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Polk's 1932-33 West Chester Borough Directory
Names beginning with I to L (pages 113-129)

compiled by Jim Jones

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Page 113

Hutchison Chas lab r319 W. Chestnut
Hutt Herman G (Martha) news dlr 5 N. Church h do
Hutton H Louise tchr r419 N. Walnut
Hutton Hibbard J mariner r419 N. Walnut
Hutton Leon W. (Marion C) mgr h224 N. New
Hutton Lewis D (Elva K) emp Schramm Inc h547 S. Matlack
Hutton Margt W. Mrs clk Natl Bank of Chester County & Trust Co r42 E. Gay
Hutton Robt R carp r324 Dean
Hutton Roy h46 E. Gay
Hutton W. Earl (Kate M) slsmn Met Life Ins Co r419 N. Walnut
Hutton Wm M (Mary L) slsmn h419 N. Walnut


Iannolo Carmelo shoe repr 25 N. Walnut h do
Iliff Benj G barber Mansion House Barber Shop r502 S. High
Improved Benevolent Protective Order Elks No 159 meets 1st and 3d Monday at 316 E. Gay Arlington Henry sec r300 E. Miner
IMSWILER JOHN S. (Blanche), Mgr Fruit Growers of Chester County Inc, h409 W. Union
Ingram Albert M (Lidie S) watchmkr Horace T Webb h404 W. Miner
Ingram Frank T (Mary E) carp h225 N. Church
Ingram Helen A r225 N. Church
Ingram Hilborn D (Hettie) h29 S. Church
Ingram Ida Mrs r43 W. Barnard
Ingram Martha E. student r612 N. Franklin
INGRAM NORRIS S. (Ada M), Sec-Treas Chester County Trust Co, h320 W. Barnard
Ingram Wm A emp Schramm Inc r524 Sharpless
Ingram Wm B (Grace E) carrier h612 N. Franklin
Ingram Wm C (Annie M) pntr 21 S. Walnut h do
Inheritance Tax Investigator -- State (see Miscellaneous Information at front of directory)
Irons Bertha Mrs h227 Evans
Irons David M (Eliz) h255 E. Market
Irons Edw C (Isabella) lab h129 W. Barnard
Irons Rachel E. Mrs dom h110 S. Adams
Irons Wm E. chauf Hickman's Taxi Service r1 N. Franklin
Irons Winfield H h225 E. Market
Irvine La Verne E. tchr State Teachers College h500 Sharpless
Irwin Annie Mrs lndrs West Chester Laundry h Vietville
Irish Catholic Benevolent Union meets on call at 110 W. Market Michl A Flannagan sec h103 N. Darlington
Isaacs Elsie r101 S. Walnut
Isaacs Max (Jennie) gro 101 S. Walnut h do
Isdell Jennie Mrs mach opr r211 W. Barnard
Italian Club meets 1st Sunday at 430 Hannum av Antonio Sylvestre sec r223 W. Chestnut
IVINS GEORGE H (S I Ivins & Son), r225 W. Miner
Ivins Jackson M student r225 W. Miner

Page 114

IVINS S. I & SON (S Irvin and George H), Distributors of Marr Oil Burners and C B F Rod Lightning Rods 232 Wollerton, Tel 650 (See adv in Oil Burners Dept)
IVINS S. IRVIN (Mary; S. I Ivins & Son), h225 W. Miner
Izzi Antonio (Adelina) stone mason h208 W. Chestnut
Izzi Dorino clk Jos Epstein r208 W. Chestnut


Jackson Alf P (Ada) emp Denney Tag Co r321 W. Gay
Jackson Anna M Mrs dom h311 S. Adams
Jackson Anna R waitress r608 S. Walnut
Jackson Arth F lab r311 S. Adams
Jackson Atlee P (Lydia) h219 Sharpless
Jackson Belle r537 S. Walnut
Jackson Clinton S. (Leah S) h217 S. Walnut
Jackson Cora r rear 319 W. Gay
Jackson David P (Maud V) lab h503 E. Barnard
Jackson Edgar T (Mary L) house sergt police dept h239 Dean
Jackson Edith M tchr W. C. High Sch r310 W. Lafayette
Jackson Edith R Mrs h221 S. Darlington
Jackson Ella S. (wid Thos H) h304 N. Franklin
Jackson Ellsworth E. (Jean K) slsmgr J L Boals Inc h Lansdowne Pa
Jackson Geo T student r224 Sharpless
Jackson Geo W. (Mabel C) tool drsr Geo R Cope h224 Sharpless
Jackson Gilpin A floor supvr Phila Elec Co r217 S. Walnut
Jackson Halliday clk Saml W. Taylor h310 W. Lafayette
Jackson Harry E. (Emma G) driver h13 S. Adams
Jackson John S. lab r311 S. Adams
Jackson LeRoy S. h202 N. Church
Jackson Lewis A (Naomi) lab h220 S. Matlack
Jackson Linol clk Gt A & P Tea Co r224 Sharpless
Jackson Paul C (Sarah E) slsmn Taylor Electric Shop h24 E. Gay
Jackson Robt D (Esther M) antiques 221 W. Washington h do
Jackson Robt W. (Julia) janitor West Chester Public Library h113 S. Penn
Jackson Sol B (Lottie) driver T E. Smith & Son h319 S. Matlack
Jackson T Harold (Nancy P) archt r304 N. Franklin
Jackson Thos A (Nellie G) gas sta 602 Hannum av h do
Jackson Thos H (Amelia) barber 20 S. Matlack h do
Jackson Thos J (Mattie V) carp h112 E. Gay
Jackson Vanadha r113 S. Penn
Jackson Walter A lab r123 E. Miner
Jackson Wm (Anna) lab h20 E. Virginia av
Jacob Edw H (Emma) pres Edw H Jacob Inc h720 N. Walnut
Jacob Edw H Inc Edw H Jacob pres Bernard M Gordon sec mushrooms 247 S. Adams
Jacobs Albert M (Ruth W) furn 126 N. High h604 S. High
Jacobs Francis B (Phebe) phys 102 S. High h do
Jacobs Kathryn L (wid Carroll B) h25 E. Marshall
Jagers A M monotype opr Horace F Temple Inc h Chatwood Pa
James Anna P tchr Public Sch r Glen Mills
JAMES BROS (William L Underwood, G Walter Downs), Plumbing, Heating and Roofing 111 N. Church, Tel 93 (See adv in Plumbers Dept)
James Clyde C lab r134 E. Chestnut

