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Boyd's West Chester Directory, 1918-1919
Names beginning with D, E, F and G (pages 18-36)

compiled by Jim Jones, spring 2009

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page 18

Criley Elizabeth F, teacher, State Normal School
Crisman M B, dentist, 2 W Market, h 201 S Walnut
Crispell Edward, salesman, 121 S Walnut
Criswell E R, 208 W Miner
Criswell George H, slater, 205 W Union
Criswell George H jr, U S Army, 205 W Union
Cromwell A D, teacher, Rosedale and Matlack
Cropsey Isadore E, teacher, State Normal School
Crosby Edwin, government works, 125 Nields
Crosby Lena J, 125 Nields
Crosby Luke, U S Army, 3 N Matlack
Crosby William, chauffeur, 125 Nields
Crosby William jr, plumber, 125 Nields
Crosley Alice (wid Peter), 224 S Walnut
CROSLEY GEORGE H, meats, 142 W Gay and 32 E Market, h Milltown
Crosley Katie (wid William), 126 W Barnard
Crossman Fred H, U S Army, 6 W Gay
Crosson Edward J, machine works, 6 W Gay
Crosson Warren, laborer, 217 S Darlington
Crouse Harry S, inspector, 604 S High
Crowe Florence L, stenographer, h 408 W Miner
Cummings Jeremiah, laborer, h 414 N Darlington
Cummings Orlando J, music teacher, h 119 E Market
Cummings Wayne B, porter, 137 E Miner
Cunard W Hayes, machinist, 326 S Darlington
Cunningham Clarence F, stone cutter, h 320 W Washington
Cunningham Howard T, bricklayer, 22 S High
Cunningham Mary E, Maple av
Cunningham Oscar G, foreman, 614 S High
Curry Chocolate, laborer, 341 W Market
Curry Frederick A, chauffeur, h 336 W Gay
Curry George W, clerk, 20 S Walnut
Curry Hayes, plumber, 40 E Gay
Curry Smith T, clerk, h 326 W Washington
CURRY WILFRED C, meats, 33 N Walnut, h 112 E Biddle
Curry William C, grocer, 42 E Gay, h 40 do


Dahr Walter, electrician, 319 S Church
Dailey Charles J, electrician, 222 N Penn
Dailey George T, clerk, 222 N Penn
Dailey Hannah A, bookkeerep, 222 N Penn
Dailey James J, 222 N Penn
Dailey Mary A, bookkeeper, 222 N Penn

page 19

Dailey Patrick J, carpenter, 224 Nields
Dailey William A, foreman, 222 N Penn
Daisey Etta N, stenographer, 119 E Barnard
Daisey Gertrude, 119 E Barnard
Daisey Sarah (wid Vincent), 119 Barnard
Daisey Wayne, machinist, 224 S Matlack
Dale Ann M, teacher, 402 W Barnard
DALE GEORGE, up-to-date commercial printing, Assembly Building, h
402 K Barnard
Daley Peter, yard boss, 233 E Chestnut
Dalton Bridget, dressmaker, 124 W Barnard
Dalton Mary, dressmaker, 124 W Barnard
Dalton Jane, 124 W Barnard
Damon Carrie, bookkeeper, 503 S Walnut
Daniel Elizabeth, 135 W Barnard
Daniel S Emma, 135 W Barnard
D'Annunzio Luigi, shoemaker, 6 S Church
Dare Rachel (wid Richard), 444 N Walnut
Darling Florence B, 311 W Miner
Darlington Abram B, clerk, 309 W Union
Darlington Anna R, 26 E Washington
Darlington C Archer, receiving teller, The National Bank of
Chester Co, 423 Dean
Darlington Casper, machinist, 245 Dean
Darlington Charles R, 229 S High
Darlington Co The, investmeits, 2 W Market
Darlington Deborah T, h 224 N Darlington
Darlington Dorothy, teacher, 425 Dean
Darlington Edith S, Christian Scientist, 2 W Market
Darlington Edward, traffic officer, 404 Dean
Darlington Edward S, treasurer Hoopes Bros & Darlington Inc, 404 W Union
Darlington Edwin P, police, 404 Dean
Darlington Elisha jr, U S Army, 239 Dean
Darlington Ellis, insurance, h 122 E Biddle
Darlington Ellwood H, farmer, 425 Dean
Darlington Ellsworth, conductor, 14 E Market
Darlington Emma B, 333 W Barnard
Darlington E Paul, carrier p o, 224 N Darlington
Darlington E Pierce, clerk p o, 3 N Church
Darlington Eva R (wid Jesse), 127 S Walnut
Darlington Evalina A, teacher, 425 Dean
Darlington Frank, 24 S Walnut
Darlington Frank P, 400 S Church
Darlington Franklin, 8 E Market
Darlington Hannah M, h 225 W Miner
Darlington Harriet G (wid Richard S), 404 Dean

