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Welcome to the Literacy Web. You will find links to many web-sites and web pages that support literacy learning and the teaching of literacy. You will also find links to college reading web-site companions. Surf the Reading Web has become part of a larger site called Web-sites for Reading Instruction & Research.

My research interests include teaching college reading with technology and student success. Hypertext links will connect you to my web-site companions or bring up the full text of my journal publications. You will also find links to some of my powerpoint presentations.

Course materials for my sections of EDR020 The Summer Reader's Workshop, EDR100 College Reading & Study Skills, EDR110 Developing Learning Strategies, EDR311 Introduction to Reading, and EDR510 Foundations of Reading Instruction K-12 may be downloaded from this site.

Information concerning the School of Education's Technology Committee and the Web-site Committee may also be accessed from this site.

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