"For thirty years after World War II, Spain was isolated from the rest of western Europe. Under General Francisco Franco's fascist regime, which lasted from 1939-1975, Spain was largely shunned by the democracies of western Europe. Only following Franco's death in 1975 was the country able to begin the precarious process of constructing a democratic political system and reintegrating itself into Europe. Over the ensuing two decades, Spain has succeeded in consolidating a modern democratic political system and has become a committed member of the European Union. The country has emerged from the isolation it suffered under Franco a confident and leading member of the EU.
Nothing has had a greater impact on contemporary Spain's political life and economic fortunes than the country's membership in the EU. Entry in 1986 was along time coming. Spain has since then proved a committed member of the EU. Why? Symbolically, membership in the EU represented a decisive break with the past political and economic isolation that Spain had suffered under Franco. The country would now embrace, and be embraced by, the rest of western Europe. For a country emerging from years of dictatorship, membership in the EU would play a critical role in the consolidation of the country's newly emerging democratic institutions. Membership also would mean the transformation of Spain's ailing and underdeveloped economy, thereby guaranteeing longer tem prosperity. Modernization both political and economic could best be achieved via the EU."
"Below are a number of important links to websites linked to Spain, and Spanish politics. Some of these sites are in English. Many are in Spanish. We will try and work through some of the links written in Spanish."
General Web Sites devoted to Spanish Politics:
Political Parties in Spain:
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