College Reading & Study Skills
Spring 2001
EDR 100 01Tues/Thurs 11:00-12:15pm
EDR 100 02 Tues/Thurs 12:30-1:45pm

Dr. JoAnn Yaworski
Recitation Hall 110
Office: 610-436-2877
Office Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 2-3pm

Required Texts: Smith, B., Bridging the Gap (
Hayden, T.L., One Child
The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Public Television, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Online News Hour (
Hotmail Account (

Course Description: College Reading and Study Skills is designed for students who wish to gain proficiency in critical listening and thinking skills as well as skill in reading and studying college level textbooks. Emphasis is placed on the following objectives.

Course Objectives:

1. To be able to apply comprehension and study strategies to college level textbooks.
2. To gain a love and appreciation of literature.
3. To increase critical listening and thinking skills.
5. To learn the basics of writing a college level research paper.

Course Requirements:

1. Attendance: Class attendance is essential. You must be present for the entire class, arrive on time and be prepared for each class. Only documented sickness and/or death of an immediate family member will be considered excused absences. Each unexcused absence will result in loss of 5 points from your final grade.
2. Assignments & Grading: Written assignments should be typed. All assignments must be submitted by the date due.
20 points Response Journals OC  [Reading & Writing]
20 Points Quizzes BTG                [Reading]
20 Points Mid-term (News Hour Essay) [Critical Thinking, Listening, Taking Notes , & Writing]
20 Points Research Paper            [Critical Reading, Taking Notes, & Writing]
20 Points Final Exam (Nelson-Denny)
100 points
-5 points each absence

  C 73-76
A 93-100 B 83-86  C- 70-72  D- 60-62
A- 90-92 B- 80-82
 D+ 67-69 
F 59 or lower
B+ 87-89  C+ 7-79 D 63-66
We at West Chester University wish to make accommodations for persons with disabilities. Please make your needs known by contacting the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities at extension 3217. Sufficient notice is needed in order to make the accommodations possible. The University desires to comply with the ADA of 1990.
Date Topic Homework
Tues.1/16 Syllabus, Set up notebooks & Journals, Read Chapter 1, One Child Ch. 2, One Child
Thurs1/18 Journals 1 & 2 Due; Nelson-Denny Reading Exam, Form E Ch. 3 & 4, One Child
Tues 1/23 Journals 3 & 4 Due; Class Discussions (Tape) Discussion about Families Ch. 5 & 6, One Child
Thurs1/25 Journals 5 & 6 Due; Writing Skills *(Common Errors) Ch. 7 & 8, One Child
Tues 1/30 Journals 7 & 8 Due; Writing Skills (Sentence Combining) Ch. 9 & 10, One Child
Thurs 2/1 Journals 9 & 10 Due; Writing Skills (Advanced Sentence Combining) Ch. 11 & 12, One Child
Tues 2/6 Journals 11 & 12 Due; Writing Skills *(Documentation & Reference List) Ch. 13 & 14, One Child
Thurs 2/8 Journals 13 & 14 Due; (Discussion about Education) Ch. 15 & 16, One Child
Tues 2/13 Journals 15 & 16 Due; PQ4R Ch. 17 & 18, One Child
Thurs2/15 Journals 17 & 18 Due; Term, Definition, & Examples Ch. 19 & 20, One Child
Tues 2/20 Journals 19 & 20 Due; Dictionary vs. Context Clues
Thurs 2/22 Ch. 12, PQ4R -Sociology (btg) Questions & Answers Read Ch. 3 Study System (btg)
Tues 2/27 Quiz on Ch. 3 (btg) pp.91-99, (btg) Read Ch. 5, Taking Notes(btg)
Thurs3/1 Quiz on Ch. 5 (btg); KWL with readings at end of chapter (p.223) Spring Break!!!!!
Tues 3/13 Ch. 8 (btg), Arguments, Issues, & Support Memorize p. 335, btg
Thurs3/15 Essay Exam on Categories of Support for Arguments; Discuss Fallacies Memorize pp. 336-338 btg
Tues 3/20 Essay Exam on Fallacies; Discuss Inductive & Deductive Reasoning
Thurs3/22 Readings with Issues: Television, Gun Laws, Opinions vs. Knowledge Identify Issues from News
Tues 3/27 Introduction to the News Hour With Jim Lehrer: Identify Issues and arguments *(Debate: Jerry Brown vs. Bill Clinton) Identify Arguments from News
Thurs3/29 News Hour: Support for Arguments (Debate: Bush vs. Gore) Identify Support from News
Tues 4/3 News Hour: (1) Identify Fallacies (Campaigne ads) 
(2) Forming an opinion when both arguments make sense
Identify Fallacies from News
Thurs4/5 Minute Paper  Read Ch. 4 (btg)
Tues 4/10 Ch. 4 Quiz (btg) Main Idea & Supporting Details
Thurs4/12 Ch. 4 (btg) Readings in Psychology, History, & Biology (Reading Alone/Reading Together) Read Ch. 6 (btg)
Tues 4/17 Ch. 6 (btg) Making Inferences & Drawing Conclusions, Quiz Ch 6  Read Ch. 7 (btg)
Thurs4/19 Ch. 7 (btg) Point of View, Purpose, & Tone, Quiz Ch 7 Read Ch. 9 (btg)
Tues 4/24 Research Paper (Read references in class)
Thurs4/26 Research Paper (Write paper in class) Type Research Paper
Mon 4/30 Research Paper Due; Ch 9 (btg) Charts & Graphs, Quiz, Ch 9
Final Exam   Nelson-Denny  EDR100 01 April 30th from 11:00am-1:00pm
                          EDR100 02 May 1st from 11:00am-1:00pm