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Polk's 1932-33 West Chester Borough Directory
Names beginning with P and R (pages 151-170)

compiled by Jim Jones

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Page 151

Oglesby Margt slswn Benson's r140 W. Market
O'Harrow Abbie E. (wid Frank) h31 W. Barnard
Olin Kenneth asst mgr J J Newberry Co r138 W. Market
Olson Mary Mrs dom h119 W. Market
On Time Cleaners & Dyers (John E. Ciccarone) 110 W. Market
O'Neil Alice N. Mrs sec to P M Sharples r40 E. Market
O'Neill Anna F smstrs r215 S. New
O'Neill Bailey lab h N. Garfield 8 N. E. Gay
O'Neill Jas E. (Dorothy) prsr Raymond S. Himelright h734 S. Matlack
O'Neill Jas F lab h126 W. Union
O'Neill Jas J h14 S. Walnut
O'Neill Jennie A cash Hubbs Stores Corp r215 S. New
O'Neill John J Indymn West Chester Lndy r734 S. Matlack
O'Neill Margt C r734 S. Matlack
O'Neill Mary J (wid Thos) h215 S. New
O'Neill Nellie A clk Mosteller's Inc r126 W. Union
O'Neill Thos J (Cath M) h129 W. Union
Orendorf Edw S. (Bessie M) opr h212 N. Penn
Orenstein Harry J (Gertrude) mgr United Food Market h209 N. Adams
Orenstein Ruth (United Food Market) r209 N. Adams
Oriole Tea Roome (J Warren Taylor) 621 S. Walnut
Orner Geo C (Mildred) agt Chester Valley Bus Depot h218 N. Penn
Osborne Alice r104 N. Wayne
Osborne Chas (Mary) lab h104 N. Wayne
Osborne Julia L (Coborne Millinery) r40 S. High
Osmond John L (Elva J) slsmn h315 N. Walnut
Ostenrider Mary M confr 239 N. Darlington h237 do
Otter Erich R (Olga) baker Jacob Fischer h221 Sharpless
Otter Herman A jr (Mildred C) lab h217 Nields
Otter John mech Ernest C Faucett r221 Sharpless
Ottey Bertha S. (wid Geo E) h223 Sharpless
Ottey Geo K asst mgr Gulf Refining Co r223 Sharpless
OVERTOWN DINING ROOM (Mrs Hannah H Hoffman), 19 N. High, Tel 1504
Owen Harry L (Laura B W) clk h216 S. Church
Owen Lester W. drftsmn r216 S. Church
Owens Edw (Mary) h rear 319 W. Gay
Owls Home Assn Chas W. Margerum pres 31 S. Walnut
Owls Home Nest No 1643 meets every Wednesday at 31 S. Walnut Geo L McLear sec h31 S. Darlington


Packer Israel (Sadie) asst mgr Met Life Ins Co r609 Price

Page 152

Paden Laymon F (Anna M) slsmn Montgomery Ward & Co h123 E. Gay
Padmore Casper H (Charlotte) treas Denney Tag Co h104 S. Church
Page Eliz G Mrs supt nurses Veil Hosp r215 E. Marshall
PAGNOTTO JOSEPH, Excavating, Grading and Hauling Contractor 352-354 W. Chestnut, Tel 53-R, h do
Paidas Constantine mgr Exchange Restr r138 W. Market
Paige Cora E. (wid Harry) dom 712 N. Walnut
Painter E. Levis (Eliz) emp Schramm Inc h122 W. Union
Painter Hannah M student r304 Price
Painter Margt L nurse 122 W. Union r do
Painter Walter (Marian) clk Hoopes Bro & Darlington Lac h214 Price
Paist Edith Mrs maid Wentworth Home r do
Paiste Sarah R h304 N. High
Palmer Chas R (Eliz W) phys 302 N. High h do
Palmer Clara H h122 S. High
Palmer Edw P r130 Price
Palmer Eliz H musician r302 N. High
Palmer Geo C (Ruth H) slsmn Wm H Lamborn h607 Price
PALMER GEORGE J CO (W E. Gilbert), Plumbing, Heating and Ventilating Equipment, General Electric Home Appliance Dealer 14-16 W. Market, Tel 214 (See adv in Plumbers Dept)
Palmer Margt (wid Geo) h530 S. Walnut
Palmer Rachel E. h319 S. High
Papier Julius Rev (Ida) rabbi Kesher Israel Congregation 35 Price h do
Papier Louis M student r35 Price
Pappas Gus E. (Preftakes Confectionery) r27 N. High
Pappas Jesse clk Preftakes Confectionery r27 N. High
Pappas LeArie sten Eastern Sales Co r27 N. High
Pappas Peter E. (Iva) clk Preftakes Confectionery h27 N. High
Paren Robt (Maria) furn 308 E. Barnard h321 do
Parise Kath Mrs h14 E. Virginia av
Parish Nora Mrs dom h125 Price al
PARISIAN CLEANERS & DYERS (Sidney L Wolf), 20 E. Market, Tel 731
Parisian Dress Shoppe (Mrs Bertha Kaplan) 138 W. Gay
Park View Apartments 605 W. Miner
PARKE ARTHUR T (Clara C), Lawyer 13 N. High, Tel 485, and Pres Dime Savings Bank of Chester County, h401 N. Franklin, Tel 839-J
Parke Arth T jr (Mary B) investments 13 N. High h800 N. New
Parke John O (Caroline) driver h407 W. Barnard
Parke Wm E. (Mary C) lawyer 13 N. High h W. Ashbridge cor N. New
Parker Bertha Mrs h224 Magnolia
Parker Carl mach r351 E. Biddle
Parker Edgar J jr student r27 E. Marshall
Parker Eliz B r27 E. Marshall