Page 115

James Edw S. r203 W. Miner
James Herbert H meat ctr r134 E. Chestnut
James Hickman r Turk's Head Inn
James Howard H driver Darlington's West Chester Dairy h134 E. Chestnut
James Jessie M r134 E. Chestnut
James Mabel H clk County Prison h306 Price
James Rachel dom r307 N. Walnut
James Roy C (Hazel W) bkpr Chester County Trust Co r203 S. Walnut
James Wm (Clara) lab h529 E. Barnard
James Wm H (Laura) h323 W. Union
Jamison Daisy Mrs (High St Coffee House) h27 S. High
Jamison Dorothy A sten r225 N. Adams
Jamison Fredk B (Esther L) steward h330 S. Darlington
Jamison Fredk B jr student r330 S. Darlington
Jamison Gladys tchr r210 N. Adams
Jamison Harry C (Louisa) pntr h225 N. Adams
Jamison Leonora G r210 N. Adams
Jamison Lester C clk Lewis & Ogborn r225 N. Adams
Jamison Mabel E. G (wid Norman) drsmkr 210 N. Adams h do
Jamison Robt R (Eliz C) h419 Dean
Janes Chas M (Irene M) supt Veil Hosp 215 E. Marshall h610 N. Walnut
Jaquish Jos A phys r221 N. High
Jarrett Boyd A (Bertha) county asst supt of schls h302 Dean
Jarrett Chas J v-pres Chester County Farm Bureau h RD 4
Jarrett David S. (Doris) plstr h214 S. Church
Jarrett Elma C r7 N. Matlack
Jarrett F Lewis (Helen) clk Harman & Voltz r7 N. Matlack
Jarrett Frank L (Gertrude) yd formn Hoffman & Baldwin h7 N. Matlack
Jarrett G Doyle student r302 Dean
Jarrett J Howard clk r7 N. Matlack
Jay Anna R dom r323 W. Union
Jeferis Bros (Jay H and C Rodney) bldrs 322 W. Market
JEFFERIS C RODNEY (Estelle I; Jefferis Bros; Sunshine Damp Wash Laundry), Sec-Treas West Chester Laundry, h300 Price
Jefferis Emma D Mrs emp Overtown Dining Room h116 S. High
Jefferis Florence L tchr r201 N. Adams
Jefferis Jas C auditor h110 S. High
Jefferis Jay H (Mignon W; Jefferis Bros; Sunshine Damp Wash Laundry), pres West Chester Laundry h115 S. Brandywine
Jefferis Jonathan H (Cora E) slsmn h201 N. Adams
Jefferis Leonard h116 E. Barnard
Jefferis Ruth nurse Homeopathic Hosp r do
Jefferis Virginia H student r201 N. Adams

Page 116

Jefferis Wayne H r201 N. Adams
Jefferis & Weiler (Jay H Jefferis, Rudolph B Weiler) elec engineers 322 W. Market
Jenkins Curtis carp Eug L Groff r Willistown Pa
Jenkins Ellen emp Charles Stores Co r RD 1
Jenkins Joel R lab r118 E. Barnard
Jenkins John B (Cora G) emp Sharples Separator Co h118 E. Barnard
Jenkins John J lab r118 E. Barnard
Jenkins Mary A (wid Chas E) h445 W. Gay
Jenkins Paul lab r118 E. Barnard
Jenkins Rolla (Viola) ship clk h413 N. New
Jensen John (Costina) gdnr h610 S. Church
Jewel Box (Emma Laird) novelties 12 W. Gay
Jiunta Frank J (Delia M) dry gds 549-551 S. Matlack h549 do
John Arth W. (Florence E) chef h602 E. Barnard
Johns David baker Electrik Maid Bake Shop r Parkesburg Pa
Johns Helen r104 E. Gay
Johns Jas student r104 E. Gay
Johns John acct h104 E. Gay
Johns Ora V dom r426 E. Miner
Johns Phoebe r11 W. Chestnut
Johnson Alf L (Delia) eng h22 Price
Johnson Alvin O (Delia) mech h240 W. Gay
Johnson Anna L tchr Public Sch r2 W. Rosedale av
Johnson Anna M (wid Walter W) h328 W. Gay
Johnson Carmen L (Idella) emp Denney Tag Co r344 W. Gay
Johnson Chas (Anna) h319 E. Barnard
Johnson Chas E. (Rebecca) chef WCST College h108 S. Adams
Johnson Chas T (Emily B) car clnr h251 E. Chestnut
Johnson Cosier A (Gertrude) emp Denney Tag Co r240 W. Gay
Johnson Danl (Henrietta) lab h120 N. New
Johnson Danl W. (Emily) swtchmn h223 E. Chestnut
Johnson David emp Schramm Inc r RD 6
Johnson Earle B mech Milton W. Durnall Co r Marshallton Pa
Johnson Edith phys 225 S. Church h do
Johnson Edythe Mrs mgr Courtesy Hosiery Shop r West Chester Gardens
Johnson Emma J h127 W. Biddle
Johnson Frances B tchr Public Sch r414 W. Barnard
Johnson Geo B r15 S. Worthington
Johnson George B (May C) lawyer 22 E. Market tel 107 and 2107 Packard bldg (Phila) h447 N. Church tel 1525-W
Johnson Geo W. (Helen) chauf h518 E. Miner
Johnson Harry A (Edith) chalk mkr h226 W. Lafayette
Johnson Harry C paper hngr h319 S. Adams
Johnson Howard (Florence) boot blk h227 E. Market
Johnson Howard (Marie) pntr h10 E. Virginia av
Johnson Isaac mgr r127 E. Washington
Johnson Jas L slsmn N. Harlan Slack h Chatwood Pa
Johnson Jane K (wid Wesley J) r319 S. Adams
Johnson John jr dep sheriff Court House r Coatesville Pa
Johnson John C tchr State Teachers College h121 Linden
Johnson John E. (Amy W) mgr National Crayon Co h315 N. Matlack
JOHNSON JOHN L (Emma I), Physician, Office Hours 8 to 9:30 a m, 1 to 2 and 6 to 8 p m, 37 S. High, h do, Tel 132