page 20

Darlington Helen, cashier, 122 B Diddle
Darlington Hibbert D, florist, 339 W Union
Darlington Howard, insurance agent, 121 E Washington
Darlington Howard G, builder, 28 N New, h 325 W Barnard
Darlington Isabel, lawyer, 2 W Market, h East Bradford, Penna
Darlington J Howard, 121 E Market
Darlington John W, machinist, 439 W Gay
Darlington J Boss, barber, 128 W Gay
Darlington La Martine, 507 N High
Darlington Leon, clerk, 337 N New
Darlington Lydir (wid Jasper), 224 N Darlington
Darlington Mark H, treasurer, 318 S Walnut
Darlington Mary, h 26 E Washington
Darlington Mary E, secty, 608 S Walnut
Darlington Norman L, physician, 318 S Walnut
Darlington Percy, clerk, 33 S High
Darlington Percy S, broker, 418 N High
Darlington R Anna, h 26 E Washington
Darlington S Bernard (S B Darlington & Co), 511 N New
Darlington S B & Co (S Barnard Darlington), grocers, 37 W Market
Darlington Sarah W (wid Wm S) r239 Dean
Darlington Thaddeus, carpenter, Mansion House
Darlington Viola P, clerk, 511 N New
Darlington Walter, cigars, 10 E Market, h 8 do
Darone David, munition works, 398 Nields
David Alexander P, fireman, 123 W Chestnut
Davies Mary C, superintendent Homeopathic Hospital, 326 N Walnut
Davis Anna, 127 E Chestnut
Davis Anna R, dressmaker, h 132 W Market
Davis Bulah L, 216 W Chestnut
Davis Charles M, painter, 128 W Gay
Davis Emily M, dressmaker, 132 W Market
Davis Bell (wid Grover), 106 E Biddle
Davis George F, mechanic, 12 N New
Davis Helen, teacher, 413 N Walnut
Davis Howard H, clerk, 23 S Walnut
Davis Jacob, laborer, 324 S Matlack
Davis J Prank, woodworker, 113 E Barnard
Davis John H, clerk, 318 Dean
Davis John S, paperhanger, 121 Nields

page 21

Davis Joseph, principal, 121 Nields
Davis Leon W, plumber, 225 W Barnard
Davis Louis N, plumber, 38 E Gay
Davis Louis R, clerk, 307 Dean
Davis Lydia A, h 444 N Walnut
Davis Mary 0 (wid G N), 125 E Chestnut
Davis Mary H, notary public, 23 S Walnut
Davis Moulton H, lumber, 110 E Chestnut, h 125 E Chestnut
Davis Palmer Mrs, 502 Nields
Davis Samuel C, helper, 117 S Darlington
Davis Samuel M, helper, 216 W Chestnut
Davis Sarah P (wid Samuel H), 218 S Walnut
Davis Thomas W, 223 S Darlington
Davis Walter W, clerk, 327 S High
Davis William P, clerk, 394 Nields
Davis W Palmer, contractor, 117 W Gay
Davis W W Mrs, 327 S High
Dawson Charles, printer, 643 S Matlack
Dawson Edward J, cigars, 11 E Gay, h 216 E Chestnut
Dawson J C, salesman, Y M C A
Dawson Margaret, press feeder, 125 Magnolia
Dawson Thomas, printer, 125 Magnolia
Dawson William, printer, 737 S Walnut
Day Alien B, printer, h 116 W Union
Day Harry, plumber, 143 E Gay
Dean Harry G, engineer, 115 Magnolia
Dean Mary E, Maple av and W Crashen
Deblasi Rosario, mason, 235 W Chestnut
Deery Al, laborer, 229 Patten al
De Haven Clara B, 320 N Church
DE HAVEN HENRY V, druggist, candies, cigars and soda water, 106 W Gay
De Haven Sarah C, 320 N Church
De Hoff Edwin, 401 N New
De Houas Benigo, manager, 222 S Walnut
Deitz William D, steamfitter, 121 E Gay
Delaney Augustine, laborer, 411 S Matlack
Delk Kenny, laborer, 349 W Market
Delpino Julia (wid Benjamin), 142 E Gay
Delpino Lewrence, fruits, Gay c High, h 142 E Gay
Denney Tag Co The, 30 W Barnard
Denny Wiley, laborer, 321 W Market
Department of Health of Pa, 122 W Market
Derr Maryle, nurse, 117 E Chestnut
Devonshire Elwood, baggage agent, 8 N Matlack
Devonshire Lula M (wid Elmer), 8 N Matlack
Devonshire Thomas, ticket agent, 8 N Matlack

page 22

Dever Francis, laborer, 529 S Walnut
De Voe Ellen V, nurse, 108 S High
Dewees George S, lawyer, 16 E Market, h 400 W Miner
Di Baradino Valentine, laborer, 243 W Gay
Dick Wallace P, teacher, 703 S High
Dickerson John Rev, 336 W Miner
Dickey John R, 236 E Biddle
Dickey Maria D, 236 E Biddle
Dickey William C Mrs, 620 S High
Dicks Catharine W, 128 E Chestnut IMA»Q
Dicks J Oscar, physician, 28 S High
Dicks Jessie (wid Joseph), 128 E Chestnut
Dicks Samuel L, truant officer, 202 W Gay
Diehn Carl B, deputy register of wills, h 339 W Barnard
Diggs Paul, U S Army, 119 W Barnard
Dilks Andrey S, stenographer, 335 W Barnard
Dilks Bartram H, U S Army, 335 W Barnard
Dilks Beatrice H, teacher, 335 W Barnard
Dilks Edgar H, grocer, 158 W Gay, h 335 W Barnard
Dillingham Mary (wod John), 11 S Church
Dilworth Jesse W, machinist, 10 N New
Dilworth Maud 0, stenographer, 315 Dean
president, Samuel Marshall secretary and cashier
DiNicola Sandy, laborer, 220 N Franklin
Disabatino Dominick, molder, 218 N Franklin
Divine Wilmer J, woodworker, 33 Price
Dinaghy Howard C, trucker, 118 W Barnard
Dinaghy Miller, carpenter, 118 W Barnard
DiTullio Luis, mason, 413 W Gay
Dixon Walter G, machinist, 343 E Biddle
Doering John, printer, 217 S High
Doll Henry, 610 S Matlack