Page 153

Parker Geo H r142 E. Union
Parker Hattie B (wid John) h227 W. Miner
Parker Jeannette M (wid Edgar J) matron Friends Boarding Home h27 E. Marshall
Parker Jos F (Emily E) wood turner h351 E. Biddle
Parker Lydia M Mrs mach opr r118 E. Barnard
Parker Lydia R sten and notary 22 E. Market h W. Goshen Pa
Parker Mary r115 E. Market
Parker Rebecca h306 Dean
Parker Richd G (Anna A) inspr h214 S. Church
Parker Ruth B bkpr County Treasurer's Office r227 W. Miner
Parker Saml J student r27 E. Marshall
Parker Sarah Mrs r431 Nields
Parker Theo B lab r220 W. Washington
Parkus Gene R sten McFarland & Haines r18 W. Chestnut
Parkus Wm J (Mary J) h18 W. Chestnut
Parry Hillary W. tchr State Teachers College r608 S. High
Parry John D lab r214 S. Walnut
Parry Morgan (Cora B) formn h113 S. High
Parvin Deborah tchr r549 N. Walnut
Parvin Gilbert atndt r231 W. Washington
Parvin Roy M (Blanche) lab h220 W. Gay
Paschall Alice (wid Lewis M) r323 W. Barnard
Pasquale Amedio (Annie) lab h225 W. Chestnut
Pasquale Anne emp Denney Tag Co r225 W. Chestnut
Pasquale Julia student r225 W. Chestnut
Pasquale Nunziata r225 W. Chestnut
Passmore Anna M (wid Wm) r11 W. Chestnut
Passmore Clara H (wid Jones M) h2 W. Rosedale av
Passmore Edith M (The Gift Shop) r314 W. Union
Passmore Emma L tchr r314 W. Union
Passmore Estella M tchr Biddle St Sch r2 W. Rosedale av
Passmore Florence J matron County Home h Embreeville Pa
Passmore Gilbert r132 Lacey
Passmore Isaac A treas Chester County Farm Bureau h RD 6
Passmore J Horace (Eliz; Joseph W. Passmore & Son) h321 Price
Passmore Jos W. (Ida T; Jos W. Passmore & Son) h3l4 W. Union
Passmore Joseph W. & Son (Jos W. and J Horace Passmore) real est 34 W. Market
Passmore Kenneth J student r510 S. High
Passmore Mabel S. Mrs clk Electrik Maid Bake Shop h132 Lacey
Passmore Mary A (wid Levi T) h225 Sharpless

Page 154

Passmore Norris J bkpr Chester County Trust Co r317 W. Union
Passmore Rosamund E. manicurist r510 S. High
Passmore Wm B steward County Home h Embreeville Pa
Passmore Wm J (Sarah J) eng h510 S. High
Patchell Anna C clk Daily Local News r120 E. Chestnut
Patchell Lydia T (wid Jas) h120 E. Chestnut
Patrick A Park clk PO h3 S. High
Patrick E. Earl (R Jones Patrick & Son) r610 S. High
Patrick Emma S. (wid Elwood) h44 W. Gay
Patrick R Jones (Roberta; R Jones Patrick & Son) and justice of the peace 22 W. Market h610 S. High
Patrick R Jones & Son (R Jones and E. Earl Patrick) real est 22 W. Market
Patriotic Order Sons of America Washington Camp No 673 16 N. High
Patterson Dora B student r241 W. Barnard
Patterson Harry T (Lydia I) clk American Stores Co h241 W. Barnard
Patterson Jas H (Mabel) gdnr h312 E. Gay
Patterson M Eliz bkpr Fruit Growers of Chester County Inc r Willistown Pa
Patterson Norman A (Louise) slsmn h122 W. Miner
Patterson Saml J (Amanda E) barber h315 S. Matlack
Patterson Susanna r324 W. Barnard
Patterson Turner B barber 300 E. Market r315 S. Matlack
Patterson Wm T asst funeral dir J B Smith &s Son r241 W. Barnard
Patton Chas H (Venadys A) dentist h128 Price
Patton Clara W. r223 E. Washington
Patton Devere L r500 S. Franklin
Patton Gertrude r341 Hannum av
Patton Howard C (Mary) h231 Evans
Patton LeRoy J h341 Hannum av
Patton Lydia S. sten r223 E. Washington
Patton Prudence (wid Wm) r341 Hannum av
Patton Viola B dom r257 E. Market
Patton Wm B cook h500 S. Franklin
Paulsgrove Harry E. r102 E. Biddle
Paxson Anita K (wid Chas S) h302 S. Walnut
Paxson C Alf clk r302 S. Walnut
Paxson Edgar F slsmn r202 N. Adams
Paxson Edw S. archt 119 S. Church h do
Paxson Ethel C Mrs h232 Price
Paxson Francis J (Edna) slsmn h620 W. Union
Paxson Gertrude K sten r302 S. Walnut
Paxson Morris (Clara V) h202 N. Adams
Peace Albert clk r319 S. Church
Peacock E. Linwood (Miriam) fnshr Wm J Kauffman r Woodcrest Pa
Pearson John (Florence C) dep County Controller Court House r Pottstown Pa

Page 155

Pearson Paul W. (M Emilie) sec Penn Mutual Fire Ins Co of Chester County h311 Price
Pechin Edmund C estimator Denney Tag Co r Lionville Pa
Peck Alice clk J J Newberry Co 22 N. Church
Peck Chas J clk Walter A Peck r615 S. Matlack
Peck Edw H (Ida) produce 29 N. Church h139 W. Union
Peck Edw H jr clk Edw H Peck r139 W. Union
Peck Frank D (Josephine) fruits h238 E. Chestnut
Peck Ralph F (Gladys I) woodwkr h203 Sharpless
Peck Walter A (Viola D) fruit 8 W. Gay h10 do
Peeples Ada M Mrs dom 232 W. Chestnut
Peerless Springs Inc bed and furn springs 250 E. Market at PRR
Peirce Eliz N. prin Biddle St Sch r130 E. Chestnut
Peirce Ethel L tchr (Unionville) r526 S. Walnut
Peirce Howard M (Hannah) h526 S. Walnut
Peirson Ira E. clk American Stores Co r New Garden Pa
Peitzman Morris (Fannie; Peitzman & Cantor) h Lancaster Pa
Peitzman & Cantor (Morris Peitzman and Matthew J Cantor) Army & Navy gds 16 W. Gay
Penn-Del Market (Wm N. Jones) 127 E. Market
Penn Luther (Bessie) lab h119 S. Matlack
PENN MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO OF CHESTER COUNTY, J Howard Lumis Pres, Paul W. Pearson Sec, C Rodney Jefferis Treas, Earl C Supplee Asst Treas 5 N. High, Tel 360
Pennell Dominick (Lucy) lab h102 N. New
Pennell Howard Y (Hannah S. M) phys h615 N. Walnut
Pennell J Thos (Ruth A) mech h131 Nields
Pennell Jas M (Josephine L) lab r230 W. Market
Pennell Jas O (Emily) mech Penna Garage h137 Sharpless
Pennell Thos (Ruth) mech R Parke Regester r S. Walnut
Pennington Harriet h416 W. Market
Pennington Lewis butler r235 N. Church
Pennoyer John W. (Marian S) carp h322 N. Matlack
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture David E. Hickman agt in chg 2 W. Market R413
PENNSYLVANIA GARAGE (George J Moses), Automobiles, Distributors Graham-Paige, Reo, Pierce-Arrow 120 N. Walnut, Tels 326-327-2270
Pennsylvania Railroad Co (pass station) J Walter Keech pass agt 234-36 E. Market frt sta E. Union nr Franklin
Pennsylvania State Government (see Miscellaneous Information at front of Directory)
Pennypacker Eliz dom r332 W. Union

