This page is designed to help you find interesting articles, newspapers, magazines, and other on-line "news" and information about the EU, European politics, and current events.

This list is short and by no means comprehensive. I encourage you to contact me if you find other useful media sites. Also, these sites are mostly in English – although I do not want to discourage those who wish to employ their foreign language skills from searching other media sites. Some of these sites may require you to sign on or register in order to receive their information. Do it! It takes a few minutes and most are worth the extra effort – at least for free on-line information.

The Economist (Very British weekly, with a strong liberal bent (economically and socially liberal). Good source on EMU. Occasional cheeky humor!)

Financial Times (The British daily – with a strong economic/business side. Good web site with information on EMU. If you buy it, it has an orange tint.)

The Times (Traditional British daily. Kind of like the New York Times, but decidedly British. Good source of European news)

The European (Europe’s attempt at a European newspaper and it does a generally good job. But the web site could be better and they make you register. But very European in scope.)

New York Times (All the news that’s fit to print – including good information on European politics. Quotable.)

Reuters/Yahoo (Daily news updates on European politics.)

Euromoney (Good link to euro-money/finance issues for our simulation.)

General International News Sources (This site provides a broad link to media sources from around the world, including hundreds from all around Europe. This is a good source. It also includes many of the international editions of Time, CNN, etc.)