page 23

Dougherty William, trainman, 140 E Union
Donaghy Henry B, spokemaker, 118 W Barnard
Donnell Jomes, laborer, 19 W Barnard
Donnelly Ellen E (wid Joseph A), 131 W Miner
Donovan Anna, 112 E Gay
Donovan Charlotte, 112 E Gay
Donovan Ellen A (wid John), boarding, 112 E Gay
Donovan Helen, 112 E Gay
Donovan Lillie M, stenographer, 112 E Gay
Dooley James F, h 235 W Gay
Doran Lawrence B, engineer, 537 S Matlack
Doran Mary T, stenographer, 537 S Matlack
Dorsey Charles, police, 321 E Barnard
Dorsey Jacob, watchman, 212 N Franklin
Douglass John N, mechanic, 122 W Union
Douglass William, laborer, 121 S Matlack
Dove William E, machinist, 530 S Matlack
Dowdall Peter, contractor, 334 N Darlington
Dowlin Albert S, clerk, 127 E Chestnut
Dowlin George, helper, 210 S High
Dowlin Henderson T, bookkeeper, 126 Dean
Dowlin Howard, clerk, 210 S High
Dawlin Jane E (wid George S), 610 S Walnut
Dowlin Jennie C (wid William H), 210 S High
Dowlin Jesse J, helper, 210 S High
Dowlin Thomas, helper, h 135 Nields
Dowlin William, treas School Board, 405 S Walnut
Dowlin William A, clerk, 131 W Chestnut
Dowling E B, Union c Bradford
Downer Ralph, clerk, 516 S Matlack
Downing Lena A, 511 N Walnut
Downing Laura M (wid H), 402 Dean
Downs Frank, U S Army, 222 W Union
Downs G Walter, tinsmith, 222 W Union
Downs Joseph, clerk, 222 W Union
Doyle Frank Manger, 31 W Barnard
Draper Richard B, barber, 26 W Market, h 429 N Walnut
Drumbreile Marion, nurse, 123 E Miner
Ducker Louisa (wid Elijah), 438 E Gay
Dulin Agnes, 112 E Miner
Dulin James E, plumber, 447 W Gay
DUN E G & CO, mercantile agency, 13th floor, Beta Building, Philadelphia.
Dunlap C C Rev, 236 E Miner
Dunleavy John F, tinsmith, 227 W Washington
Dunleavy Patrick, laborer, 224 N New
Dunleavy Sebina (wid Charles), h 304 Dean
Dunleavy Sarah, 304 Dean

page 24

Dunn Anna (wid John S), printer, 210 S High
Dunn Harry, laborer, 210 S High
Dunn Samuel J, motorman, 321 N New
Durborow Gheen M, millhand, 114 E Barnard
Durborow Gheen M jr, clerk, 114 E Barnard
Durborow Howard, U S Army, 114 E Barnard
Durlor Linda, operator, 114 E Barnard
Durnell Anna E, 227 N Walnut
Durr Mary, nurse, 117 E Chestnut
Durrick Charles J, operator, 316 W Biddle
Dutt Louis W, manager, 220 W Union
Dutton Albert V, carpenter, 549 S Matlack
Dutton Alice, clerk, 202 N Adams
Dutton Bertha M, telephone operator, 309 W Union
Dutton Ella (wid John), 321 S High
Dutton Cliford, carpenter, 202 N Adams
Dutton George H, machinist, 514 S Church
Dutton Harry S, 208 W Miner
Dutton I Lowell, clerk, 309 W Union
Dutton Isaac L, milk, 309 W Union
Dutton Joseph P, machinist, 27 S Walnut
Dutton Washington, machinist, 202 W Adams


Eachus Davis R, in charge of real estate, Chester County Trust Co, house Price
Eachus Edith B, teacher, 21 S Church
Eaehus Edgar J, milk, 302 S Darlington, h do
EACHUS FRANCIS H (Mayer & Eachus), h 120 S High
Eachus Francis H jr, driver, 120 S High
Eastburn Garfield, munition works, 136 Nields
Eastwick Margaret, 106 E Biddle
Eavenson Thomas J jr, woodwarker, 220 Nields
Eavenson Warren B, mechanic, 419 N Walnut
Eckhoff Charles V, carpenter, 215 W Barnard
Eckhoff Charles F, laborer, 215 W Barnard
Ecoff Morion, foreman, 200 N Church
Edgar Carroll, teacher, 121 S Walnut
Edge Edith A, sewing, 428 Dean
Edmiston Thomas S, painter, 144 E Market, 15 S Church
Edwards George, laborer, 220 S Matlack
Edwards Seth, helper, 138 W Biddle
Eagan Patrick W, superintendent, 204 N Penn
Ehinger Clyde E, professor, 100 W Rosedale av

