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Notes on articles from the
West Chester State College (Pennsylvania)
student newspaper, 1969

by Jim Jones

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West Chester University was known as West Chester State College from 1960 to 1982, and the student newspaper was called the Quad Angles (later shortened to The Quad in 1967). This file contains notes on some of the articles that were published in the student enwspaper during the school year.

Disclaimer: The notes on this web page are presented AS IS without warranty, either expressed or implied, as to their accuracy, timeliness, or completeness. They are intended as a resource for historians, and nothing more. To report an error, make a comment, or contribute o this page, please contact Dr. Jim Jones.


"Top administrative posts appointed by Paul Rossey" in Quad (September 16, 1969), 1

Donn Riley was appointed acting chair of the history department.

"Legal cannons levelled at board; Harrisburg main location of fray" in Quad (September 16, 1969), 1

A report by Jack Owens, Al Roberts, Larry D'Antonio and Dave Goudy charged that the Board of Trustees improperly selected Rossey as West Chester State College president.

"Dr. Rossey announces promotions for faculty" in Quad (September 16, 1969), 3

Effective September 1, 1969, history department professors Pat Johnson, Norbert Soldon, Donn Riley, Claude Foster and Frank Fox were promoted to full professor, Anne Sessa (Dzamba) became an associate professor, and Ray Doyle became an assistant professor.

Matt Custer, "D'Antonio releases charges against Board" in Quad (September 23, 1969), 1

Student leader Larry D'Antonio presented a 93-page "white paper" to "an audience of over 500 faculty and students" in Philips memorial auditorium.

Dr. J. A. Owens, "Conditions giving rise to campus unrest at West Chester State College" in Quad (September 23, 1969), 4

Among other things, Owens charged that there was political tampering with the college president by the Board of Trustees since 1959.

Bill Holland, letter to the editor, "Support a Must" in Quad (September 30, 1969), 2

This letter praises Larry D'Antonio for taking on the system. "In November, Stancato will be mayor of this town and no one will be able to do a damn thing. As mayor, he will be forced into a situation where what is best for college expansion may not be best for the borough. Which does he choose? Probably if the college wishes to expand on land that he owns or can buy, his college loyalty will triumph. If he doesn't own the land, he may fight expansion in the interest of the borough. Either way a large number of people get hurt and only one man benefits-- Anthony L. Stancato."

"Owens' interview with Stancato" in Quad (September 30, 1969), 4.

This article contains a notarized transcript of an interview conducted by Robert Daily Owens, the son of Dean of Student Affairs Jack Owens. On July 24, 1969, R.D. Owens went to Anthony Stancato's office and asked about the Board of Trustees' decision to dismiss Jack Owens from his position as the Dean of Student Affairs at its meeting on June 25, 1969. He also asked about student reaction to the dismissal, and Stancato's conflict of interest as the owner of Brandywine Apartments. To the last item, Stancato replied "My owning the Brandywine Apartments, in which college girls live, is no damn conflict of interest. I'm sick and tired of hearing that it is. I'll go to court over this matter."

After R.D. Owens asked Stancato about putting students in the Mansion House hotel, he replied "Well, that deal did not go through, and even if it did, I would not have made money from it."

R.D. Owens also mentioned the fact that West Chester State College was planning to buy insurance from a new carrier represented by Board of Trustees member Mervin Sneath, and Stancato said "Now that is definitely a conflict of interest."

The transcript was signed by Robert Daily Owen and notarized by Marie E. wilson on July 28, 1969.

"President Rossey grants dress autonomy" in Quad (October 7, 1969), 1.

West Chester State College got rid of its dress code for students.

Daily Local News (October 22, 1969), in CCHS "West Chester Politics, 1969-1970-1971"

Larry D'Antonio led between 50-75 students to protest peacefully in front of the real estate office of Anthony Stancato (Sr). They protested his decision to run for mayor of West Chester while serving as a trustee of the West Chester State College. The article includes a response from Stancato that begins with "I like young kids."

Mark B. Eckell, letter to the editor, "Short Notice" Quad (February 10, 1970), 2.

Mark Eckell was the corresponding secretary of Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity who recently bought the "Remington House" [JJ: A privately owned student rooming house on S. Walnut Street.] An earlier letter complained that the existing tenants were not notified that the house was sold, and this letter offers an apology while stating that Remington was responsible for notifying his tenants.

"Off-campus housing to be discontinued for men next fall" Quad (March 10, 1970), 3.

This article gave three reasons for the college's decision to discontinue its supervision of off-campus housing, according to Dean of Men Harrington. First, the damage to the houses has grown "out of hand." Second, more men are moving to R3 housing (i.e. unsupervised off-campus housing). Third, the draft lottery has affected the plans of many male students. The article also notes that the jobs of 55 resident assistants will be affected.

"Self-regulating hours--finally!" and "College lets women visit men--finally!" in Quad (March 17, 1970).

After a year of negotiations, the college agreed to a visitation policy that permitted women to visit men's dormitories on Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm-1am, and on Sundays from 2-6pm. The second article also gives a clue to the college's housing system. Students in dormitories were classified R1, students in off-campus college-supervised dorms were R2, and students in unsupervised off-campus housing were R3.

"Official off-campus housing discontinued; on-campus housing determined by seniority" in Quad (March 17, 1970).

University supervised off-campus housing will come to an end on May 24, 1970. The Dean of Men announced that his office "will maintain a completely unofficial housing bureau for all off- campus housing."

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