Teaching Assistants

Two graduate level teaching assistants are available to provide support and assistance to students enrolled in this course. They are all enrolled in a course in which they they learn various teaching philosophies and methods. As part of the course requirements, they serve as TAs in the Department's Introduction to Psychology courses.

The teaching assistants can help you in the following ways:

I. Each of the TAs has office hours during which they are available to meet with students to answer your questions or to help you understand material from the book or from lectures that is unclear to you. Office hours for each TA are listed below. Feel free to stop by and discuss your questions and concerns.

II. The TAs will also conduct more formal discussion groups on a weekly basis. Your attendance at these meetings is completely voluntary. You are not required to attend! You may find these meetings helpful to you as the TAs will provide additional lecture & discussion on difficult material, provide tips to help you improve your study habits, and make available additional materials (such as films) aimed to help you improve your performance in the course.

Discussion groups will be held on Wednesdays from 5 - 6 and from 6 - 7 in Anderson Room 201.

Please note! Attendance at discussion groups or TAs office hours is not a subtitute for attending class or reading the book. Not all material in the book, on the Powerpoint lectures, and presented in class is made available during the discussion groups. It is your responsibility to know material from the book and the Powerpoint presentations, as well as lecture material for the exams.

In addition, meeting with the TAs is not a substitute for meeting with the instructor. If you are experiencing a problem that may affect your attendance or your performance in the course, you should speak with me, either via email or in person during my office hours.

Finally, please keep in mind that I am available to help you with any aspect of the course that may concern you. If a TA is unable to answer your question or if you still don't understand the material after speaking with the TA or attending the discussion group, please let me know.



Office Hours

Julie Koneck Peoples Room 36 Monday 9 - 11:00  AM
Kristin Judy Peoples Room 36 Wednesdays3 - 5

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