page 25

Ehni Clara M, bookkeeper, 138 E Gay
Eisenbeis Luella, stenographer, 20 W Miner
Eldridge Barrington S, 25 N Church
Eisenhuth Benjamin, watchman, 122 S Walnut
Eldridge Runs D, operator, 604 S Walnut
Eldridge Jane, 202 N Church
Eldridge Mary E, h 11 S Church
Eldridge Thomas C, 425 S Walnut
Eldridge William P, drug clerk, 41 W Gay
ELK'S HOME, 21 N High
Elliott A Wayne, printer, 427 Dean
Ellis Florence M, C C Hospital
Elston E Wilber, salesman, 429 S Church
Embree Lillie D (wid George E), h 506 S High
Embree Purson, U S Navy, 506 S High
Emery I Lester, U S Army, 303 W Miner
Emery Ivan D, grocer, 303 W Miner
Empson Asbury, laborer, 412 W Market
Empson Benjamin T, watchman, 419 S Matlack
England Martha A, 108 S High
England Walter, clerk, 108 S High
ENGLUND AUGUST 0, confectioner and ice cream manufacturer, 26 S High, h do
Enos William, pool, 17 S Franklin, h 405 E Barnard
Entriken Elmer J, electrician, 118 S Walnut
ENTRIKEN JOHN E, chief of police, h 135 Lacey
Entriken Phoebe J (wid E), 444 N Walnut
Entriken Sara, cashier, 118 S Walnut
Epright Harry, laborer, 110 Price
Esbin Cora M, bookkeeper, 741 S Matlack
Esbin William W, laborer, 741 S Matlack
Evans Everett, h 125 E Washington
Evans Everett, plumber, 232 E Miner
Evans Isaac, h 125 E Washington
Evans James, farmer, 119 S Matlack
Evans Lucy (wid William D), 215 S High
Evans Lydia T (wid William), 229 N High
Evans Robert C, men's furnishings, 22 W Market, h 112 Price
Evans Roland I, U S Army, h 125 E Washington
Evans Sarah C, secretary, 27 S Church [Handwritten: "Miss"]
Evans William E, 125 E Washington
Evenson Harry C, helper, 220 Nields
Evenson Mary, 220 Nields
Evenson Thomas J, wheelwright, 8 W Barnard, h 123 B Union
Everetts George, molder, 346 Hannum av
Everhart Walter E, 249 E Market

page 26

Everts Charles J, tinner, 23 S Darlington, h Chatwood
Ewing Elmer, bookkeeper, 305 N Walnut
Ewing Ernest C, agent, 305 N Walnut
Ewing Joseph G, laborer, 211 Nields
Eyre Eleanor B (wid Joseph P), h 249 Dean
Eyre T Lawrence, N High ab Virginia av
Ezzie Luil, laundry, 301 W Chestnut


Facciolli Michael, laborer, 421 S Matlack
Facciolli James, shoemaker, 112 E Market, h 421 S Matlack
Faddis Joseph, conductor, 100 Price
Faddis Lawton, trimmer, 123 W Barnard
Faddis Sophia, clerk, 100 Price
Faddis Wellington A, foreman, 123 W Barnard
Fahey Daniel L, blacksmith, 230 N Franklin
Fahnestock Henry, 507 S Matlack
Falcone James, Ibaorer, 243 W Gay
Fame Engine Co, 23 E Market
Famous Elsie F (wid Harry R), 123 E Miner
Famous John H, U S Army, Everhart Apts
Famous Lydia (wid John E), Everhart Apts
Fanning Edward, driver, 222 W Washington
Fanning Francis F, driver, 222 W Washington
FARMERS AND MECHANICS' TRUST CO, W Market c High, Herbert P Worth president and
trust officer, J Comly Hall vice-president and treasurer, S D Ram-sey secretary,
N S Ingram assistant treasurer, J Harry Thomas assistant secretary, Marion H Reid
assistant trust officer
Farr Howard, machinist, 128 E Market
Farra Alfred W, spokemaker, 16 S New
Farra Harry W, contractor, 117 Dean
Farra Jacob C, police, h 239 W Union
Farra JesseE, machinist, 131 E Market
Farra J Ellsworth, spoke finisher, 131 E Market
Farra Rebecca, nurse, 16 S New
Farra Roy, laborer, 435 W Gay
Farrell Edward B, contractor, 312 N Darlington
Farrell Edward J, contractor, 210 N Chestnut
Farrell Eleanor M, stenographer, 211 W Chestnut
Farrell Frank, 732 N New
Farrell Jacob C, police, 239 W Union
Farrell James, 209 W Chestnut
Farrell James A, foreman, 203 W Chestnut
Farrell John A, U S Army, 209 W Chestnut, h do
Farrell Joseph A, student, 211 W Chestnut