Page 156

Pennypacker Jesse L mech J L Boals Inc r Edgemont Pa
Penrose Alf N. jr (Hazel L) carrier PO h707 S. Walnut
Penrose Andrew (Anna) h339 N. New
Penrose Eliz (wid Michl) h129 W. Chestnut
Penrose Jas J (Linda F) formn Chester Valley Bus Lines Inc h339 N. New
Penrose John A supt h114 S. New
Penrose Lucy M gro 232 W. Gay h do
Penrose Walter E. (Eliz; Penrose & Martin) h308 Sharpless
Penrose & Martin (Walter E. Penrose, Geo T Martin) service sta 14-18 S. High
Pentecostal Chapel 310 S. New
Peoples Agnes R clk Recorder of Deeds Office Court House h West Goshen Pa
Peoples Harold E. (Margt E) carp r118 E. Biddle
Peoples Harry L (Eva H) carp h118 E. Biddle
Peoples R Marie dep clk Recorder of Deeds r RD 1
Peoples Wm (Mary J) r127 E. Washington
Perdue Wm R phys S. High ext h do
Pergolini Danl (Lizzie) lab h220 N. Franklin
Perlman Abr clk Jacob Perlman r18 W. Market
Perlman Hyman pharm Thatcher's Prescription Pharmacy r18 W. Market
Perlman Jacob tailor 18 W. Market h do
Pernell May dom r237 S. Matlack
Pernsley Henrietta dom r128 E. Union
PERSONAL FINANCE CO OF COATESVILLE, Loans, Open 8:30 to 5, Saturday 8:30 to 1, Woolworth Bldg R6, cor Gay and High, Tel West Chester 1286
Peters Harold r201 W. Union
Peters Howard stereo Daily Local News r201 W. Union
Peters Miller r431 S. Adams
Peters Rachel L tchr High St Sch h107 N. Church
Peters Roy driver r201 W. Union
Peters Wm R (Ella) janitor h201 W. Union
Petersen Estella M r536 S. Adams
Petersen J Thos r536 S. Adams
Petersen Jethro (Estella) lab h536 S. Adams
Peterson Harry M (Anna M) lab h416 E. Miner
Petrie Nemo (Victoria) greenkppr West Chester Golf & Country Club h700 N. High
Petriken Frances r444 N. Walnut
Pfuhl Eliz emp Charles Stores Co r217 S. Darlington
Pfuhl Ida emp Charles Stores Co r217 S. Darlington
Pharo Temple No 3 Benevolent Order of Egyptians 16 N. High
PHILADELPHIA ELECTRIC CO, W. O Lamson Jr Div Mgr 5 E. Gay, Tel 2105
Philadelphia Store (Harry Goldberg) mlnrs 28 E. Gay
Philips Amy L prin Friends Community Sch 423 N. High
Philips Geo O lawyer r635 N. Church
Philips Harlan M tchr r423 Dean
Philips Jesse E. (Mary D) tchr h305 S. Walnut
Philips Katie Mrs h30 E. Miner

Page 157

Philips M Ardelle (Anna S) carp h423 Dean
Philips Marie drsmkr 30 E. Miner r do
PHILIPS WALTER L (Lena O), Supt West Chester High School, Office High School Bldg 311 N. Church, h635 N. Church
Phillips Chas E. (Harriet P) drftsmn h323 S. Darlington
Phillips Mary E. r636 S. Walnut
Phillips Renee B Mrs r336 Dean
Phillips Saml mgr Garden Theatre h426 Price
Phipps Horace L slsmn J L Boals Inc r Lionville Pa
Phipps Jessie A h318 W. Barnard
Phoenix Auto Sales (Eli Stoltfus) automobiles 432 E. Gay
Pierce Amos J (Melvina) barber 23 N. Walnut h117 E. Market
Pierce Amy W. h421 Dean
Pierce Cath Mrs emp Raymond S. Himelright r245 W. Barnard
Pierce Eliz G nurse 222 N. Darlington r do
Pierce Eliz M student r412 W. Union
Pierce Frank S. (Johannah) clk Haines Store h222 N. Darlington
Pierce Harry S. r222 N. Darlington
Pierce John A (Marguerite M) clk r320 N. Penn
Pierce John L (Cath) asmblr h245 W. Barnard
Pierce Jos E. (Anna M) tchr h105 S. Brandywine
Pierce Laura E. h303 W. Miner
Pierce Lilian W. tchr High St Sch r303 W. Miner
Pierce Linnie H (wid Elmer E) beauty shop 3 N. Church h do
Pierce Marjorie M student r117 E. Market
Pierce Raymond V (Mary G) farmer h122 E. Union
Pierce Robt T (Bertha) eng h126 Linden
Pierce Ruth A r421 Dean
Pierce Saml W. barber 211 E. Market r117 do
Pierce Wm A h412 W. Union
Piersol E. Irene bkpr Llewellyn Taylor h Glen Moore
Pierson Mary A r11 W. Chestnut
Pierson Worrall H (Ethel) slsmn Thos J Redmond h200 W. Market
Pike Doremus W. bkpr Jos D Rhoads h27 Price
Pim Emily H h143 Dean
Pim Geo E. r143 Dean
Piner Wm W. lab h404 E. Gay
Pines Julia A (wid Chas) h145 E. Miner
Pingitore Frank (Margt; West Chester Shaving Parlor) h536 S. Matlack
Pinkerton Anna R drsmkr 112 Linden r do
Pinkerton Elsie lndrs West Chester Laundry r214 W. Biddle

Page 158

Pinkerton Wm A (Mahala E) carp h112 Linden
Pippin Horace (Jennie) h327 W. Gay
Pitt Frank (Clara) linemn Bell Tel Co h140 Nields
Pitt Guss J auto mech Conner & Darrh r Exton
Pitt Mildred emp Charles Stores Co r Exton
Pitt Thos A (Lillian T) driver h208 S. Walnut
Pittenger Edith mlnr 27 S. Church h do
Pittsburgh Independent Oil Co Jas Thrift br mgr 253 E. Gay
Pixley Ella Mrs r301 W. Biddle
Pizii Camillo (Anna) barber 12 S. Walnut h342 W. Washington
Pizii Clementine r342 W. Washington
Pizii Ercoli (Clara) shoe repr John Bruni h323 W. Chestnut
Pizzi Emido (Marino) lab h251 Maple av
Pizzi Jos lab r301 N. Darlington
Plank Herbert J (Mabel) woodwkr West Chester Millwork Co h201 Price
PLANK HOWARD H, Cashier Dime Savings Bank of Chester County, h107 E. Chestnut
Plank John M h121 Lacey
Plater Eliz dom r409 E. Barnard
Pleasant Ethel Mrs h322 W. Chestnut
Pleasant Henry jr phys 124 S. High r do
PLYMOUTH AUTOMOBILE AGENCY, Battin Motor Co Distributors, 327-331 E. Gay, Tel 980 (See adv in Automobile Dept)
Pocahontas Lodge IOOF No 316 meets Thursday evenings 10 N. Church
POLICE DEPARTMENT (See Miscellaneous Information at Front of Directory)
Poliner Harry men's furngs 26 E. Gay r do
Poliner Philip (Nettie) h26 E. Gay
POLK R L & CO, Publishers of the West Chester Directory and more than 750 other City, County, State and National Directories, Addressing and Mailing Service, Trade Lists Specially Compiled, District Office Terminal Commerce Bldg 401 N. Broad, Philadelphia, Tels Bell Walnut 1010, Keystone Race 4040, Eastern District Offices 524-528 Broadway, New York City, Tel Canal 6-7100 (See page Y)
Pollyann Cosmetic Shoppe (Ruth DeWitt) beauty shop 23 S. High
Poluccia Michl (Rose) shoe repr h342 W. Gay
Poluch Jos (Cath) lab h309 W. Chestnut
Poluch Marian (wid Donate) h317 W. Chestnut
Poluch Rosner J asmblr Schramm Inc r317 W. Chestnut
Pomona No 3 Mutual Fire Ins Co Jos G Williams pres Harry F Taylor sec J Hastings Whiteside treas 13 N. High
Ponzo Wm H firemn h516 E. Miner
Ponzo Wm H (Carita) lab r325 W. Gay
Poole Jesse J slsmn Montgomery Ward & Co r Kennett Sq
POOR DIRECTORS (See Chester -- County of)
Pope Jas L (Mary E) pntr r334 W. Barnard
Popjoy Chas T treas Farmers Protective Assn h Downingtown

