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Date: October 21, 1999


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Classroom Observation (5 hours) and Subsequent Interview

I. What type of performance assessment (s) have you observed (Chapter 12)? Briefly describe.

II. Were the features of authentic assessment discussed in class and Chapter 12 present? Explain.

1. emphasize application

2. focus on direct assessment

3. use realistic problems

4. encourage open-ended thinking and higher-level thinking

5. integrates curriculum areas? Explain.

6. strengths and weaknesses of this performance assessment

III. When evaluating the scoring system (rubric), consider the following: (Please include a copy of the rubric.)

1. Were the objectives or learning targets clearly represented?

2. What type of rubric was used--analytic, holistic, annotated holistic? Explain.

3. Were the following conditions met?

Were the standards operationally defined?

Were the standards mutually exclusive?

Were the standards all-inclusive?

Did each standard measure one, and one thing only?

4. Were weights assigned to the learning targets?

5. Does the assessment evaluate product or process? Explain.

Strengths and weaknesses of this scoring system.

IV. When examining the portfolio, consider the following:

1. Type of portfolio (best-works, or growth and learning)

2. Do objectives and entry captions accompany each entry? Give an example of

objective/assessment match. 3. Is a scoring system present for each entry?

4. Is there evidence of the 3 characteristics discussed on page 253? Provide a BLANK copy of

the self-evaluation sheet.

5. Strengths and weaknesses of the portfolio.

V. In the follow-up interview with the teacher, please address the following:

1. the teacher's opinion regarding the definition of PBA

2. the difference between PBA and traditional forms of assessment

3. the teacher's opinion regarding the strengths and weaknesses of PBA (the best 2 things about

it and the worst/hardest 2 things about it.

4. what does the teacher consider when developing the scoring system? What are his/her

criteria for a good scoring system?

5. how PBA has changed her/his approach to teaching

6. the purpose of portfolios

7. strengths and weaknesses of portfolios

8. the purpose of self-evaluation forms

9. how are portfolio entries selected

10. how often do students review their portfolios

11. are parents involved in reviewing or selecting entries for the portfolio