page 27
Farrell Lillian C, stenographer, 211 W Chestnut
Farrell Mary V, music teacher, 209 W Chestnut
Farrell M & T E (Timothy E Farrell), contractors, 209 W Chestnut
Farrell Thomas E, florist, 402 W Gay
Farrell Timothy E (M & T E Farrell), 211 W Chestnut
Fath Peter F, stationer, 22 N High
Faucett Henry N (wid Alexis S), 113 E Market
Faucett Casper P, farmer, Rosedale av nr Church
Faucett Sarah (wid Joseph D), 13 S Church
Faucett & Hipple, mushroom plant, end S Matlack
Feim Charles, munition works, 307 N Chestnut
Fell Albert C, clerk, 314 Darlington
Fell Chandler L, conductor, 119 E Union
Fell Courtland, watchman, 223 S Walnut
Fell Eliza T (wid Richard H), 405 N Walnut
Fell Knovel, U S Army, 314 S Darlington
Fell Marianna, teacher, 400 N Walnut
Fell Mary D, 405 N Walnut
Fell Robert M, salesman, 218 S Walnut
Fell William J, harnessmaker, 146 W Gay, h 314 S Darlington
Fentem Alice E, 215 Nields
Fentem Beth, teacher, 215 Nields
Fergus Edward D, helper, 225 Sharpless
Fergus Helena G, h 426 Hannum av
Fergus Maria S, 430 Hannum av
Ferguson Thomas F, brassworker, 210 N Penn
Ferrell Harry T, clerk, 308 Dean
Fessenbacker George H, baker, 241 E Chestnut
Fetters Chester Mrs, clerk, 244 W Union
Fetters Harry M, helper, h 224 W Union
Fetters Isaac L, munition works, 13 S Church
Fetters Lewis C, clerk, 224 W Union
Few Abner W, Turks Head Stables, h 3 S High
Few Anna L, teacher, 413 W Union
Few Anna S (wid Simeon), 414 Hannum av
Few Benjamin L, livestock, 413 W Union
Few Bertha A, dressmaker, 321 N High, h 139 E Gay
Few James L, 413 W Union
Few Lewis B, butcher, 139 E Gay
Few Walter J, livestock, 413 W Union
Findlay Francis, 401 W Fayette
Finegan Alice C, operator, 225 E Chestnut
Finegan Annie G, 208 W Gay
Finegan Bernard A, U S Army, 225 E Chestnut
Finegan Charles A, US Army, 247 Dean
Finegan Edward, helper, 320 S Matlack

page 28

[Handwritten: "Mrs. Joseph Finnegan, 328 W. Washington"]
Finegan Frances, 127 S Darlington
Finegan Herbert, 127 S Darlington
Finegan Francis S, clerk, 208 W Gay
Finegan James E, helper, 417 N New
Finegan James J, machinist, 225 E Chestnut
Finegan John, laborer, 9 S New
Finegan John J, plumber, 229 W Washington
Finegan Joseph J, clerk, 208 W Gay
Finegan Joseph P, machinist, 255 E Chestnut
Finegan Lidie (wid John), 247 Dean
Finegan Lucy A, clerk, 517 N New
Finegan Margaret M, dressmaker, 127 S Darlington
Finegan Mary M (wid Barnard), 225 E Chestnut
Finegan Matthew L, U S Army, 225 E Chestnut
Finegan Michael, machinist, 318 N Darlington
Finegan Miles F, mechanic, 214 N Franklin
Finegan Norbert, machinist, 9 S New
Finegan Stephen E, machinist, 138 Magnolia
Finegan Sylvester B, clerk, 517 N New
Finegan Thomas jr, laborer, 111 E Miner
Finegan William, molder, 357 E Biddle
Finegan William P, U S Army, 9 S New
Fincher Mary (wid John), 27 W Union
Finn Mary (wid James), 114 W Union
Finn Mary E, dressmaker, 114 W Union
Finn Philip S, helper, 114 W Union
Finnegan Frances, clerk, 515 N New
Finnegan Joseph Mf machinist, 328 W Washington
Finnegan Mary B (wid Barney), 517 N New
Firman Mary Mrs, 334 W Miner
First Baptist Church, S High c Union
First Church of Christ Scientist, N High nr Washington
FIRST NATIONAL BANK (THE), of West Chester, Pa, organized 1863, Marshall 8 Way
pres, Septimus N Nivin vice-pres, Samuel P Cloud cashier, George Newlin jr asst
cashier (See advt inside front cover and in back)
First Presbyterian Church, Miner and Darlington
Fisher Charles H, teacher, 509 W Miner
Fisher Fred W, tool maker, 120 Linden
Fisher Frank L, driver, 319 W Biddle
Fisher Ruth K (wid Abraham), 127 W Miner
Fisher E A B (wid William A), 304 W Miner
Fisher William H, electrician, Everhart Apts

