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RIDDLE: What kind of cow gives evaporated milk?

DIRECTIONS: To find the answer to the riddle, write "T" for "true" or "F" for "false" on the line next to each statement. The letter at the end of the first true statement is the first letter in the answer, the letter at the end of the second true statement is the second letter in the answer, and so on.

_____1. A Pearson r of 1.00 represents no relationship. (M)

_____2. A Pearson r of 0.50, is more likely to be called "moderately strong" than to be called weak. (A)

_____3. A Pearson r of -.50 , is more likely to be called "moderately strong" than to be called weak. (D)

_____4. A Pearson r of -0.97 represents a very weak relationship. (E)

_____5. A Pearson r indicates both the strength and direction of a relationship. (R)

_____6. A Pearson r is a type of correlation coefficient. (Y)

_____7. If a relationship is very strong, a Pearson r will have a value greater than 1.00. (I)

_____8. A Pearson r of 0.95 represents a very strong relationship. ©

_____9. The maximum value of a Pearson r is 0.00. (F)

_____10. The possible values of a Pearson r range from -1.00 to 1.00. (O)

_____11. The purpose of a Pearson r is to establish the central tendency of a set of scores. (P)

_____12. All negative relationships are weak. (D)

_____13. A scatter diagram with dots that form a pattern going from the lower left-hand corner to the upper

right-hand corner represents scores that would yield a positive correlation. (W)

_____14. If a Pearson r between two variables is very strong, this provides evidence that one variable effects

the other. (S)

Write the answer to the riddle here, putting one letter on each line:

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ _______ ______