Page 159

Porter Anna prac nurse 316 Dean r do
Porter Anna V (wid Henry) r13 W. Barnard
Porter Leonard H clk r312 E. Miner
Porter Max (Sarah) gro 600 E. Barnard h do
Porter Philip (Bertha) gro 312 E. Miner and 129 S. Matlack h312 E. Miner
Porter Raymond (Alice M) lab h321 S. Matlack
Portocales Chas G (Ada I) candy mkr h235 W. Washington
POST OFFICE (See Miscellaneous Information at Front of Directory)
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co Charlotte S. Minnich mgr 31 N. Church
Postles Ermon acct State Teachers College h Springfield
Potts Clara (wid Percy) h219 N. Darlington
Potts Jas lab h301 E. Market
Potts Jesse F (Leona M) mgr h21 Evans
Potts Jos (Emma) lab h309 S. Adams
Powell Benj B r33 Price
Powell Fred C clk r303 Dean
Powell Jas (Christine) firemn h212 N. Franklin
Powell Sara O tchr r303 Dean
Powell Vernon C (Cora J) lab h303 Dean
POWELL WM EDGAR (Ada), Asst Cashier National Bank of Chester County and Trust Co, h423 W. Barnard
Pratt Alice L r503 S. Church
Pratt Chas slsmn h341 W. Miner
Pratt Harry G r314 W. Miner
Pratt Harry H (Esther W) farmer h218 W. Rosedale av
Pratt John D student r341 W. Miner
Pratt Jos H (Annie) r214 W. Biddle
Pratt Martha L r11 W. Chestnut
Pratt Maurice B (Beulah D) supt safe deposit vaults Natl Bank of Chester County and Trust Co h305 N. High
Pratt Mildred nurse Homeopathic Hosp r do
Pratt Sarah D tchr r305 N. High
PRATT THOMAS (Anna), Mgr Darlington's West Chester Dairy, h Rosedale and Radford avs, Roselyn, Tel 16Y6-R
Pratt Thos A r221 N. High
Preftakes Anna L (wid Theo N) h311 N. Walnut
Preftakes Confectionery (Gus E. Pappas) 27 N. High
Prentiss Minnie E. (wid Geo) r114 W. Barnard
Presbery Leon (Lillian) lab h731 E. Virginia av
Presbery Oscar (Myrtle) lab h125 E. Miner
Presbury Amos (Olivia) lab r20 N. New
Press Anna T Mrs r444 N. Walnut
Preston Esther E. student r308 N. Darlington

Page 160

Preston Levi H (Lydie J) plmbr James Bros h308 N. Darlington
Pribula Cath V (wid Jos S) h500 S. Walnut
Pribula Jos J r500 S. Walnut
Price Benj (Laura) vet surg 120 N. Walnut h439 do
Price Caroline (wid Wm) h520 Maple av
Price H Bertram (Eliz) slsmn R Parke Regester r Chatwood
Price Henry T contr 620 N. Matlack r do
Price Jesse B (Mildred H; Price Machine Works) h607 Sharpless
Price Machine Works (Jesse B Price) rear 26 S. Walnut
Price Philip treas Chester Co Farm Products Assn h West Goshen
Price Roy A (Abbie E) janitor h20 E. Marshall
Price Thos J (Eleanor M) executive sec Boy Scouts of Am h415 N. Franklin
Priest E. Rebecca asst bkpr Eastern Sales Co r RD 3
Priest Mary H (wid W. Harry) h236 W. Gay
Prizer Arth G (Eliz) emp Denney Tag Co h220 W. Biddle
Probation Officer -- County (see Chester -- County of)
Procopio Gaetano (Gabriel) r337 W. Chestnut
Proctor Edw (Ethel) lab h107 S. Worthington
Protessa Clement (Carmella) lab h118 N. Wayne
PROTHONOTARY (See Chester -- County of)
Proud Bertha M sten r735 S. Walnut
Proud Geo S. (Laura K) h735 S. Walnut
Provident Mutual Life Ins Co Frank H Goodwin agt 400 N. Church
PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO OF AMERICA, Thomas Mason Supt, Room 205 to 211 Farmers & Mechanics Trust Bldg, Tel 791
Prutzman Lewis M tchr West Chester High Sch r330 W. Miner
Pryor Vernon J (Edith) formn Phila Elec Co h614 S. Church
Puerta Norbert J r221 N. High
Purcell Martha A (wid John A) mlnr 122 W. Gay h120 N. Darlington
Purcell Mary bkpr S. I Ivins & Son r Frazer
Pure Oil Co Geo C Morrison br mgr 201 E. Gay
Purnell Florence Mrs waiter Overtown Dining Room h529 N. Darlington
Purnell Richd (Florence) lab h430 E. Miner
Purnsley Howard shoe shiner r137 E. Barnard
Purnsley Jesse D lab r137 E. Barnard
Purnsley Percy (Rachel A) lab h137 E. Barnard
Purnsley Sarah H (wid Jesse) r137 E. Barnard
Purple & Gold Tea Room (Willard L Ronk) 20 Linden
Purtell Mary h131 N. High
Pusey Edith r112 S. Church