page 29

Fitch Edna V, nurse, 245 W Barnard
Fitch Ruth M, clerk, 245 W Barnard
Fitch Sarah (wid Robert), 245 W Barnard
Fitzgerald Jeremiah J, 38 E Miner
Fitzgerald Jeremiah J jr, 121 W Market
Fitzgerald William, butcher, 38 E Miner
Fitzpatrick Anna M, stenographer, 321 N Darlington
Fitzpatrick Henry, opr, 316 W Biddle
Fitzpatrick James B, grocer, 259 E Chestnut, h do
Fitzpatrick Margaret (wid James), 321 N Darlington
Fitzpatrick Michael, machinist, 316 W Biddle
Fitzpatrick Teresa M, 259 E Chestnut
Fitzsimmons Caleb, tinsmith, 242 W Barnard
Fitzsimmons Elizabeth, nurse, 242 W Barnard
Fitzsimmons Harold C, U S Army, 605 W Walnut
Fitzsimmons Harvey, jeweler, 14 S Church
Fitzsimmons Howard, jeweler, 11 N Church
Flagg George A jr, helper, 301 S Matlack
Flaherity, Thomas, foreman, 134 Magnolia
Flaherity William K, U S Army, 134 Magnolia
Fleischmann Co The, yeast, 200 E Gay
Fleming Robert, woodworker, 221 W Barnard
Flowers Oscar, helper, 335 Hannum av
Flowers William, laborer, 13 Wayne
Fluck John S, clerk, 126 S High
Foley Patrick J, electrician, 22 S High
Ford Catherine V, 233 W Gay
Ford Daniel I, court crier, 503 S Matlack
Ford Ella T, housekeeper, 503 S Matlack
Ford George I, U S Army, 217 W Chestnut
Ford George W, machinist, 135 W Market
Ford James, tinner, 117 N Darlington
Ford Jerry, laborer, 317 S Matlack
Ford J Miller Mrs, 133 E Union
Ford John F, engineer, 520 S Walnut
Ford M Frank, painter, 208 S High
Ford Mary E, pantsmaker, 503 S Matlack
Ford Paul, mechanic, 217 W Chestnut
Ford Paul W, stenographer, 218 E Gay
Ford Peter, helper, h 217 W Chestnut
Ford Thomas, laborer, 328 S Darlington
Ford Thomas F, insurance, 121 E Gay
Ford William A, carpenter, 238 W Gay
Ford William W, conductor, 218 E Gay
Foreman Frank J, painter, 115 W Dean
Foreman Frank J jr, machinist, 115 W Dean
Foreman George B, painter, 119 S Darlington
Foreman J Elwood, clerk, 119 S Darlington

page 30

Foreman Mary C, 115 Dean
FORREST ROBERT H, superintendent Metropolitan Life Ins Co, 2 W Market, h Spring
City, Pa
Forsyth N J, h 525 N High
Forsythe Davis H, 400 N Church
Forsythe Elizabeth, 102 S Church
Forsythe Mary A (wid Truman), 10 OE Biddle
Forsythe William T, civil engineer, 129 W Miner
Foss John W, major U S Army, 311 Dean
Foster Emma F, dressmaker, 105 S Walnut
Foster Frederick, laborer, 425 S Matlack
Foster Hannah A (wid Edward), 105 S Walnut
Foster Jennie, 219 N Darlington
Fox George R, carpenter, 3 N Matlack
Fox Harry D, barber, 161 N High, h 712 S Matlack
Fox Hill Eked, 33 E Miner
Frame Charles W, U S Army, 118 E Gay
Frame Frank D, driver, 400 W Gay
Frame Isaac H, clerk p o, 137 Magnolia
FRAME J WARREN, grocer, 118 E Gay, h do
Frame Nellie A, bookkeeper, 400 W Gay
Frame Thomas B, express, 400 W Gay
Frame Thomas D, clerk, 330 S Darlington
Frame T William, pressman, 327 W Washington
Francis George K, agent, 519 S Matlack
Francis John A, laborer, 129 E Market
Franklin Corzid D, clerk, 229 N Darlington
Franz August E, machinist, h 229 W Barnard
Freas Henry C, dry goods, 13 N Church
Freas Henry C jr, 13 N Church
Free Alfred, helper, 123 E Market
Freeman H Frank, jeweler, Gay c Church, 31 E Barnard
Freeman M D, photographer, 42 Gay, h 239 Dean

page 31

French Arthur, professor, 308 Price
French Margaret, dressmaker, 135 W Market
Friedman Bernard, pianist, 11 S New
Freshcolon. Sarah (wid Charles), 202 W Barnard
Friends' Boarding Home, 444 N Walnut
Friends' Library, N Church below Chestnut Friends' Meeting House (Hicksite), High
c Fayette
Friends' Meeting House, N Church c Chestnut
Friends' School, N Church below Chestnut, and N High
Frize George, clerk, 304 N Darlington
Frorer Sue L, 322 W Barnard
Fry Sarah A (wid George L), 116 W Chestnut
Fullerton Fred M, machinist, 319 W Chestnut
Fullerton Henry M, laborer, 303 W Chestnut
Fulmer Wilfield F, gasmaker, 136 E Miner
Fulton Elmira, 124 S New
Fulton Priscilla (wid John), 123 E Union
Furlong John J, grocer, 200 W Barnard, h 316 S Darlington
Furman Mary P, 334 W Miner


Gale George M, machinist, 217 Sharpless
Gale Lilian B, operator, 217 Sharpless
Gale Mary E, stenographer, 217 Sharpless
Gait Sarah (wid James T), 105 S High
Gallagher Joseph, 400 Nields
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, 315 W Chestnut
Gamble George H, 115 E Fayette
Ganges Alexander, E Gay
Ganges George H, confectioner, 32 E Market
Ganges Herman J, ice-cream maker, 32 E Market
Ganges Roland, U S Army, 32 E Market
Gardiner Frances, music teacher, 115 E Barnard
Gardiner James, carpenter, 115 E Barnard
Garrett Anna E, nurse, 200 N Church
Garrett Anna M (wid Amos), 433 S Walnut
Garrett Caroline H (wid Joshua), 515 S Walnut
Garrett Carrie E, h 126 E Barnard
Garrett Ella, dressmaker, 200 N Church
Garrett Emma (wid John), 228 W Fayette
Garrett George M, veterinarian, 701 S Walnut
Garrett J Harvey, laborer, 339 Dean
Garrett John S jr, harness, 22 E Gay, h Green Tree Inn
Garrett Josephine D, nurse, 16 W Miner
Garrett Katie A (wid Charles P), 126 E Barnard
Garrett L Walter, 126 E Barnard