Page 117

Johnson Jos F lab r15 S. Worthington
Johnson Leonard D (Kath D) driver h132 E. Miner
Johnson Leroy A (Viola M) h17 S. Franklin
Johnson Lillian h333 Hannum av
Johnson Linwood lab h304 E. Union
Johnson Louise Mrs dom r333 Hannum av
Johnson Lucy B Mrs r225 S. Church
Johnson Margt r219 W. Barnard
Johnson Marjorie clk County Comnrs r Coatesville
Johnson Martha A B (wid Lyttleton W) h127 E. Washington
Johnson Mary A Mrs h15 S. Worthington
Johnson Mary J (wid Nathan J) h219 W. Barnard
Johnson Maud L dom r15 S. Worthington
Johnson Nellie h233 E. Market
Johnson Ralph B (Sophia N) slsmn h116 W. Miner
Johnson Richd (Alice M) lab h337 S. Adams
Johnson Ricketts chauf r305 E. Market
Johnson Rudolph r127 E. Washington
Johnson S. Leigh (Florence) cattle dlr h414 W. Barnard
Johnson Saml r121 S. Poplar
Johnson Saml lab Schramm Inc r RD 1
Johnson Sarah A (wid Wells) h504 E. Miner
Johnson Thos (Edythe) printer Daily Local News r West Chester Gardens
Johnson W. Sidney (Lettie B) uphol h323 W. Gay
Johnson Warren E. chauf r328 W. Gay
Johnson Wm farmer r613 S. New
Johnson Wm (Eliz) lab h313 E. Market
Johnson Wm C (Rebecca R) shoe shiner h325 N. Darlington
Johnson Wm F mgr Arotex Sales Co r Stonehurst Pa
Johnson Wm N. (Mary M) meats 21 N. Walnut h425 S. Church
Johnson Wm S. (Lettie B) uphol 323 W. Gay h do
Johnson Wm T (Frances E) cond h432 S. Matlack
Jolly Doreen tchr Gay St Sch r424 E. Miner
Jones Alan tchr r331 Dean
Jones Alex (Ella) janitor h411 S. Matlack
Jones Alonzo S. (Anna S) lab r508 S. Franklin
Jones Alphonso h426 E. Gay
Jones Amy R r411 S. Matlack
Jones Arth B r411 S. Matlack
Jones Chas lab r333 E. Miner
Jones Clara L (wid Addison L) h32 S. Church
Jones Cleveland lab r329 W. Market
JONES DAVID, Marble and Granite Work, Manufacturers of Monuments 130 E. Market, Tel 657-R, h19 N. Walnut (See adv in Monuments Dept)

Page 118

Jones Dwight L slsmn Montgomery Ward & Co h110 Price
Jones Earl driver r347 W. Market
Jones Edith M r316 W. Gay
Jones Edna Mrs r320 W. Gay
Jones Frances waitress Overtown Dining Room r222 S. Matlack
Jones Geo L farmer h624 S. High
Jones Harlan T (Edith) lab h410 W. Market
Jones Homer L (Mabel P) slsmn h211 S. Walnut
Jones Hugh A (Cath M) mgr Dunlop Tire & Rubber Co h624 S. High
Jones Isaac M (Mary E) spl officer Chester County Trust Co h123 W. Barnard
Jones J Ralston lawyer h445 N. Walnut
Jones Jas W. lab h110 S. Poplar
Jones Jessie M r624 S. High
Jones John B (Sophia F) lab h109 S. Worthington
Jones John T (Agnes L) r410 W. Market
Jones John Z r411 S. Matlack
Jones Jos A r411 S. Matlack
Jones Lewis auto mech r229 E. Market
Jones London (Theresa) lab h222 S. Matlack
Jones London B r411 S. Matlack
Jones Louise M clk Cutrate Cleaners h Malvern Pa
Jones M Eliz r103 S. High
Jones Margt r32 S. Church
Jones Mary C h329 W. Market
Jones Morris (Pearl) chauf h209 E. Barnard
Jones Morris J R (Pearl) chauf h129 S. Matlack
Jones Morris W. (Anna) garagemn h317 S. Matlack
Jones Napoleon P (Virginia) lab h110 S. Poplar
Jones Rebecca (wid Wm) h327 W. Market
Jones Seymour E. (Bessie L) pharm Louis K Liggett Co h340 Dean
Jones Sylvanius W. (Julia) cook h502 S. Franklin
Jones Thos lab r329 W. Market
Jones Wm (Viola) h316 W. Gay
Jones Wm F (Mary E) linemn Bell Tel Co h132 E. Gay
Jones Wm H (Effie T) bldg contr 103 S. High h do
JONES WILLIAM H JR (Jones & Gurskey), r103 S. High
Jones Wm H (Edna) carp h104 Price
Jones Wm N. (Penn-Del Market) h Spring Glen Pa
Jones Wilmer lab r320 E. Miner
JONES & GURSKEY (William H Jones Jr, Adam Gurskey), Sporting Goods, Radio, Bicycles and Supplies, Etc 30 S. High, Tel 1490 (See adv in Sporting Goods Dept)
Jordan Edna M sten r315 S. Walnut
Jordan Ida M (wid Chas) h315 S. Walnut
Jordan John janitor r319 S. Church
Joyce Chas M (Helen M) plmbr h29 S. Darlington
Joyce Harriet M student r123 Nields
Joyce John A clk r128 W. Biddle
Joyce John K eng Public Sch r128 W. Biddle