Page 161

Pusey Edna N. student r228 E. Biddle
PUSEY ELBERT N. (Elma V), Trust Officer Chester County Trust Co; Pres Daily Local News Co and Lawyer 13 N. High, Tel 485, h228 E. Biddle
Pusey Eleanor Y student r228 E. Biddle
Pusey Jos H (Mabel A) dept mgr YMCA h338 W. Barnard
Pusey Marshall Y slsmn Jas L King h336 W. Barnard
Pusey-Young Storage Battery Station (Robt C Young, Roy S. Green) 125 W. Market
Pye Ardinelle bkpr r212 N. Penn
Pye Ernest L (Annie C) optician h212 N. Penn
Pye Ernestine M sten r212 N. Penn
Pyle Anna M (wid Alf L) h319 S. Church
Pyle Chas W. night clk YMCA r426 Dean
Pyle Eleanor M r426 Dean
Pyle Eleanor M tchr r311 N. High
Pyle Frank (ELsie) clk h219 W. Miner
Pyle Gilbert H student r327 Dean
Pyle Harry H h109 W. Gay
Pyle Horace A (Kath M) asst treas h500 Price
Pyle Jennie C (wid Wm T) h327 Dean
Pyle Jesse P atndt W. D Lear r221 N. Church
Pyle John W. (Mary) emp Sharples Separator Co h133 E. Union
Pyle L Elma (wid Josiah) h122 W. Barnard
Pyle Lafayette h220 S. Walnut
Pyle Lydia (wid Lindley) h119 W. Market
Pyle M Ida (wid Harry) r311 N. High
Pyle Marian C student r327 Dean
Pyle Maude L nurse 311 N. High h do
Pyle Maurice A student r327 Dean
Pyle Sara M tchr r311 N. High
Pyle Sue A Mrs r226 Price
Pyle Vernon D (Georgiana) woodwkr West Chester Millwork Co h120 S. Darlington
Pyle Wm r114 Linden


Quay Anna (wid Thos) r235 Dean
Quay Chas T supt Chester Valley Bus Lines h203 W. Market
Quay J Thos (Anna) farmer h212 Sharpless
Quay Lillian M Mrs sten West Chester High Sch r203 W. Market
Quay Viola M clk Mosteller's Inc r235 Dean
Quill Cornelius P (Anna) dist eng h422 W. Barnard
Quill Kath student r119 Magnolia

Page 162

Quill Timothy J formn h119 Magnolia
Quill Wm H bkpr Wm J Kauffman r119 Magnolia
Quillen Bessie W. (wid Louen W) gro 501 S. Matlack h do
Quillen Eliz h106 W. Market
Quillen Glendon W. meat etr r501 S. Matlack
Quillen Lester R student r501 S. Matlack
Quillen Marguerite A clk Sharples Separator Co r501 S. Matlack
Quillen Orville S. clk Lewis & Ogborn r501 S. Matlack
Quillen W. Glendon clk American Stores Co r501 S. Matlack
Quimby Donald M (Eleanor) mech h203 S. Walnut
Quinby Ethel M (wid Frank) r315 W. Miner


Radbill Ray sec-treas Bituminous Service Co Inc r Moylan
Ragsdale Marion B (wid Wm) h121 Nields
Railway Express Agency Inc Earle J Mullen agt 234-36 E. Market
Ralston Helen L r300 S. Church
Rambo Ann V (The Misses Rambo) r328 N. High
Rambo Clarence B (Margt H) formn Hoopes Bro & Darlington Inc h19 S. Church
Rambo Emma S. (The Misses Rambo) r328 N. High
Rambo Misses The (Emma S, Sarah W. and Ann V Rambo) drsmkrs 328 N. High
RAMBO NATHAN R, Real Estate 13 N. High and Sec Board of Trade, h328 N. High
Rambo Sarah W. (The Misses Rambo) r328 N. High
Rambo Terrence B r19 S. Church
Ramsell Frank G (Henrietta) emp Denney Tag Co r31 E. Gay
Ramsell Henrietta R opr Bell Tel Co r31 E. Gay
Ramsey Dorothy tchr State Teachers College r207 S. High
Ramsey Edith M r605 S. High
RAMSEY J EVERTON, V-Pres Daily Local News Co and Chairman of Board Chester County Trust Co, r Swarthmore, Pa
Ramsey Rebekah (wid Milne) h207 S. High
Ramsey Saml D lawyer 123 N. High r605 S. High
Ramstine Mary A (wid Levis) h16 Price
Ramstine Pauline tchr r16 Price
Randolph Geo W. (Hannah A) lab h307 E. Miner
Rankin Andrew lab r18 S. Matlack
Rankin Wm J (Kath M) mgr F W. Woolworth Co h121 W. Miner
Ransom Reverdy C Rev pastor Bethel A M E. Church h336 E. Miner
Ransom Reverdy C jr student r336 E. Miner
Rapp Laura (wid John S) h705 S. Matlack
Ratchford Norman (Agnes M) county supt of vocational agriculture h233 N. Church
Rawlings Emory C (Anna) formn PRR h518 S. Matlack
Rawlings Frank (Emily W) h437 Sharpless
Rawlings R E. Lee (Ida B) eng h522 S. Walnut
Rawlings Roberta M tchr r522 S. Walnut
Ray Alf elev opr Schramm Inc r Mill town

Page 163

Ray Henry S. (Ida J) Driver h100 S. Poplar
Ray Herman (Rachel) driver Speer Bros h247 S. Matlack
Ray Jas A clk r229 E. Market
Ray John auto mech Turk's Head Garage r RD 4
Ray Oscar W. (Rachel A) driver h229 E. Market
Ray Rachel A Mrs hairdrsr 229 E. Market h do
Ray Rodney asst mgr Sun Oil Co h Fisherville
Raymond Carrie Mrs h412 W. Market
Raymond Celia L r412 W. Market
Raymond Chas lab r520 Maple av
Raymond Clarence A lab r412 W. Market
Raymond Lloyd D (Mildred L) lab r416 E. Gay
Raymond Lulua M r412 W. Market
Raymond Mattie (wid Elmer) h410 Hannum av
Raymond Percy (Emma) lab r224 Magnolia
Reagan Chas B clk r140 Lacey
Reagan Edwin C (Elsie A) clk h33 W. Market
Reagan Esther M tchr r117 W. Biddle
Reagan Frank P (LeNatte) spring mkr h7 S. Matlack
Reagan Irvin G (Ena) cigars 33 W. Market h27 S. Darlington
Reagan Laurence (Fannie) water and highway comnr Borough of West Chester h140 Lacey
Reagan Mereda clk F W. Woolworth Co r27 W. Union
Reagan Mildred A student r27 S. Darlington
Reagan Roy M (Annis) marine eng h117 W. Biddle
Reale Jos (Filomena) lab h301 W. Chestnut
Reams Addie (wid Bernard) h353 W. Market
Reams Bernard jr r353 W. Market
Reams Chas r353 W. Market
Reams Etta r353 W. Market
Reap Anna tchr r315 S. High
Reason Lydia (wid John) h318 W. Gay
Reason Mary P Mrs h321 W. Gay
Reason Senora cook r326 N. Church
Reath Clarence A (Helen M) lab h213 S. New
Reath Nettie r229 W. Barnard
Recla Anna nurse Homeopathic Hosp r do
RECORDER OF DEEDS (See Chester -- County of)
Red Men's Hall 218 N. Church
Reddy Marion emp Denney Tag Co r305 Hannum av
Redman Guy (Florence) chauf h rear 516 N. Church
Redmond Jas A (Mary H) contr 509 Price h do
Redmond Jas A jr service sta 701 E. Gay h Wilmington Pike
Redmond Mary (wid C Dilwyn) r143 E. Marshall
Redmond Thos J (Mary) house furngs 16 S. Church h526 S. Matlack

