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This web page is a link to many exciting avenues of information reguarding the European Union and the Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia Consortioum's European Union Simulation.
For my students in PSC 402, the European Union Simulation Senior Seminar, there are a number of important links for researching, your alter egos (MEP's, Commissioners, Ministers, etc.), our simulation state (for 1999 - Spain), and the topic for 1999-2000 (Enlargement).

Most important is the link to the syllabus for the course. Here you will find much of the information guiding your preparation for the simulation. Assignments, dates, readings, requirements, etc. are all posted here on the web. Live it, learn it, love it!!

For fellow ESCA Members and other faculty interested in the use of Simulations for teaching the European Union - click on the simulation link below for a whole range of information regarding the simulation. If you have any questions or should you require more information, please email me at ploedel@wcupa.edu

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