Definition: a favorable or unfavorable evaluative reaction

ABC's of attitudes

Affect Component

Behavioral Component

Cognitive Component

Do attitudes predict behavior?

Explanations: Measurement Issues

1. Are subjects telling the truth?

2. Levels of Measurement Specificity

a. Action (performed)

b Target (at which action is directed)

c. Context (in which action is directed)

d. Time (within which action takes place)

3. Principle of aggregate behavior

Explanations/Theoretical Issues:

1. Attitude accessibility

2. Personality Factors

Does our Behavior determine our Attitudes

Evidence from:


procedure: -are you pro-safe driving, will you advertise?

-sign petition

-will you advertise?

procedure: -FITD vs control group

-bse card vision test

-gyn. Exam gyn. Exam

Role playing

procedure: -Attitudes toward smoking

-smokers asked to role play cancer victims vs. Info

procedure: -Attitudes toward body image

-role play non-eating disordered patients



Self-Justification/Cognitive Dissonance

Self-Perception theory

Testing these competing explanations