1. c

2. d

3. a

4. d

5. b

short Answer

1. NO. The first sign is "the sum of the squared x scores" while the second is the "sum of the x scores, all squared".  The first requires that we first square the x scores then sum them, while the second requires that we sum the x scores then square that total.


2. The scatterplot is defeined as the graph of paired x and y scores. By plotting these scores we can visually see the pattern of x and y scores.  For example, a scatterplot that shows a pattern of increasing scores will show a positive correlation. The closer all the scores are in a straight line the higher the pearson r will be. Similarly, if the scatterplot shows a pattern of decreasing scores...

Problem s

1a. .8830

1. 83.86 and 116.64