Page 164

Redmond Thos M (Julia) electn h330 W. Barnard
Reece Jesse janitor Gay St Sch r424 E. Miner
Reece Nathan (Margt) car washer h509 E. Barnard
Reed Arth B (Maude) mach h443 N. New
Reed Carroll L (Jeannette M) slsmn r123 S. Walnut
Reed Cath (wid Oscar) h27 E. Miner
Reed Chas M (Cath M) formn h119 S. Darlington
Reed Clark H carrier PO r West Chester RD 2
Reed Frances L tel opr r27 E. Miner
Reed Frank R clk Gt A & P Tea Co r723 S. Walnut
Reed Geo (Maggie) lab h103 S. Worthington
Reed Geo A student r231 E. Market
Reed John A (Eva) uphol 231 E. Market h do
Reed John A jr student r231 E. Market
Reed John J r27 E. Miner
Reed LeRoy L (Mary) driver Highland Dairy Products Co h723 S. Walnut
Reed Lillian F opr Bell Tel Co r27 E. Miner
Reed Margt E. (wid Jeremiah) h328 E. Miner
Reed May L r723 S. Walnut
Reed Norman L (Mary M) dairymn Eachus Dairies h429 S. Church
Reed Zane emp Sharples Separator Co h Chatwood
Reeder Alice Mrs r329 N. New
Reeder Catharine opr Bell Tel Co r327 N. New
Reeder Herman eng r710 S. Matlack
Reeder J Franklin (Hannah P) clk Junior Cab Co h234 W. Gay
Reeder Jos J (Margt) auto lndry rear 15 S. High r234 W. Gay
Reeder Millard (Annie) gro 301 S. Matlack h710 do
Reela Julia nurse Homeopathic Hosp r do
Reeland's (Minnie M Reeser) ladies' wear 122 E. Gay
Reese Eliz Mrs lndrs West Chester Laundry r Vietville
Reese Jesse E. (Evelyn) janitor h400 E. Barnard
Reese Mary nurse State Teachers College r do
Reese Nathaniel (Margt) washer R Parke Regester h127 S. Worthington
Reese Wm F M h321 S. Church
Reeser Minnie M Mrs (Reeland's) r Wilmington Pike
Reesey Ernest B (Alice P) chauf h240 E. Chestnut
Reeves Geo J r339 Sharpless
Reeves Howard N. (Fannie) slsmn J Llewellyn Meredith h339 Sharpless
Reeves Howard N. jr student r339 Sharpless
Regester Geo (Edith) asst county surveyor Court House r Chatwood
Regester Howard M chief clk Phila Elec Co r Chatwood RD
Regester R Parke (Mary E) autos 121 N. Walnut h404 Price
REGISTER OF WILLS (See Chester -- County of)
Reichert Fredk C (Maude C; Royal Barber Shop) h129 E. Union
Reichgert Alton F (Minerva M) purch agt Chester County Hosp h21 S. High

Page 165

Reid Albert D r319 W. Union
Reid Alphonso lab h304 E. Barnard
REID ARTHUR P (Ethel D), Pres First Natl Bank of West Chester and Lawyer 7 S. High, h19 E. Marshall
Reid Eva M dom r500 E. Miner
Reid Marion H asst trust officer Chester County Trust Co h319 W. Union
Reid Mary L r319 W. Union
Reid Mary L (wid Henry) h500 E. Miner
Reid Raymond B (Helen W) asst dist atty Court House and lawyer 1-3 W. Gay h Spring City
Reilly Anna D sten M S. Way & Son r Twin Oaks Farm
Reilly Apartments 129 W. Chestnut
Reilly Eliz K H735 N. Walnut
Reilly Jos M (Anna C) bldg contr 534 S. Walnut h do
Reilly Mary E. nurse 100 N. New r do
Reilly Patk J (Alice L) contr 100 N. New h do
Reilly Philip J asst dist atty and lawyer 2 W. Market R406 h100 N. New
Reilly Steph J lawyer 2 W. Market R404 h100 N. New
Reilly Thos P (Florence E) brklyr h123 S. Church
Reimer Rachel L bkpr Chester County Trust Co
Reinecker Paxton S. barber r214 W. Chestnut
Rennard Minnie A h115 S. Darlington
Republican County Committee Wm H Clark chmn 2 W. Market R402
Ressa Anthony barber West Chester Shaving Parlor r27 W. Union
Rest Room for Women Margt C Hemphill and Mabel Hughes matrons 31 W. Market
Rettew G Raymond (Chester County Mushroom Laboratories) r Pottstown Park
Rettew Granville L (Jennie L; Rettew & Sproat) and lawyer 13 N. High h524 S. Walnut
Rettew Leona W. Mrs sten Jas W. Faxall h East Goshen
Rettew M Eliz student r524 S. Walnut
Rettew M Eliz tchr r524 S. Walnut
Rettew & Sproat (Granville L Rettew, Harris L Sproat) lawyers 13 N. High
Reyburn Alice S. Mrs r116 N. Darlington
Reyburn Granville (Mildred) emp Denney Tag Co h111 S. Walnut
Reyburn Marion emp West Chester Laundry r116 N. Darlington
Reyburn Norman T sec Sons & Daughters of Liberty h RD 2
Reynolds Bertha W. hsekpr r130 Price

