do some research

Below are a number of links to academic and/or research oriented sites on European Union and European politics. While just a few, these sites will steer you in the right direction and provide you with multiple jumping off points to research on the EU and European politics in general. From these sites you can contact a number of European universities, libraries, archives and other assorted data. You can also link to many leading European journals.

WCU Searchbank (Use this site to access the wealth of information that our library has to offer. This is always a good place to start your research. In fact, if you come to my office and say "I can’t find anything," the first thing we will do is sit down at my computer and link to Searchbank. And, we will (always) find something!!)

European Community Studies Association (Thanks to their support, I was able to spend the time and money on creating the Webstudy program and this web site. If you are interested in European politics and are interested in the many programs and opportunities available to students of European politics, you must visit ECSA. They also publish many monographs, books, and other articles on the EU. If I may, join now!)

University of Pittsburgh’s Center on Western Europe Virtual Library (The University of Pittsburgh’s Center on West European Studies and its library are an excellent academic resource for students of European politics. Their center also publishes a number of monographs, etc., on Europe. A good jumping off point for research!)

Columbia University’s Institute (Columbia University’s Institute on Western Europe also provides a wonderful site to do some research on-line. Their site provides an excellent jumping off point to many international and European contacts.)

Pro EuropeSponsored by the European Union of Federalists.

University of Keele (England- is an excellent link to resources on political science in general, and Europe, more specifically. I encourage you to visit this site to get a sense of what the Europeans (OK, the British are not quite as European as say the Luxembourgers) are doing in terms of websites, research, information, etc. The site can provide a different perspective on various topics.)