page 32

Garrett Mary L (wid Abram M), 701 S Walnut
Garrett Mary W (wid Harry), 36 E Miner
Garrett Nathan M, agent, 331 Dean
Garrett Robert, 120 E Biddle
Garrett Warren T, grocer, 301 S Darlington
Garrison William S, machinist, 312 N Biddle
Gatchel Enoch M, veterinarian, 122 E Chestnut
Gault Sallie R Mrs, 105 S High
Gaues Harvey, munition works, 19 S Walnut
Gatwhrop Alien, 42 W Barnard
Gawthrop Emma (wid Thomas E), 325 W Miner
Gawthrop J Oscar, 38 S High
Gawthrop Rebecca (wid Newlin), 444 N Walnut
Gawthrop Robert S, lawyer, 119 N High, h 325 W Miner
Gay Street Public School, E Gay c N Adams
Geary Margaret (wid Patrick), 520 S Franklin
George Clementine C (wid William), 315 S. Walnut
George Mary, 627 S. Walnut
Gheen Francis H, 330 N High
Gheen John J, lawyer, 19 N High, h 234 E Biddle
Gibbons John, conductor, 222 W Biddle
Gibbons David, machinist, 123 W Fayette
Gibbons Michael F, helper, 123 W Fayette
Gibbs Joseph H, janitor, Chester County Trust Co, h 522 E Miner
Gibbs Martin P, laborer, 417 S Matlack
Gibbs Spencer, clerk, 332 W Market
Gibbs Thomas P, laborer, 30 N New
Gibson Auto Works, auto supplies, 202 S High
Gibson Bayard T, laborer, 322 W Washington
Gibson Charles F, printer, 645 S Matlack
Gibson Charles W, printer, 525 S Walnut
Gibson E Earl, Gibson Auto Works, 202 S High, h 105 N Church
Gibson   WHarvey, mechanic, 125 E Miner
Gibson John T, h 114 S New
Gibson J Percy, clerk, 114 S New
Gibson Nellie, clerk, 322 W Washington
Gibson Lyda (wid Thomas J), 411 N Church
Gibson Myrtle I, stenographer, 322 W Washington
Giel Mary (wid Jackson), 425 N New
Gilbert Frank R, printer, 20-22 S Church, h 313 W Union
Gilberth Harry, brakeman, 128 E Market
Gilbert John Mills' Rev, 4 E Union

page 33

Gilford Thomas Mrs, 221 N Matlaek
Gill Annie (wid James), 510 S Matlack
Gill Mary C, clerk, h 510 S Matlack
Gill Mary H, 425 N New
Gill Michael J, turner, 510 S Matlack
Gill Wm C, machinist, 510 S Matlack
Gillespie Nathaniel, electrician, 112 E Gay
Gilliland Edgar, munition works, 130 Nields
Gilmore M Phoebe (wid W C), 225 N New
Gilmore Preston, munition works, 225 N New
Gilpin Emma E (wid John R), 526 N Church
Gilpin Vincent, 526 N Church
GIMBLE BROTHERS, dry goods and pure foods, Market, Chestnut, Eighth and Ninth,
Philadelphia, Pa
Ginsburg Harry, junk, 121 E Miner
Ginsley Charles F, laborer, 335 N New
Ginsley Charles C, machinist, 335 N New
Ginsley Levi, machinist, 390 Nield
Gladman J Archie Mrs, 110 E Miner
Gladman John G, barber, 26 E Market, h 18 S Walnut
Glasco Eliza, 235 E Market
Glick Fannie, clerk, 136 E Gay
Glick John, dry goods, 146 E Miner
Glick Samuel, notions, 136 E Gay
Glisson Ellwood, 333 Dean
Glisson Harry, millhand, 5 N Walnut
Glisson William, clerk, 229 S Darlington
Godfrey William, barber, 152 E Gay
Goines George W, driver, 211 Sharpless
Goldberg Harry, milliner, 28 E Gay
Golder Carrie L (wid Wm), 415 N New
Golder David M, county commissioner, h Turks' Head Inn
Golder Theodore S, feed, 103 W Market, h 135 W Market
Goldsborough Rena, 311 W Miner
Good B Frank, icemaker, 120 W Barnard
Good J Britten, manager, 140 Lacey
Good Leroy, U S Army, 120 W Barnard
Good Noble H, millhand, 120 W Barnard
Good Winfield L, police, 120 Nields
Goodheart Victoria (wid  --  -- ), 705 S Walnut
Goodley Annie E (wid Jonas), 210 N Adams
Goodwill Fire Company, 36 E Gay
Goodwin Charles W, blacksmith, r 120 N Church, h 631 S Walnut
Ooodwin Ezra C, carpenter, 513 S Matlack
Goodwin Lillie A, grocer, 601 S Walnut, h do
Goodwin William R, engineer, 207 N Adams
Gordon Cyrus W, laborer, 443 N New

