This web page has been put together to provide information reguarding the Consortium's European Union Simulation. A simulation model of the European Union can be an extremely effective, albeit time-consuming, technique for teaching the politics, policies, institutions, and theory of the European integration and the European Union. It is difficult to convey all the various parts and processes of the simulation via the web page, but I have placed on this web page as much information reguarding the simulation as feasible. Follow thw links below to learn more about the simulation.

     I would suggest starting with a general review of the simulation written for an article in the ECSA Review. After reading this article, you can then browse through a number of links - including looking at the brochure from the 1998 simulation, pictures and video of students engaged in the simulation, a simulation flow-chart, and other items from the simulation that you might find more interesting.

     Funding for this web page has been provided in part by the generous support of ESCA's Curriculum Development Grant Project and The Delegation of the European Commission. For more Information on the simulation, please feel free to e-mail Professor Peter Loedel at West Chester University: I also have a 20 minute informative video on the simulation available to anyone interested... It's free!!