Page 119

Joyce John W. (Harriet M) brklyr h123 Nields
Joyce Miehl C (Ellen) h617 S. Walnut
Joyce Raymond J (Jennie M) firemn h328 S. Darlington
Judges -- County (See Chester -- County of)
Juerls Ellen (wid John) h109 E. Miner
Juinta Rosario (Mary) lab h411 N. New
Junior Cab Co (Lewis S. Hickman) taxi cabs 108 N. High and 5 S. Church
Junior Order of United American Mechanics meets every Thurs at 31 S. Walnut A Roy Ferrier sec h W. Chestnut
Junior Red Cross of Chester County Clyde T Saylor pres 2 W. Market
Jury Commissioners (See Chester -- County of)
Juvenile Detention Home (See Chester -- County of)


Kahn Morris (Jennie) tailor 134 W. Gay h132 do
Kahn Ruth student r132 W. Gay
Kalmar Apartments 322 N. High
Kane Anna G (wid Geo E) h331 W. Barnard
Kane Geo~M (Alice) steward h340 E. Miner
Kane John J (Lulu L) h13 N. Wayne
Kane John T lab r13 N. Wayne
Kane Lulu Mrs lndrs West Chester Laundry 322 W. Market
Kane Margt M sten r331 W. Barnard
KANE NAPOLEON C (Mabel), Chief Clerk County Commissioners, h121 W. Miner
Kane Ralph E. r331 W. Barnard
Kane Wm P r331 W. Barnard
Kaplan Bertha Mrs (Parisian Dress Shoppe) r138 W. Gay
Kaplan Helen E. slswn Parisian Dress Shoppe r138 W. Gay
Kaplan Henrietta S. tchr r138 W. Gay
Kaplan Jos (Bertha) wood carver h138 W. Gay
Karmatz Evelyn clk Mfrs Outlet Stores Inc r123 E. Market
Karmatz Nathan (Sarah) jwlr 139 E. Market h123 do
Karmatz Sarah Mrs confr 138 E. Market h123 do
Karmerze Danl J (Ellen) restr 135 E. Gay h do
Karmerze Edna M student r135 E. Gay
Kauffman Devere display mgr Wm J Kauffman r153 W. Gay
Kauffman Frank H lab Highland Dairy Products Co r323 Dean
Kauffman J Harry (Esther; Wm J Kauffman) h sw cor High and Ashbridge
Kauffman Rebecca (wid Wm J) h153 W. Gay
Kauffman Saml (Freda; Wm J Kauffman) r Norristown Pa
Kauffman Sidney T (Wm J Kauffman) h153 W. Gay
Kauffman Wm J (J Harry, Saml and Sidney T Kauffman) furniture 15 W. Gay

Page 120

Kauth Wm J (Elna L) asst mgr Montgomery Ward & Co r233 Dean
Kautz Lilly H (wid Christian) h31 E. Miner
Kavanaugh A Lillian emp Denney Tag Co r410 N. Darlington
Kavanaugh Chas lab r410 N. Darlington
Kavanaugh Edw G (Anna L) mldr h410 N. Darlington
Kavanaugh Edw M emp Denney Tag Co r410 N. Darlington
Kay David A (Mary M) lbr h516 N. Church
Kay Robt G (Mary S) lbr h522 N. Church
Keating Caroline r532 S. Matlack
Keating Thos F (Jessie) prsmn Keystone Tag Co h532 S. Matlack
Keech Caroline D r229 N. Church
Keech Crosby P (Ella A) h437 S. High
Keech Curtis W. (Edythe) gro 147 W. Gay h134 E. Lafayette
Keech Howard T (Martha) h307 W. Biddle
Keech Hughs G emp Denney Tag Co r229 N. Church
Keech J Barton (Lillian H) msngr First Natl Bank of West Chester h124 E. Biddle
Keech J Morton (Laura M) formn h229 N. Church
KEECH J VERNON (Elsie M), Surveyor 9 S. High, Tel 1620-W, h Lafayette Apts 21 W. Evans, Tel 1620-R
Keech J Walter (Elsie N) pass agt PRR h32 S. High
Keech John M (Ethel) asst county surveyor Court House r East Bradford Pa
Keech Martha S. Mrs matron Biddle St Sch r307 W. Biddle
Keech Wilmer B r307 W. Biddle
Keefer Danl J emp Denney Tag Co r225 Maple av
Keehn Wm asmblr Schramm Inc 800 E. Virginia av
Keeley Mark S. wtchmn r311 S. New
Keeley Wm C (Irene) janitor h136 Nields
Keen David F mach hlpr r N. Garfield 10 N. E. Gay
KEEN FRANK A (Rena), Treas Fruit Growers of Chester County Inc, h603 N. Walnut
Keen Levi V (Alice M) carp h N. Garfield 10 N. E. Gay
Keener Alf E. r308 W. Lafayette
Keener Chas H (Emily H) barber Wm J Lawler h308 W. Lafayette
Keener Emily L r308 W. Lafayette
Keener Marjorie M clk J J Newberry Co r308 W. Lafayette
Kehoe Paul C clk Denney Tag Co r132 Church
Kellar Anna T (wid Lewis L) h528 S. Walnut
Kelleher Mary J grad nurse 315 S. High r do
Keller Elsie G tchr r117 W. Barnard
Keller Lettie I tchr W. C High Sch r209 S. High
Keller Millard F (Ada M) inspr h117 W. Barnard
Kelley Albert lab h101 S. Worthington
Kelley Alf or d Rev h219 W. Miner
Kelley Caroline Mrs r925 N. New
Kelley Isabel r219 W. Miner
Kelley Wm B (Mary) auto mech T E. Walter Motor Corp h230 W. Barnard
Kelly Eliz nurse 102 W. Union r do

