PSY246 Research Methods

Spring, 2002

Time: T/Th 2-315 (section 03) ; Wed 415-7 (Section 80)

Place: PB 34 (section 03); Anderson (212)

Professor: Dr. M. Foster

Office/hours: Peoples, 43: Monday: 1-2, Tuesday: 12-2, 315-415; Thursday 1-2

Telephone: 610 436 3153



Required Text: Ray, W. J. (2000). Methods: Toward a Science of Behavior and Experience, 6th Ed. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

Publication Manual of the APA, 5th Edition

Optional Text: A Simple Guide to SPSS for Windows (strongly recommended!)


a. Develop research hypotheses

b. Be able to test those hypotheses, using various research methodologies

c. Apply concepts learned in statistics (PSY245) to testing your hypotheses

d. Write an APA style research report


Quizzes= 2 x 15% =30%

Term Research Project= 35%

Final = 20%

Participation =15%

Term Research Project

This research paper will require that students complete a research study. Rather than the final project being assigned a grade without feedback, each step will receive feedback. This will occur in the form of peer edits, which will be discussed below.

Step 1: Introduction

Students will learn how to conduct a literature review, how to develop a hypothesis based on this review, draft an introduction, peer edit of this draft

Step 2: Method

Students will design a study and write a draft of the method section, which will also be accompanied by peer edits.

Step 3: Results

Students will prepare their data files, perform their analysis using SPSS and draft their results section. Again, peer edits will occur.

Step 4: Discussion

Students will write their discussions, learning to interpret results, comment on weaknesses of their studies, and posing theoretical and practical implications.

The final product will then be graded.


These exams will contain any combination of multiple choice, short answer/essay questions. The final will be a take home exam due during the final exam time.


This will contain several elements. While my policy on attendance is not to take formal attendance, you can hardly do well on the participation component without participating in class, i.e., being there. Participation grades will be a function of your contribution to your partner's peer edit, as observed by me during our peer edit sessions, as well as your edit summaries, and your participation in class exercises.

Peer edits

You will be asked to pick a partner that you will be able to work with for the semester. You will each be responsible for working together in and out of class to improve your writing. During each peer edit session you will exchange papers, read them and work on your edits. You will take turns describing to your partner what you think is unclear and provide suggestions as to how to improve things like clarity and organization of your thoughts. During these sessions, I will be working with each pair to also provide editing hints.

Course Schedule

Tues (section 03) Wed (section 80) Thurs (section 03)
Jan 15: Ch 2 Jan 15: Ch 2,3 Jan 17: Ch 3
Jan 22: Psych Lit Demo & Hypothesis Development Jan 23: Psych Lit Demo & Hypothesis Development & Begin Ch. 6 Jan 24: Ch.6
Jan 29: Ch 6, 7 Jan 30: Ch 6,7 Jan 31: Ch 7
Feb 5: Article Summarizing Demonstration Feb 6: Article Summarizing Demonstration & Quiz 1 (Chapters 2,3,6,7) Feb 7: Quiz 1 (Chapters 2,3,6,7)

Feb 12: Ch 8 Feb 13: Ch 8 &

Reference List Due

Feb 14: Ch. 8 & Reference List Due
Feb 19: Ch. 9 Feb 20: Ch. 9 & Introduction Edits Feb 20: Introduction Edits
Feb 26: Ch. 13 Ch. 13 & Questionnaire Development Exercise Ch. 13 & Questionnaire Development Exercise
March 5, 6,7 Spring Break
March 12: Designing Studies Exercise March 13: Designing Studies Exercise & Quiz 2 (Chapters 8,9,13) March 14: Quiz 2 (Chapters 8,9,13)
March 19: Edits: Draft #2 Intro & Method March 20: Edits: Draft #2 Intro & Method March 21: Ch 4
March 26: data collection March 27: Data collection March 28: Data collection
April 2: Ch 4, 5 April 3: 4,5 April 4: Ch 5
April 9, 10, 11: Data Analysis ----->
April 16: Ch. 10 & APA exercise April 15: Ch. 10 & APA exercise & Results Edit April 16: Results Edit
April 23: Ethics Discussion April 24: Ethics discussion; Papers Due, Pick up Take home Papers due, pick up take home

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