Dear Fellow Educator:

Thank you for agreeing to invite an education major enrolled in EDP 351, Evaluation and Measurement, into your classroom to observe. The students have been asked to make arrangements individually with a school to observe in a grade level that interests them. The purpose of the visitation is to afford our students the opportunity to observe classroom applications of performance-based assessment and portfolio assessment. As part of the assignment, students are required to observe in the classroom for a five hour period and to interview the teacher relative to the topics of interest.

While in your classroom, the major task of the student is to observe. As this is only the third professional education course taken, our students are not expected to teach for this assignment. However, if you and the student agree, the student may assist you in instructing your classroom students. This is not required.

Students have been provided with a verification statement for you to sign providing a record of the dates and times of the student's visit.

Again, thank you for assisting with the professional development of a prospective teacher. If you have any questions, please call me at (610) 436-6971.


Kim Brown, Ph.D.

Associate Professor