Page 121

Kelly Ernest treas Chester Valley Bus Lines Inc and divisional mgr The Short Line h Lansdowne Pa
Kemp Florence maid r324 S. Matlack
Kemp Louise (wid W. H) r233 Dean
Kendig Howard S. chauf Atlantic Refining Co r RD 3
Kendrick Mary T Mrs h19 S. Church
Kennedy Jacob M (Elva L) electn h303 S. New
Kenney Harriet T sten Jas Bros h245 Dean
Kenney Lemuel H hlpr James Bros r245 Dean
Kenney Lillian opr Bell Tel Co r403 N. Walnut
Kenney Mary D r245 Dean
Kenworthy Wilmer E. (Frances B) h212 W. Miner
Kerr Alf R maintenancemn r16 S. New
Kerr Helen M r313 W. Washington
Kerr Howard C (Margt J) asmblr Schramm Inc h16 S. New
Kerr Nellie (wid Bernard) h313 W. Washington
Kerr Nora clk Sharples Separator Co r313 W. Washington
Kershaw Marion (Marian) driver h242 W. Gay
Kershaw Percy B (Iva) clk h20 W. Gay
Kershaw Robt driver T E. Smith & Son 209 E. Market
KERWIN CHARLES M (Jane F), Physician, Office Hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p m, Except Sundays and Holidays, No Office Hours Thursday Evening 2 W. Market, Room 606, Tel 1203, h116 Ashbridge
Kerwin Clara A tchr r201 E. Rosedale av
Kerwin Eliz tchr r201 E. Rosedale av
Kerwin John F h201 E. Rosedale av
Kerwin Jos M (Esther B) insp eng h601 W. Miner
Kerwin Ruth A sec to pres State Teachers College r601 W. Miner
Kerwin Sara E. tchr r201 E. Rosedale av
Kerwin Walter T (Mary) clk h124 Linden
Kesher Israel Congregation Rev Julius Papier rabbi 208 N. Church
Keyes Thos B reprmn Bell Tel Co h E. Goshen Pa
Keystone Automobile Club A Lee Hall div mgr 1-3 W. Gay
Keystone Garage (Alonzo Handy) 120 N. Church
Keystone Tag Co Inc C H Barber pres Geo K McFarland sec-treas tags 531 Waverly pl
Kidd Eva E. (wid Harrison) h344 E. Market
Kiernan Jos T (Cecilia M) civ eng h122 S. Walnut
Kiese Emma tchr State Teachers College r120 W. Miner
Kiese Thos (Bridget) h rear 325 W. Market
Kift's Greenhouses (John S. Garrett Jr) 516 S. High
Kiley Mary r204 Sharpless
Killam Mary E. (wid Thos) h215 W. Miner

Page 122

Killefer Wm (Margt) mgr h14 W. Rosedale av
Killen John K (Acenith) h219 W. Rosedale av
Kilpatrick Frank J (Mary) barber 2 S. High h18 W. Barnard
Kimble Ferris (Rosella) lab h5 E. Virginia av
Kimble Helen h225 E. Market
King Alma G dom r143 E. Miner
King Chas Y (Ruth R) plmbr 141 W. Gay h do
King Clyde B (Anna L) tailor 310 S. Darlington h do
King Clyde S. meat ctr r230 W. Market
King Eliz W. (wid Geo D) h133 Dean
King Helen W. r133 Dean
King Jas L (Cora B) grain and feed 2 W. Market R303 h429 W. Union
King John C (Eliz) reprmn h541 S. Matlack
King Jos H (Edith M) lab h111 S. Worthington
King Lavinia G music tchr 429 W. Union h do
King Lelah M r610 S. High
King Lena R Mrs dom h143 E. Miner
King Lottie P (wid Lewis B jr) r230 W. Market
King Mack lab h409 E. Barnard
King Melvin A (Margt) h126 N. Church
King Springhurst lab r219 N. Darlington
King Wm R lab r143 E. Miner
Kinley John A tchr r200 E. Day
Kinley John P (Rosa A) slsmn h200 E. Gay
Kinnard Eliza Mrs r444 N. Walnut
Kinslow Henry M (Rebecca M) lab h337 Hannum av
Kinslow Orville r337 Hannum av
Kirk Caroline B h510 S. Church
Kirk Eliz Mrs r444 N. Walnut
Kirk Geo M clk Denney Tag Co r217 N. Adams
Kirk Irvin E. radio 124 E. Market h Wilmington pk
Kirk John W. (Laura M) h217 N. Adams
Kirk John W. jr (Minnie) clk Denney Tag Co h16 W. Washington
Kirk Margt W. r510 S. Church
Kirk Mary S. clk r217 N. Adams
Kirk Sara S. r510 S. Church
Kirk Wilson O clk r217 N. Adams
Klales Chas (Antoinette; Church Street Shoe Shine Parlor) h202 W. Gay
Kleine Carrol W. reprmn Bell Tel Co h E. Goshen Pa
Klenk Geo W. recorder of deeds Court House r Phoenixville Pa
Klevan Margt student r506 N. Church
Klevan Oscar J (Marion C) phys h506 N. Church
Kline Helen M r137 E. Barnard
Kline Mary L r424 Price
KLINE VERNON K (Elsie V C), Sec-Treas West Chester Millwork Co, h424 Price
Klingmeyer Ann bkbndr Horace F Temple Inc r21 Evans
Klingmeyer Delia opr Bell Tel Co r21 Evans
Klingmeyer Mary (wid Fred) h21 Evans

