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Notes on articles from the
West Chester State College (Pennsylvania)
student newspaper, 1970

by Jim Jones

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West Chester University was known as West Chester State College from 1960 to 1982, and the student newspaper was called the Quad Angles (later shortened to The Quad in 1967). This file contains notes on some of the articles that were published in the student enwspaper during the school year.

Disclaimer: The notes on this web page are presented AS IS without warranty, either expressed or implied, as to their accuracy, timeliness, or completeness. They are intended as a resource for historians, and nothing more. To report an error, make a comment, or contribute o this page, please contact Dr. Jim Jones.


"Revised bus schedule for Brandywine Apartments" in Quad (September 29, 1970), 4.

The shuttle bus for Brandywine Apartments [JJ: on North Everhart Street] runs every half hour from Lawrence Center from 7am to 7pm, and then every hour after that to 11pm. It leaves Brandywine Apartments on the same schedule, fifteen minutes after it leaves Lawrence. On the weekends, the bus leaves Lawrence Center at 8AM, 9AM, 11PM (sic), 12:30PM and 1:30PM. It leaves Brandywine Apartments at 3PM, 5PM, 6PM, 8PM and 11PM.

"Thefts increase in the vicinity of Ramsgate" in Quad (October 6, 1970), 1

Last Wednesday, a coed was robbed as she and her roommate returned home to Ramsgate Apartments [JJ: 200-block of Linden Street] from the library. Last Thursday, two men held up a gas station and were found near Ramsgate, home to 110 female students. The author of this article called for the Borough to install streetlights on Linden Street between Matlack and Franklin Streets. "Just as long as students live in off-campus housing while awaiting the completion of new dormitories, it will be absolutely necessary . . . to insure the safety of the students and families of West Chester."

"Students march to Harrisburg Thursday" in Quad (October 13, 1970), 1.

Students planned to go to Harrisburg to demand support for the 14 state schools (SSHE).

"Ralph Nader, Consumer Crusader" in Quad (October 13, 1970), 4.

Ralph Nader will appear on campus at Philips Auditorium on Tuesday, October 13, 1970, at 8:15pm. The event is free and open to the public.

"Serpentine refuses Holland's picture" in Quad (October 20, 1970), 3.

Citing a policy on appearance, the editors of the West Chester State College yearbook refused to print Bill Holland's picture. The picture appears alongside this article and shows Holland with long hair and a beard.

"Device explodes near Sanderson; false bomb scare at Brandywine" in Quad (November 27, 1970), 8.

On November 13 (Friday), there was a bomb scare at the Brandywine Apartments at 12:30AM. Also, someone threw a "firecracker-type device" out of a ninth-floor window at Sanderson Hall. It exploded in midair and the debris landed on the lawn.

Nancy J. Holt, "Student Bill of Rights Awaits Council Approval" in Quad (December 1, 1970). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

In the summer of 1969, the Student Activist Committee decided that a student bill of rights based on the Task Force Document of 1968, was necessary. It was approved by IGA and was awaiting approval by the Student Affairs Council.

Letter to the editor, "Disturbances" in Quad (December 8, 1970). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

This letter comments on the fact that classes in Anderson Hall were recently disrupted on two occasions- once by the marching band in a parade and once by a student demonstration in support of a former prof. The student is angered that only the latter received criticism.

Mark Kligman, "Drugs: Innocent Until..." in Quad (December 15, 1970). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

This article comments on the high rate of drug use among students and then warns that the Christmas season is a time when police investigation of drug use increases. He offers tips on how to handle being busted and what legal steps to take.

"Legal Rights Committee Aids Students" in Quad (January 12, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

A new ad hoc committee of IGA [JJ: student government] was recently formed, and it served as counsel for 3 women appealing a Judicial Board decision.

Art Wilkinson, "Eve of Black History Week Marred by Racial Incidents" in Quad (February 9, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

This article is actually about an assault on a group of students at a dance by "an unknown group of blacks" and another incident of violence on the part of unidentified black people that occurred during the same week.

"$200 dollar tuition hike imminent; Protest Planned" in Quad (February 9, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

In response to a potential tuition increase, student presidents of the Pennsylvania state colleges developed State College Day to take action through letter writing, petitions, etc. to oppose the increase.

Lisa Dromgold, "Housing Offers Students Independent Facilities" in Quad (February 9, 1971), 3.. [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro] and Jim Jones

This was the first of two articles reviewing apartments that are available to students. This article covers Ramsgate Court Apts. at 620 S. Franklin St. and Walnut Apts. at 1410 Manley Road.

Ramsgate has 57 unfurnished two-bedroom units that rent for $164/month to a maximum of four students. Each contains a kitchen, dining room, living room, two bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. The kitchens are equipped with a dishwasher, garbage disposal, electric stove and refrigerator/freezer. The apartments are supplied with wall-to-wall carpeting, window shabes and air conditioning. Laundry facilities are available on-site. Tenant regulations prohibit parties of more than four people, overnight guests of the opposite sex, or pets. Student tneants must have their parent's permission to rent, and must pay a $50 security deposit. Tenant names and telephone numbers are provided to the university.

