Conformity Compliance Obedience
  • pressure without asking
  • no authority
  • pressure with asking
  • no authority
  • asking
  • authority


Sherif's autokinetic effect

-ambiguous stimulus

-Phase 1: experience autokinetic effect alone

-Phase 2: experience autokinetic effect with others

DV: would they conform to a standard?

Was it public conformity or private acceptance?

Do we really value non-conformists?

Schacter's "Johnny Rocco" Study:

-Ss read about a juvenile delinquent, and asked to discuss how to deal with him.

-Confederate disagreed with group's moderate response

DV: how is non-conformist treated?

Results: ignored, punished

So, we value non-conformity, but we punish those who do it!

Minority Influence

"Blue-Green Study"

IV-Minority social pressure (4 Ss & 2 confederates)

procedure: Ss shown slides of either blue or green, differing in brightness

DV: is the color blue or green?

In reality, all were blue

Results: Alone: 1/22 answered green

Minority influence:

a. Public conformity, depending on consistency

b. -r(public conformity, private acceptance)

Difference between minority/majority influence:

Social Psychology 361