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Notes on Daily Local News
articles from January 1931

compiled by Ben Grim

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Disclaimer: These notes on articles from the West Chester, Pennsylvania Daily Local News were collected for specific research projects related to industrialization and the Depression of the 1930s. They do not include all of the articles in any issue, nor do they contain all of the information in any particular article. While every reasonable effort was made to insure its accuracy, information on this website is presented AS IS without warranty, either expressed or implied, as to its accuracy, timeliness, or completeness. It is intended as a resource for historians, and nothing more. To report an error, make a comment, or submit notes on additional articles, please contact Dr. Jim Jones.

"Salvation Army is to host Children" in Daily Local News (January 1, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

Toys were distributed to all children regardless of the wealth of that family. Each child, from each family got one toy, and some candy. Also clothing was distributed to families as well to help out in the time of poverty.

"Milk Supply is vital to Community" in Daily Local News (January 3, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

The author of this article describes how the milk supply is vital to the community of West Chester. The author described it as "problem constant supply of milk" and "the purity and quality of said milk." Citizens recognize the service that is preformed by the local milk dealer.

"West Chester Dairy in business Fifty Years" in Daily Local News (January 3, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

The West Chester dairy has been in business for fifty years, and has supplied West Chester with milk, cream, cottage cheese, and buttermilk. Thomas Pratt is the owner of this establishment.

"Thumbnail Sketches of Good Old Times" in Daily Local News (January 3, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

Phineas Eachus was the first proprietor of Turks Head. In 1872 Chester County favored the granting of other licenses to local business, such as liquor, and restaurant licenses. Most people benefited from these licenses. The admittance to the Turks Head at the time was 5 cents for children, and 10 cents for adults.

"Chester County firemen Association" in Daily Local News (January 5, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

The Chester County firemen association announced the it was holding a meeting on this day to figured out who was going to host the memorial services for lost firemen. The meeting itself was to appoint a committee to become part of a general committee to arrange such services.

"Treasury Announces Income Take Returns" in Daily Local News (January 6, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

The office of collector internal revenue announces the 1929 tax return numbers. West Chester itself totaled was 778 returns. Corporation within Chester County totaled to 200 returns. Corporations within West Chester totaled to 34 returns. Partnership returns for West Chester were 48.

"Rate of Unemployment at Five Million" in Daily Local News (January 7, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

President Arthur Wood announced today that the unemployment rate totaled to five million. This shows the downward spiral that the depression had on the whole country.

"Coffee Shoppe to Open Here" in Daily Local News (January 7, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

On 27 South High Street a new coffee Shoppe was to open. The theme of this coffee shop was early American style. Mr. Herman S. Mills is in charge of the establishment.

"Hospitals, Churches and Home Benefit in Wills" in Daily Local News (January 8, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

The wills of two recently deceased West Chester women contained bequests to the Chester County Hospital, Homeopathic Hospital, and the Wentworth Home. Each division is to attain a trust fund for 5,000 dollars. Also the Church of the Sure Foundation was also named, but the article didn't clarify if it was named within the will itself.

"Years of Farming drains Soil Fertile" in Daily Local News (January 10, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

The use of fertilizer is necessary in raising crops today. The Fruit Growers of Chester County states "any information on fertilizers and spraying methods can be found at our headquarters." It seems that the old methods of farming have destroyed the land, and now farmers have to result to using fertilizer to make the ground more fertile again.

"County B & L reports good year" in Daily Local News (January 10, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

The Chester County Building and Loan Association (B&L) announced its profits for the previous year. They are showing increasing success and progress. Also the rate of profit for this company is .0725.

"$500 Robbery within 100 yards of Police Station" in Daily Local News (January 12, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

Eastman and Company was robbed today for five hundred dollars. Thieves ransacked the hardware store, and took off with five hundred dollars worth of goods. Several robberies have occurred in this square during the past few months, for example a cigar store near the Eastman and Company was robbed as well. [JJ: Located at 12 W. Market Street, according to the 1932 West Chester Borough Directory]

"Police to Guard Murderer against any Mob Violence" in Daily Local News (January 13, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

State Police escorted William Watkins, a 23-year-old Negro, today to his hearing. He is charged with murdering a Franklin framer by the name of James Harward. The hearing is scheduled for 2 o clock Saturday afternoon. Watkins says he killed Harward for "his refusal to advance him (Watkins) on his wages."

"County Realtors hold Secession" in Daily Local News (January 15, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

Members of the Real Estate Board hold first meeting in West Chester. This meeting discussed the fact that the real estate business was not receding, but rather it was succeeding. Harry F. Taylor stated, " The real estate business hasn't receded." The board states that the slump reported nothing more than a 25 percent drop from 1929-1930. The membership is paid up, and more interest is being shown with this area.

