Technology Committees 

Web-site Committee

What to include on the Department Web Page:

  • Department name, address, phone, fax, & E-mail
  • header ever page
  • Degrees offered
  • Courses offered
  • Programs offered
  • Faculty & Staff listing
  • Dean, Chair, Director, other Contact names
  • Graphics
  • Links to Graduate and Undergraduate Catelogs
  • Department/Program fact sheet link or other Pre-existing Publications
  • Mission & goals
  • Alumni News
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School of Education Technology Committee

School of Education Technology Plan

I. Where we are now...

II. Where we want to go...

III. How we're going to get there...

  • SOE Overview
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Professional Competencies
  • Professional Development and Support
  • Technology Equipment and Infrastructure
  • Student Support