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Note on the Doran, Smiley, and Hamilton families of Riggtown

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September 21, 2002

I would like to correct some information that I know for certain. Fillmore Smiley married Mary Hamilton. They had 7 children:

  1. Ann (married John Regan)
  2. Martha (married John Corcoran)
  3. Marie (married James Doyle)
  4. Catherine (married twice--Gisen and someone else)
  5. Phyllis (married Fredrick Waldbusser)
  6. Christine (married Donald McCallin)
  7. Fillmore (married Margaret, ehose last named sounded like McCallin but was not. They had many children.)

Mary Hamilton Smiley was the daughter of Ann Doran. The parents were Mary and John Doran. Mary and John had 5 children

  1. Ann
  2. Ellen
  3. John Jr.
  4. Lawrence
  5. Paul

The father of Fillmore Smiley was William Harry Smiley, but he went by the name of Harry. William's father, Samuel B. Smiley, served in the Civil War for 9 months, including service at the battles of Antietam and Chancellorsville. Samuel B. died on December 31, 1906. That's when the Smiley family left the farm and moved to E. Nields Street. William married a Quaker named Martha Ann Cox, and they had four children: Anna, Fillmore, and Samuel B. and Catherine, who were twins. Martha Ann Cox went to Ercildoun Boarding School for girls and became a teacher.

NOTE: This information was kindly provided by
Mary Strack, the daughter of Martha and John Corcoran. She assembled this data in the process of constructing a wedding book on her ancestors, and offered it to the Riggtown History Homepage in September 2002.

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