"President Signs Relief Bill" in Daily Local News (January 16, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

This article doesn't really go with the theme of West Chester during 1932, but it does show a program to aid farmers that had experienced bad crops because of the drought.

45,000,000 dollars in aid was to help drought stricken farmers. The loan money, or the aid money, could be used to purchase seeds for crops, fertilizer, feed for livestock, and fuel and oil for tractors. Dr. I.W. Warbuton stated, "Without a doubt we will be making loans out next week."

"What They Say" in Daily Local News (January 17, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

This is an interesting blurb from the paper. Almost all the papers that I had encountered had this little section within them. I thought this one was most relevant to our project.

Many people in West Chester are giving thought into the present. Halliday Price is quoted in saying, "I am, acquainted with that house, my uncle built it." Halliday was referring to the Vincent Brinton House, which held an annual meeting of a prestigious organization. This house is located within East Goshen itself.

"Nazarene Church pay $2000 on its Property: Great Sunday" in Daily Local News (January 19, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

This article shows how a church can influence a community. The community was able to raise money in order for the church to pay on its property tax at, without the use of government aid.

This church was considered to be the baby church of West Chester at the time. The people of the church raised more than two thousand dollars to help the church pay on their property tax. The payment is supposed to be received next week. Also William Jennings Bryan, an established preacher, was to preach next Sunday at services.

"Chester County Court has Busy Day" in Daily Local News (January 20, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

This article explained how busy the judicial system was during this time. With all the guilty pleas, because of crime, and the legal disputes over land, the courts within West Chester had their hands full.

Many defendants, on this day, withdrew their guilty pleas, and instead instituted their pleas as not guilty. Another key piece, which wasn't really described all to well was the fact that a paper was filed for a local man by the name of Issac Thomas, deceased, to report that an arbiter was filed. Not sure what this means, but I figured it would be important.

"Burglars get tools at Garage" in Daily Local News (January 21, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

This article shows how far people went to attain something of value, even if it wasn't cash. These robbers stole about forty dollars worth of tools.

The burglars struck East Gay Street Establishment, stealing about forty dollars worth of implements from establishment. The owner Harry C. Brubaker didn't say much on the robbery.

"Pay Tribute to School Librarian" in Daily Local News (January 22, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

This article was about a school librarian that had passed away, and was being paid tribute for her services, at West Chester East High School.

Miss Sara C. Evans, former librarian at West Chester East High School, was honored today for her quarter century of service. In honor of her services a bronze memorial plaque was installed. She started in 1900 at the school, providing her services for a quarter of a century.

"As The News Said it Just Fifty Years Ago" in Daily Local News (January 23, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

This little article wasn't too relevant to our time period, but I thought is was rather astonishing in the fact that it had a population chart showing from 1800 to about 1880, form the Census Bureau.

The following shows the increase in the taking of the census in 1880:

1800 374
1810 471
1820 553
1830 1244
1840 2152
1850 3172
1860 4757
1870 5620
1880 7035

"Young Baptist Rally at Goshen Church" in Daily Local News (January 24, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

This article shows how the churches acted during this time. They rallied themselves together and discussed current events, and figured out ways to help the community.

The representatives of nine churches attend a meeting today at the Goshen Church. The theme of the meeting was to discuss "Expectations". Miss Dorothy Farra, from West Chester, spoke on immediate work within the town. Honors were given to the Parkesburgh Delegation.

"West Chester Citizens vote on Bond Issue" in Daily Local News (January 27, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

This article perhaps is the biggest, and most influential one that I had encountered. Within the article, it describes the voting on a bond issue, relating to the rebuilding of two sewage disposal plants in West Chester.

The fate of the disposal plants rest in the hands of the taxpayers. The taxpayers could decide whether the disposal plant could get funding for improvement, or not. The bond, which was totaled to be about one hundred an fifty thousand dollars, would go to rebuilding of the two sewage plants. Five thousand ballots were secured within the city of West Chester.

"$150,000 Sewage Loan Approved by 3 to 1 vote" in Daily Local News (January 28, 1931), ?. [Notes by Ben Grim, 2006]

This article shows the outcome of the voting on the bond issue of the rebuilding of the two sewage disposal plants.

Only 966 taxpayers turned out to cast a ballot on this issue. The work on the rebuilding of the sewage disposal plants will get underway in May. The vote was 738 to 228. More than 5000 West Chester voters ignored the issue entirely, saying it wasn't relevant to them.

"West Chester responds to Appeal made by Red Cross" in Daily Local News (January 29, 1931).

This article showed how West Chester, responded to helping out the Red Cross to raise money to help out with relief, when the government wasn't giving the organization any funding.

Residents make contributions toward the ten million dollar fund. This money would go to aid the Payne project of getting relief to victims in the drought areas, without the aid of public appropriations. Senators heavily criticize this view of Payne's.

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