Page 123

Klingmeyer Mena R clk West Chester Laundry r21 Evans
Klu-Klux-Klan 10 N. Church
Knapp Albert A (Minnie) inspr h121 Dean
Knapp Dorothy S. sten Denney Tag Co r121 Dean
Knapp M Grace tchr State Teachers College r143 Nields
Knauer Guy W. (Lena) lawyer 119 N. High h307 N. Walnut
Knights of Columbus Athletic Field 501 W. Gay
Knights of Columbus Boys Club meets 2d Tues at 110 W. Market Rev Edw J Coyle spiritual dir h233 W. Gay
Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary meets 1st Mon at 110 W. Market Helen M Burkenstock sec r309 W. Washington
Knights of Columbus West Chester Council No 1333 meets 2d Mon at 110 W. Market John J Ryan sec h21 S. New
Knights of Pythias Delphic Lodge No 621 S. Franklin
Knox Geo M (Arieta; Knox & Marshman) h315 Dean
Knox Jas (Melissa E) milk dlr 104 E. Market h do
Knox & Marshman (Geo M Knox, Wayne M Marshman) exp 104 E. Market
Kodish Cecelia r300 W. Biddle
Kodish Jacob E. (Fannie) slsmn h300 W. Biddle
Kodish Lillian r300 W. Biddle
Kofke Eliza T clk Wood's Cut Rate Store r518 S. Church
Kofke Elwood C (Eliza F) clk Saml W. Taylor h518 S. Church
Kofke Fred (Maude P) clk Saml W. Taylor h24 W. Union
Kofke Wayne L (Marian J) bus driver h235 W. Barnard
Kolb Dorothy clk F W. Woolworth Co r RD 3
Kolb Harry emp Sharples Separator Co r RD 3
Kouba Jos F (Helen V) emp Denney Tag Co r Malvern
Krall Harry R br mgr Lewis & Ogborn r Kirkland
Kramer Nellie S. (wid Harry) h23 S. Church
Kramer Raymond R (Edna J) dentist 1-3 W. Gay h do
Krause Jos (Anna) h116 E. Union
Krauser Anna M clk County Treas Office r322 W. Barnard
Krauser Carrie C (wid Wm) r223 W. Miner
Krauser Harvey W. (Lauretta A) asst dep county treas Court House h322 W. Barnard
Kreemer Irvin C (Mabel C) inspr r13 College av
Kreemer Saml I (Louisa) h13 College av
Kreemer Sarah E. sten r13 College av
Kreider Luzetta nurse 731 S. High r do
Kreile Anna M h16 W. Miner
Kreile Walter wdwkr r310 W. Biddle
Kreisher Anna M clk Montgomery Ward & Co r228 S. Walnut
Kreisher Harold R emp Denney Tag Co r24 W. Miner
Kreisher John H (Laura E) h24 W. Miner
Kreisher John I (Anna M) auto repr 306 Hannum av h228 S. Walnut

Page 124

Kreisher Margt A tchr State Tchrs College r116 W. Miner
Krimen Frank F (Edith F) slsmn h242 E. Chestnut
Krobath Stanley mech T E. Walter Motor Corp r230 W. Barnard
Kuehne Heinz r447 N. Walnut
Kugler Kimble H (Mary E) mach opr Schramm Inc h20 S. New
Kugler Wm D (Ida B) carp h131 E. Barnard
Kurt Kath (wid Fred) h122 N. New


LM&W Mfg Co (Henry A Lasko) auto radiators 430 W. Gay
Lacey Cath (wid Michl) h18 W. Barnard
Lacey Margt D sten McCormick Bros r18 W. Barnard
LACEY NELLIE C, Bkpr Mansion House Hotel, r18 W. Barnard
Lachapelle J Fred (Josefa) auto mech Turk's Head Garage h206 N. Adams
Lacy John D paints 200 E. Gay r Chatwood Pa
Lady Roy A (Mary R) tchr W. C High Sch h122 W. Miner
Lafayette Apartments 21 Evans
Lafferty Oliver E. (Lola A) agt Singer Sewing Machine Co h136 W. Market
Laffey Marie E. opr Bell Tel Co r130 W. Biddle
Laffey Michl (Alice) h130 W. Biddle
Lagges John (Bessie) restr 22 E. Gay h116 E. Washington
Laird Ellen M h225 S. Church
Laird Emma (Jewel Box) r615 W. Miner
Lamb Alice h108 E. Biddle
Lamborn Harry G mach r408 N. Darlington
Lamborn Hazel L tchr State Teachers College r500 S. High
Lamborn Wendell P (Mary L) dentist 500 S. High h do
Lamborn Wm H refrigerators 8 S. Church h Avondale Pa
Lamey Emily B instr State Teachers College r510 S. Church
Lammey Carroll B clk r108 Price
Lammey Edw R clk r108 Price
Lampkins Benj (Pearl) cook h111 S. Adams
Lamson Wm O jr (Mabel D R) div mgr Phila Electric Co h235 N. Church
Lancaster Wilbur (Minerva) h220 W. Lafayette
Landers Lily (wid Frank) h439 W. Gay
Langan Wm J bkpr Hoffman & Baldwin h Phila Pa
Langen Geo C asst slsmgr Schramm Inc r West Chester Gardens
Larchwood Apartments 537 S. Walnut
Larkin Henry J (Annie A) h429 W. Miner
Larkin Jos F opr r429 W. Main
Larkin Margt D Mrs chf opr Bell Tel Co r429 W. Miner
LaRose Mae T (wid Malcolm P) clk Prothontary's Office r Lionville
Larue Raymond H (Ernestine M) lab h S. Bolmar
Lasko Harry radiator wkr r302 W. Biddle
Lasko Henry A (Sarah; LM&W Mfg Co) h302 W. Biddle
Laubenstein Chas W. jwlr 16 E. Gay h do
Launi Anthony (Josephine) mason r124 Lacey

Page 125

LAUNI MARTIN (Anna), Mason Contractor and Mfr of Burial Vaults 124 Lacey, Tel 1825, h do (See adv in Contractors Dept)
Law Library (See Chester -- County of)
Lawler Wm J (Cath E) barber 130 N. Church h114 Price
Lawrence Horace lab r120 N. New
Lawrence Saml L (Mary H) lab h142 Prescott av
Lawson Jennie Mrs r112 S. Church
Lawson Madalene B Mrs r20 W. Barnard
Laycock Thos C (Alfrida C) h N. Garfield 5 N. E. Gay
Laycock Wm J pntr r N. Garfield 5 N. E. Gay
Leach Muriel instr State Teachers College r514 S. High
Leaf Natalie A tchr Public Sch r26 W. Union
Leaf Nathaniel (Ada B) pntr 26 W. Union h do
Leafstone Harry C (Marguerite L) tires h15 S. Church
Lear Abigail S. clk The Gift Shop r324 W. Union
Lear Arnold E. clk Denney Tag Co r117 E. Chestnut
Lear Caleb C (Tillie M) emp Denney Tag Co h117 E. Chestnut
LEAR CLARENCE F (Margaret J; The Morris Nurseries), h601 N. Matlack
Lear Isabella (wid Barclay) h324 W. Union
Lear Lucinne (wid Elwood) h105 E. Chestnut
Lear Thos G S. ordermn Phila Electric Co r Chatwood RD 3
Lear Warren D (Alba) service sta 337 E. Gay h227 N. Penn
Lear Wm P tchr Public Sch r116 S. High
Leary Anne A (wid Danl J) h122 Lacey
Leary Danl J (Helen A) horse trainer r122 Lacey
Leary David C (Anna) trmr Penna Garage h204 E. Gay
Leary David J jr supt of maintenance Chester Valley Bus Lines Inc h West Goshen
Leary Eliz G nurse 204 E. Gay r do
Leary Eug J clk Penna Garage r204 E. Gay
Leary Jos A hostler r122 Lacey
Leary Margt E. r122 Lacey
Leary Mary E. Mrs h19 W. Barnard
Lee Earl (Pearl) lab r304 E. Market
Lee Elmira student r317 W. Market
Lee Ernest L (Laura E) gdnr h W. Rosedale av
Lee Florence A tchr State Teachers College r302 S. Walnut
Lee Leonard K (Marian R) slsmn h205 W. Market
Lee Parthina student r317 W. Market
Lee Robt E. (Pearl) excavating contr 317 W. Market h do
Lee Tom Chinese Indy 152 W. Gay h do
Lee Wm R (Helen J) asst Saml W. Mathues h22 E. Virginia
Leedom Anne W. tchr High St Sch r25 E. Barnard
Leedom Edwin h316 W. Barnard