Page 166

Reynolds Isaac G (Eliz M) h601 S. Church
Reynolds Rutherford B asst sec Schramm Inc r West Chester Gardens
Reynolds Wm H (Lilly P) eng h E. Marshall
Reynolds Wilson B (Myrtle) clk h208 N. Penn
Rhoades Hanna H Mrs cash Overtown Dining Room r501 Price
Rhoads -- h W. Miner RD 6
Rhoads Francina W. (wid Chas L) h124 Magnolia
Rhoads John W. (Edith A) drftsmn h1 N. Matlack
Rhoads Jos D (Mary C) plmbr 24 S. Church h do
Rhoads Mary C (wid Jos) r1 N. Matlack
Rhodes Edna M tchr PS r40 E. Market
Rialto Pocket Billiards (John Marges) 23 E. Gay
Rialto Theatre Elmer Hollander mgr 27 E. Gay
Riccardo Bronzo (Rosa) lab h17 S. New
Ricci Adelaide J clk West Chester Ice Cream Co r243 W. Gay
Ricci Anna M clk West Chester Ice Cream Co r243 W. Gay
Ricci Helen D clk West Chester Ice Cream Co r243 W. Gay
Ricci John J (West Chester Ice Cream Co) r243 W. Gay
Ricci Josephine A clk West Chester Ice Cream Co r243 W. Gay
Ricci Vincenzo (Florence; West Chester Ice Cream Co) r243 W. Gay
Rice Albert lab r301 E. Miner
Rice Blanche A r313 E. Barnard
Rice Edw S. Rev (Victoria) pastor StLuke's UAME Church h313 E. Barnard
Rice Geo E. bkpr Chester County Trust Co r11 S. Church
Rice Iva nurse Homeopathic Hosp r do
Rice Mazie student r322 W. Gay
Rice Wm (Lucretia J) wtchmn h322 W. Gay
Richards Lina S. r124 S. Church
Richardson Allan (Emma) lab h124 N. New
Richardson Anna Mrs h105 S. Worthington
Richardson Benj F (Viola) shoe shiner Church St Shoe Shine Parlor r10 S. Bolmar
Richardson Harry J (Sarah E) driver J Llewellyn Meredith h401 E. Miner
Richardson Herbert W. (Mary K) plmbr h125 Magnolia
Richardson Howard E. (Louisa D) chauf h24 W. Lafayette
Richardson John E. (Amelia) lab h117 Price al
Richardson Mabel E. Mrs h128 Price al
Richardson Robt B (Anna M) lab h349 E. Biddle
Richardson Saml A (Edith) chauf Jos T Harkness h319 N. Darlington
Richardson Wm H r224 S. Matlack
Richey Mollie J h105 N. Church
Ricketts Geo H lab h327 W. Market
Ricks John L lab r325 Hannum av
Ridge Thos E. (Claire) formn Bell Tel Co h27 S. Walnut
Ridguay Mary waiter Overtown Dining Room r304 E. Barnard
Ridgway John W. (Ella) electn h306 W. Biddle
Ridley Edw C (Gertrude) lab h257 E. Market

Page 167

Riehl Harry auto mech T Edgar Walter r RD 2
Rigdon Lester C (Elsie E) slsmn h36 W. Gay
Rigg Chas P (Anna W) paperhngr 124 W. Market h126 do
Rigg Helen M tchr r126 W. Market
Rigg Mary E. (wid Mifflin) r247 W. Barnard
Rigg Nora B slsmn C Earl Buckwalter r247 W. Barnard
Rigg Wm H paperhngr r126 W. Market
Riggins Casper S. (Bertha N) floor layer h108 W. Gay
Riley Agnes florist The Lorgus Co Inc r222 E. Gay
Riley Amy r119 W. Market
Riley Frank E. (Louella) woodwkr h119 W. Market
Riley Frank J asst keeper County Prison r222 E. Gay
Riley Jas D jr (Julia) lab h126 Lacey
Riley John M (Charlotte M) mach h233 W. Chestnut
Riley Katie lndrs West Chester Laundry r222 E. Gay
Riley Mary waiter r119 W. Market
Riley Mary A lndrs West Chester Laundry r222 E. Gay
Rimel Alvernon nurse Homeopathic Hosp r do
Rimel Chas F (Henrietta) contr h537 S. Walnut
Rimer Lydia M bkpr Edw H Jacob Inc h West Goshen
Ring Anna M h121 W. Miner
Ringgold Jas L (Martha A) lab h114 S. Poplar
Rissinger Geo A (Catharine) mech h144 E. Miner
Ritter Edw B (Mary E) supt h124 W. Union
Ritter Emma J cash r124 W. Union
Ritter Ralph W. emp Denney Tag Co r124 W. Union
Roach Mary A hsekpr 16 N. Darlington
Roaf Blake lab r416 E. Gay
Robb Arth (Martha) farmer h Goshen av nr N. High
Roberts A Eliz r22 Dean
Roberts Emma T M (wid Jos) h612 S. High
Roberts Geo S. registrar State Teachers College h109 S. Walnut
ROBERTS GEORGE S. Title Officer Chester County Trust Co, r Turk's Head Inn
Roberts Herbert C (Lillian) pntr h514 S. Matlack
Roberts Horace (Cath) linemn Bell Tel Co h130 E. Union
Roberts Irene M r109 S. Walnut
Roberts Isaac G (Ella S) solicitor h217 E. Washington
Roberts J Chas (Bessie T) supvr Phila Elec Co h205 N. Penn
Roberts Jos E. (Edna A) emp Schramm Inc h346 E. Biddle
Roberts Wm G h207 W. Miner
Robertshaw Eug S. (Helen) slsmn Taylor Elec Shop h24 S. Brandywine
Robinson Anna M hsekpr h408 S. Walnut
Robinson Bros (Norman and Walter) blksmiths Cedar al

Page 168

Robinson Chas E. (Mary B) r124 S. Poplar
Robinson Frank W. (Bertha I) garage h rear N. Garfield 9 N. E. Gay
Robinson Gertrude Mrs r220 W. Lafayette
Robinson Greenwood (Willia) h228 N. Franklin
Robinson Helena L tchr Gay St Sch r136 E. Miner
Robinson Josephine B (wid Levis) r230 W. Barnard
Robinson Leona Mrs r228 N. Franklin
Robinson Lewis (Laura) junk 1 S. Wayne h311 W. Union
Robinson M Eliz sten West Chester Millwork Co h Coatesville RD 1
Robinson Marcella A r138 W. Market
Robinson Margt dom r307 S. Adams
Robinson Norman (Florence; Robinson Bros) h127 Lacey
Robinson Roy H (Helen E; West Chester Auburn Co) h223 S. Walnut
Robinson Saml lab h307 S. Adams
Robinson Spencer mech John CarLson r206 S. Walnut
Robinson Theo N. student r127 Lacey
Robinson Walter (Robinson Bros) r127 Lacey
Rodeback J Walter slsmn J L Boals Inc h RD 4
Rodeback John K (Mary R) ins agt h604 S. Walnut
Rodeback John R clk r604 S. Walnut
Rodeback Myrtle K sten Hubbs Stores Corp r604 S. Walnut
Rodeback Warren auto mech R Parke Regester r433 N. New
Rodeback Wm J (Emma S) wtchmn h433 N. New
Rodeback Wm W. (Margt C) mech h11 S. New
Rodenhaver David F (Mary E) ins adjuster h33 S. High
Rodenhaver Yearld carp LM&W Mfg Co r233 E. Gay
Rodgers Eleanor Mrs beauty parlor 737 S. Matlack h do
Rodgers Wm R (Eleanor) dept mgr Gt A & P Tea Co h737 S. Matlack
Rodney Ella S. Mrs clk Natl Bank of Chester County and Trust Co r Exton
Roe Harry E. (Kathryn) linemn Phila Elec Co h118 W. Market
Roe Kathryn C supvr Homeopathic Hosp r do
Roehrs Walter E. (Gertrude) sec h33 E. Washington
Roeser Sadie E. (wid Hugo) dom h305 S. Adams
Rofe Mary L (wid Fotion) dom h412 E. Miner
Rofe Thos lab r412 E. Miner
Rogan Annie F h131 W. Miner
Rogan Jas J (Ruth) dentist 1-3 W. Gay h25 S. High
Rogan John W. slsmn Fred J Wahl r131 W. Miner
Rogan Margt C r131 W. Miner
Rogers Edwin H (Mary) adv r428 N. Churoh
Rogers Frank O (Josephine C) electn h35 N. New
Rogers Horace Y asst mgr Warner Theatre r306 W. Barnard
Rogers Leo E. slsmn Montgomery Ward & Co 117 W. Gay
Rogers Marguerite O (wid Walter C) h306 W. Barnard
Rogers Susan M (wid Wm H) h255 Dean
Rogers Thos N. r545 S. Matlack
Ronk Willard L (Gertrude E; Purple & Gold Tea Room) h20 Linden