Walnut Apartments are located at 1410 Manley Road, one half mile from Route 3 [JJ: just west of the Route 352 intersection]. They offer 96 unfurnished two and three-bedroom units to women. A two-bedroom unit rents for $199.50 and a three-bedroom unit for $259.50; both units also carry an electricity fee of $8-10 per month. Laundry is available on-site. Pets are allowed at an extra cost of $5/month.

Lisa Dromgold, "Student Leaders Confront Rossey at Meeting" in Quad (February 16, 1971) . [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

Twelve student leaders questioned Pres. Rossey about current controversial issues, for example the stabbing assault (see Feb. 9), tuition increases, extension of library hours, bookstore problems, etc. Also, several articles in this issue discuss the need for improvement of race relations on campus.

Lisa Dromgold, "Housing Offers Students Independent Facilities" in Quad (February 16, 1971), 3.. [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro] and Jim Jones

This is the second article in the series on off-campus apartments. It reviews Cambridge Hall Apts. on Rosedale Ave. and the Dean St. Apts.

Cambridge Hall Apartments at 500 W. Rosedale Avenue offers 232 units, of which roughly 14 are inhabited by students this year. Units are available as one-bedroom efficiencies, one- bedroom regular, two-bedrooms and two-bedrooms-plus-den at rents ranging from $144 to $236 per month. Heat and hot water are included, but electricity is extra. Swimming pool and laundry are available on-site.

The Dean Street Apartments at 126-132 Dean Street are "owned and operated by Anthony Stancato" [JJ: member of West Chester State College Board of Trustees]. They offer furnished two- bedroom apartments with dining room, living room, kitchen with gas stove, refrigerator/freezer, garbage disposal, tiled bathroom and hardwood floors for $216/semester. Laundry is available on- site. No pets allowed.

Robin Braverman, "Committee Lists Possible Violation of Students' Privacy" in Quad (February 23, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

The Legal Rights Committee of IGA produced a list of dos and donts for students whose rooms are being searched. The sophomore class donated money to have this list distributed to the students to prevent privacy violations.

Nancy J. Holt, "Task Force Integrates Curriculum" in Quad (March 2, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

The college is attempting to create integrated studies by September of 1971 (I'm not entirely sure what this means, but it appears to mean offering courses on topics like black culture).

"IGA Opposes Discrimination" in Quad (March 9, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

A motion was passed at General Assembly to cut off funds to any team that discriminated against members due to personal appearance.

Josh P. Zains "Burglars Run Amok in Lawrence Center" in Quad (March 9-23, 1971) [date not recorded at time notes were taken]. [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

Lawrence Center was ransacked early on the previous Sat. morning, causing an estimated maximum of $2000 in damages.

L.K., editorial "Signing Out System is Obsolete, Detrimental" in Quad (March 23, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

This article states that procedures for signing out for first-year women on and off campus are "outmoded, purposeless, and a detriment to the college community." The author suggests that students should be treated as adults.

Sandy Hartwig, "Alleged Conspirators Voice Dissent" in Quad (March 30, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

At a student event, two activist professors spoke to a student audience, and a documentary about Phillip Berrigan was shown. At this event, students from West Chester State College discussed and decided to attend a protest against Vietnam in Washington D.C. on April 24.

"Bomb Threat Forces Hollinger Evacuation" in Quad (April 20, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

A note with a bomb threat was found by a student on a staircase in the field house. The building was cleared, and police failed to find a bomb.

"Little Damage Caused by Fires, Bomb Threat" in Quad (April 27, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

Three small fires and a bomb threat occurred in Anderson Hall and Recitation Hall the previous Wednesday evening. This article states that the damages were few.

"Fire Destroys Book Collection" in Quad (May 4, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

Two fires in the Green Library (leaving approximately $11,500 in damages) occurred (this added up to five fires in campus buildings in one week). According to the article, a member of the state police fire marshal's office was investigating the cause of the library fires.

"Trustees, Rossey Asked to Resign" in Quad (May 4, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

At a meeting of the IGA General Assembly, Representative Robin Braverman asked the President and five trustees to resign for previous denial of due process to members of faculty on the "ad hoc committee."

John Lester, "Thefts Mount in Swope Hall" in Quad (May 4, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

Inadequate security measures at night were causing thefts at Swope Hall, especially in temporarily unattended practice rooms.

"Students Arrested on May Day" in Quad (May 11, 1971). [Notes courtesy of T. Vaccaro]

Several West Chester State College students were arrested at a "May Day" demonstration in Washington D.C. Most students who were arrested felt it was a positive experience and wanted to protest again on future occaisions.

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