Page 126

Leedom Emma (wid Jos) h25 E. Barnard
Leedom John K (Mary E) cond h129 Lacey
Leedom Jos P r628 S. High
Leedom Mary E. tchr r129 Lacey
Lees Wm R lab r328 W. Barnard
LeFevre Earle T (Sarah C; Stein & LeFevre) h Marshallton Pa
LeGates Mabel Mrs h513 S. High
Leinheiser Chas R driver Bell Tel Co h526 S. Franklin
Lemmon Nora Mrs r43 W. Barnard
Lenton Louis (Lena) gro 15 S. Franklin h do
Leo Chas (Ida) chauf r239 Maple av
Leong Chas Indy 124 N. Church h do
Leshner Geo fruit r131 E. Gay
Leshner Saml (Mary) fruit h131 E. Gay
Leslie Bruce R (Helen) carp h224 E. Washington
Leslie Harold slsmn Fisher & Son Co h West Bradford Pa
Leslie Minnie H (wid Wm H) h39 E. Gay
Lessig Clarence F pntr r519 S. Matlack
Lessig David (Anna M) h519 S. Matlack
Lessig Walter M (Ethel C) lab h609 S. Matlack
Lester Ella P r25 E. Marshall
Levine Cecelia r348 W. Gay
Levine Saml (Yetta) gro 348 W. Gay h do
Lewellyn Elwood B (Rebecca C) lab h18 S. New
Lewis Ann r422 Dean
Lewis Anne E. tchr Public Sch r341 Price
Lewis Annie (wid Elwood) r230 S. Matlack
Lewis Bertha M Mrs smstrs h43 W. Barnard
Lewis Chas emp Schramm Inc r227 E. Chestnut
Lewis Chas pntr r43 W. Barnard
Lewis Clara E. (wid Wm) r230 W. Barnard
Lewis Danl N. (Anna) mason h210 W. Union
Lewis Dorothy H student r308 S. Darlington
Lewis Edgar A acct r318 W. Union
Lewis Eli J h318 W. Union
Lewis Eliz A sten Bell Tel Co r210 W. Union
Lewis Emanuel W. (Mattie) lab h124 Nields
Lewis Fred H (Margt B) brklyr h22 N. Darlington
Lewis Fred S. (Hannah M) lab h619 S. New
Lewis Geo B linemn Bell Tel Co r1 E. Market
Lewis Harry D (Rose H) brklyr h422 Dean
Lewis J Arth (Jane) tchr State Teachers College h18 Price
LEWIS JOHN J (Estelle E; Lewis & Ogborn), h300 W. Barnard
Lewis Kath clk r114 Linden
Lewis Kath r444 N. Walnut
Lewis Laura E. clk DeHaven's Drug Store r108 W. Gay
Lewis Marian clk Mosteller's Inc r422 Dean
Lewis Martha Mrs r444 N. Walnut
Lewis Mary C r143 Dean
Lewis Maud V Mrs dom h114 E. Miner
Lewis Meredith W. (Margt C) janitor Sharples Separator Co h129 W. Biddle

Page 127

Lewis Morgan G carp r114 Linden
Lewis Richd W. br mgr Lewis & Ogborn r114 Linden
Lewis Robt B (Lelia W) h341 Price
Lewis Ruth M supvr r341 Price
Lewis Saml J (Marian P) florist 511 S. Church h do
Lewis Sara (wid Henry) h122 E. Market
Lewis Scott B interne r341 Price
Lewis T Montford student r114 E. Miner
Lewis Thorn H mech r422 Dean
Lewis W. Hallowell (Irene E) official court sten Court House h307 Dean
Lewis Walter H (Maude K) h335 N. Franklin
Lewis Wm (Marian F) driver h225 S. Darlington
Lewis Wilmer T (Emily M) mason contr 308 S. Darlington h do
LEWIS & OGBORN (John J Lewis, Clarence S. Ogborn), Groceries, Meats and Provisions 29 E. Gay, Tel 1196, 42 S. High, Tel 62, 119 Lacey, Tel 1373, 300 W. Barnard, Tel 1515 (See adv in Grocers Dept)
Liggett Emily (wid Walter S) h624 S. Church
Liggett Keturah r624 S. Church
Liggett Louis K Co Herbert Slough mgr druggists 23 N. High
Light Milo B dean of men State Teachers College r700 S. High
Lilley Anne nurse Homeopathic Hosp r do
Lilley Calvin H (Margt M) lab h211 W. Barnard
Lilley Clara A compt opr Edw H Jacob Inc r110 E. Biddle
Lilley Jas H (Emma) formn r407 S. Matlack
Lilley Jas M (Louisa) lab h227 W. Barnard
Lilley Sarah E. r12 S. Everhart
Limberger Lucy C (wid Harry S) h301 S. Church
Limberger Wm A (Gladys) phys 124 S. High r301 S. Church
Lindecamp Chas E. (Ruth M) steam roller opr h507 S. Matlack
Lindecamp Edw E. student r507 S. Matlack
Linder Chas F (Myrtle E) tinsmith h230 S. Matlack
Linder Geo L (Clara V) electn Baldwin Electric Shop h203 W. Union
Lindsay Wm B (Anna) chauf Atlantic Refining Co h135 E. Union
Lindstrand Carl B student r339 W. Miner
Lindstrand Carl J (May B) uphol 339 W. Miner h do
Lindstrand Mildred E. bkpr Jas L King r339 W. Miner
Lineau Blanche H sten r321 S. Church
Linvill Lydia r444 N. Walnut
Lions Club meets every Tuesday at 12:15 at Mansion House Hotel Raymond A Elliott sec h26 E. Washington
Littlefield Frank P (M Blanche) pntr h435 N. New

