE                                          http://courses.wcupa.edu/rbove/eco252/252outline.htm

Go here for outline links.


PROBLEM SOLUTIONS         http://courses.wcupa.edu/rbove/eco252/252solnkey.htm

Go here for problem links.


OLD EXAMS                                  http://courses.wcupa.edu/rbove/eco252/252examkey.htm

Go here for exam links.


SYLLABUS SUPPLEMENT EXCERPTS                                         


Go here for syllabus supplement links.


CURRICULUM VITAE          http://courses.wcupa.edu/rbove/bovecv.doc

Fall 2003 LARC staff               http://courses.wcupa.edu/rbove/Fall 2003 LARC staff.htm