Page 169

Rosemond A Walter (Martha C) pharm h326 W. Miner
Rosenberg Saml M (Ethel) malt 121 E. Market h do
Rosenow Edith student r207 N. Penn
Rosenow Herbert (Volo) slsmn h207 N. Penn
Ross Bertha M dom r329 N. High
Ross Brinton A appr r128 Lacey
Ross Margt M (wid Everett S) h124 S. Walnut
Ross Walter W. student r128 Lacey
Ross Wm W. (Anna) formn Phila Elec Co h128 Lacey
Rosser Thos L prsmn Keystone Tag Co r392 Nields
Rossiter Ida M bursar State Teachers College r do
Rotary Club meets 1st and 2d and 4th Thursday at 12:15 and 3d Thursday at 6:15 p m at 17 N. High Fred J Wahl sec h130 E. Lafayette
Roth Jos H (Florence E) lab h403 Dean
Roth Marian H r403 Dean
Rothman Geo office mgr Chester Valley Bus Lines h Philadelphia
Rothrock Charlotte S. student r304 W. Miner
Rothrock Eleanor C student r304 W. Miner
Rothrock Harry A (Eleanor C) phys 304 W. Miner h do
Rothwell Rebecca (wid Thos) dom h314 E. Miner
Rowe Howard E. (Isabel D) acct 322 N. High h do
Rowe Robt E. (Abbie M) mach h538 S. Matlack
Rox Jas F (Mary F) real est 132 E. Gay h do
Rox Mary h314 N. Darlington
Royal Barber Shop (Harry R and Jas W. Huss, Fredk C Reichert and Jos C Sorber) 16 N. High
Royles Edgar pntr r142 E. Union
Rubinstein Isidor (Ella) stationer 40 E. Market h do
Rubinstein Robt R student r40 E. Market
Rubinstein Saml M student r40 E. Market
Rudolph Townsend emp Speer Bros h Cedar al
Ruggiero Edw emp Denney Tag Co r217 W. Chestnut
Ruggiero Jas (Concetta) stone mason h217 W. Chestnut
Ruggiero Jennie emp Denney Tag Co r217 W. Chestnut
Rulon Harold E. (Abbie E; Stroud & Rulon) h103 S. Walnut
Rulon Wm M (Dora) carrier PO h509 W. Miner
Rupert Eliz H (wid Hayes) r121 S. Walnut
Rupert Geo H (Jean U) lawyer 24 W. Market h119 E. Washington
Rupert Leslie J (Rebekah) adv mgr h519 W. Miner
Rupert Philip H wtchmn r121 S. Walnut
Rupert Sarah clk r519 W. Miner
Rural Service Agency Jos Cape mgr 22 E. Market
Russell Benj driver Highland Dairy Products Co r Kirkland

Page 170

Russell Chas V r316 W. Lafayette
Russell Chas W. (Florence E) real est h23 E. Marshall
Russell Curtin K wheel wkr r118 W. Chestnut
Russell Edith H notary 13 N. High h32 E. Washington
Russell Ella B tchr 311 N. Church
Russell Harry C (Josephine B) tinsmith h318 N. New
Russell Harvey C (Annie F) plstr h316 W. Lafayette
Russell Harvey T (Josephine E) lab h111 Evans
Russell Helen A tchr State Teachers College r122 W. Miner
Russell Jos P (Elva H) plmbr h318 W. Lafayette
Russell Karl S. (Minnie) formn garage Phila Elec Co h223 W. Biddle
Russell Mabel J (wid B Frank) h118 W. Chestnut
Russell Marie C clk Louis K Liggett Co r316 W. Lafayette
Russell Miriam E. tchr West Chester High Sch r32 S. Church
Russell Pearl r118 W. Chestnut
Russell Saml chauf Senior Cab Co Inc r117 W. Miner
Rustin Bayard T student r128 E. Union
Rustin Earle G barber Cammilo Pizii r128 E. Union
Rustin Janifer A (Julia D) steward h128 E. Union
Rustin Ruth M tchr r128 E. Union
Rutter Earl C (Cora) prsmn Daily Local News h Reading
Rutter Richd A (Agnes S) broker h620 N. Matlack
Rutter Sallie r444 N. Walnut
Ryan Francis P (Cora L) emp Denney Tag Co h RD 4
Ryan Helen M bkpr Penna Garage r21 S. New
Ryan Howard M (Blanche E) carp h323 W. Washington
Ryan John J clk r21 S. New
Ryan Kath A (wid John) h21 S. New
Ryan Wm P lab r323 W. Washington
Ryons Cheasmon H (Eleanor) lab h407 N. New


Sabatino Angelina emp Denney Tag Co r311 Hannum av
Sabatino Frank (Rose) stone mason h311 Hannum av
Sabatino Jos clk Nicholas J Sabatino r311 Hannum av
Sabatino Lena opr r311 Hannum av
Sabatino Nicholas J gro 250 E. Chestnut r311 Hannum av
Saccuti Nicola (Angeline) lab h301 N. Darlington
Sack Mary E. nurse Homeopathic Hosp r do
Sack Millie lndrs West Chester Lndry r301 N. Darlington
Sadler Anna B (wid Monroe) h133 Lacey
Sadler Francis driver Ralph G Smith r419 W. Market
Sadler Fred (Sara) h323 W. Market
Sadler Lewis lab h213 Evans
Sager Isabel B tchr r410 Dean
Sager Margt bkpr Conner & Darrh h Patrickville
Sager Weather Strip Co Paul J Cosgrove mgr 3 S. Brandywine
St. Agnes Convent 207 W. Gay
St. Agnes Parochial School 215 W. Gay
ST. AGNES ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, Rev Henry C Schuyler Rector, 223 W. Gay, Tel 38
St. Aloysius Academy for Boys, Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in charge 500 Maple av
St. Clair Wm H (Helen C) mgr h523 Sharpless

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