Page 128

Littlefield Maud E. clk Denney Tag Co r435 N. New
Littleton G Chas (Florence M) teller Chester County Trust Co h238 W. Miner
Litvin Wm (Frances) meat ctr h315 W. Washington
Litzenberg Elsie slswn Montgomery Ward & Co r202 N. Church
Litzenberg Geo emp Charles Stores Co r304 N. Church
Lloyd Leone A (The Hat Box) r502 N. Matlack
Lockett Gertrude V student r257 E. Market
Lockner Chas formn Phila Elec Co r RD 7
Lockwood Sallie (wid Wm E) h223 E. Washington
Logan Alice h525 N. High
Logan Amy L r301 W. Biddle
Logan John B (Emma) plstr h443 W. Gay
Logan Leona T student r301 W. Biddle
Logan Mabel P (wid Eli) h301 W. Biddle
Logan Wm L lather r228 W. Market
Logue Cath slswn C O Hoffman r223 N. Church
Logue Jas A slsmn Margolies Men's Shop r223 N. Church
Logue John r223 N. Church
Logue Kath A clk r223 N. Church
Logue Margt M r223 N. Church
Logue Mary A clk Sharples Separator Co h223 N. Church
Logue Sara C r223 N. Church
Logue Wm F (Mary A) h359 E. Biddle
Lomax Jas (Elma E) h628 S. Walnut
London Frances r400 Hannum av
London Fred E. (Ellen) porter DeHaven's Drug Store r210 W. Washington
London Sarah I dom r210 W. Washington
London Sherman lab r400 Hannum av
Londrillio Frank (Grace) lab h124 N. Wayne
Longacre Betty mgr Harold's Cleaners r24 E. Gay
Longacre Harry J dep clk Recorder of Deed's Office r Phoenixville
Longacre Maretus h100 N. Matlack
Longacre Rebecca r112 S. New
Longaker Anna hairdrsr Pollyann Cosmetic Shoppe r Frazer
Loomis Bessie F (wid Havard) h233 Dean
Loomis Florence S. sten r117 W. Lafayette
Loomis Frank O (Jennie) h117 W. Lafayette
Loomis Ida B (wid Esau) r131 W. Market
Loomis Mary J (wid Jas) r138 W. Barnard
Loper Verde Mrs h411 W. Market
Lord Dorothy A tchr r409 W. Union
Lorgus Co Inc The Rudolph G Lorgus mgr florists 20 N. High
LORGUS MARTIN E. (Naomi; The Morris Nurseries), h611 N. Matlack
Lorgus Rudolph G (Helen O) mgr The Lorgus Co Inc h313 N. Walnut
Loud Edw T (Olive) br mgr Hubbs Stores Corp h343 E. Miner
Loud Wm C lab h335 E. Miner
Love Saml L (Annie L) mech J L Boals Inc r100 E. Biddle
Low Lida J tchr State Teachers College r534 S. High

Page 129

Lowrie Arch T (Grace) bkpr R Parke Regester h Chatwood
Lowrie Grace clk Speare Bros r Chatwood
Luff Ada L r351 W. Market
Luff Bessie K Mrs h224 S. Matlack
Luff Wm D (Anna R) barber 139 E. Miner h do
Luff Wilson r224 S. Matlack
Lukens Martha J (wid Geo W) h608 S. Walnut
Lumis E. Edna r307 Price
Lumis Geo S. (Sallie E) keeper Chester Co Prison h321 W. Barnard
Lumis J Howard (Mildred C) pres Penn Mutual Fire Ins Co of Chester County h320 S. Walnut
Lumis Marion A r321 W. Barnard
Lumis Thos W. (Sarah T) dentist 2 W. Market R409 h322 W. Union
Lundberg Jas E. (Clara) emp Phila Elec Co h209 W. Union
Luntz Wm lab r108 E. Biddle
Lupo Anthony (Josephine) h227 W. Chestnut
Lutz Mary (wid Saml) drsmkr 114 E. Washington r do
Lutz Wm H (Florence) clk PO h215 N. Adams
Lynch Chester A lab r229 S. Matlack
Lynch Emma W. Mrs lndrs West Chester Lndry h229 S. Matlack
Lynch John F (Margt H) lab h123 Magnolia
Lynch Margt r222 N. New
Lynch Patk (Josephine) lab West Chester Millwork Co h222 N. New
Lynch Philip lab r222 N. New
Lynch Wm H clk r123 Magnolia
Lynn Lillian E. opr Keystone Tag Co r Chatwood
Lyons Francis P clk r115 Magnolia
Lyons Harry cond h115 Magnolia
Lyons Irene B r725 S. Walnut
Lyons Jesse L clk r115 Magnolia
Lyons Kathryn clk r329 Dean
Lyons Percy H (Beatrice P) cond h217 N. Penn
Lyons Saml C (Martha) brkmn h725 S. Walnut
Lysle Bertha A clk Herman G Hutt r202 N. Church


MacAvoy Irene (wid Wm) h127 W. Market
Macdonald Amelia C Mrs h117 S. Church
Macdonald Ann B student r117 S. Church
Macdonald Malcolm r117 S. Church
MacDonald Willa W. (wid Walter A) tchr h126 E. Chestnut
MacElree Betty L student r43 W. Virginia av
MacELREE J PAUL (Marguerite F), Attorney-at-Law 11 S. High, Tel 50, h ne cor Church and Virginia av, Tel 99

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