page 34

Gordon Ethel, nurse, 401 Dean
Gospen Louis, mason, 303 Hannum ave
Goshen Ann M, teacher, 514 S Church
Gottier Fred L, motorman, 143 E Union
Grahlowitz Max, shoemaker, 37 E Gay, h 129 S Matlack
Grace Mary R, nurse, 444 N "Walnut
Grand Opera House, 16 N High
Grant Daniel, laborer, 114 N Darlington
Grant Francis P, touch typist, 119 W Union
Grant George H, driver, 314 E Gay
Grant Harry, laborer, 136 W Market
Grant James H, helper, 119 W Union
Grant Mary (wid Harry), 136 W Market
Grant Mary D, domestic, 217 E Washington
Grant Mary E, 119 W Union
Grant Sidney B, clerk, 113 S High
Grant Simon, clothing, 40 W Gay, h 113 S High
Grason Fred S, lineman, 27 E Miner
Graul William H, carpenter, 432 S Matlack
Graul William H jr, 230 W Fayette
Grauten Peter J, tailor, 18 W Market, h 202 do
Grauten Vincent J, U S Army, 18 N High
Gravelle Nellie, housekeeper, 319 S High [Handwritten: }Mrs."]
Gray Catherine D (wid Jerome D), 410 N Church
Gray Charles P, artist, 410 N Church
Gray Ellwood E, solicitor, 300 W Fayette
Gray Harry E, manager, 230 W Barnard
Gray Norman D, assistant State Librarian, h 410 N Church
Gray Rebecca M, clerk, 206 W Chestnut
Gray T S Griffith, 37 W Market
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co, 7 N Church
Green Ella, clerk, 536 S Adams
Green Eoline G, bookkeeper, 300 S Church
Green Francis H, professor, 636 S Walnut
Green Jesse C, 109 W Gay
Green J Howard, 316 W Fayette
Green John, excavator, 319 S Matlack
Green John, police, 536 S Adams
Green Lillian, teacher, 119 E Washington
Green Ray F, foreman, 208 N Adams
Green Rufus, carpenter, 132 Linden
GREEN TREE INN, Gay cor High, Charles Weingartner proprietor
Green Walter, laborer, 239 S Matlack
Green William F, helper, 203 Sharpless
Green William H, music teacher, 109 W Gay
Greenfield Charles S, carpenter, 214 E Gay
Greenwalt William H, helper, 137 W Union

page 35

Gregory Rupert, clerk, 137 Lacey
Greig James, molder, 122 E Market
Gress Charles J, linotyper, 122 S Walnut
Griesback Edward, baker, 103 N Wayne
Griffin Hanorah (wid Patrick), 106 S High
Griffith Anna T, 202 N Church
Griffith Bessie (wid Emerson), 303 W Miner
Griffith Carrie A, nurse, 140 Magnolia
Griffith D Clark, plumber, 400 W Barnard
GRIFFITH E R & W H (Ezekiel R and William H Griffith) planing
mill and sash, doors and blinds, alley "bet
Barnard and Union and Walnut and Matlack
Griffith Ezekiel R (E R & W H Griffith), h 119 W Dean
Griffith George W, carpenter, 11 Barnard
Griffith Harry J, foreman, 200 Linden
Griffith Harry T, 228 N Darlington
Griffith I, sharpless wheelman, 9 N Matlack
Griffith J Ralph, clerk p o, 124 Magnolia
Griffith Joseph S, blacksmith, 345 E Biddle
Griffith Margaret, 510 S High
Griffith Minnie, clerk, 119 Dean
Griffith W S, rear 525 S Matlack
Griffith William H (E R & W H Griffith), h 510 S High
Grimm Clara D, 217 W Miner
Grimm Clara D, 217 W Miner
Grimm Nathan P, stenographer, 217 W Miner
Grinder George, molder, 127 W Market
Groff Ephraim B, farmer, 221 W Barnard
Groff Eugene L, carpenter, 120 S New
Groff Francis L, 320 N Matlack
Groff I Newton, engraver, 108 W Gay
Groff John, laborer, 221 W Barnard
Groff John S (Whitcraft & Groff), 21 S High
Groff John C, U S Army, 123 N High, h W Goshen
Groff Margaret B, teacher 320 N Matlack
Groff Margaret M (wid George G), 320 N Matlaek
Groff Minnie M (wid Orintheus), 113 S High
Groff William, 217 S Church
Groff William M, 320 N Matlack
Groome Esther M, teacher, State Normal School
Grooms David C, polisher, 131 E Miner
Grosner Gerald D, engineer, Y M C A
Grubb Francis W, hacks, 116 E Market, h 128 W Chestnut
Grubb Herbert, dentist, 117 W Miner
Grubb Norman T, manager, 701 S High
Grubb Paul, 311 S Darlington
Grubb William C, 701 S High

page 36

Gruber Albert C, brakeman, 403 S Matlack
Guert Sadie, 24 S Walnut
Guiney Blanche (wid A), 540 S Adams
Gunkel Margaret C, h 405 E "Washington
Gunkle Louis K, 405 E Washington
Gurrell Edgar J, mechanic, 204 W Barnard
Gurtler Gertrude, Mansion House
Guss Elizabeth J (wid George), 211 S Walnut
GUSS HENRY B, councilman, cigars and billiards, 10-12-14 E Gay, h 518 S Walnut
GUSS JOHN N, lawyer, 406 Farmers and Mechanics Bldg, Green Tree Inn and h 111
Guss Norman B, 202 N Plenn
Gustapon Mary, 124 S High


Haekett Martin C, laborer, 235 E Chestnut
Hafele Leo, machinist, 229 N Church
Hagnor Caroline D (wid Charles), 117 W Chestnut
Hagner Emma M, dressmaker, 117 W Chestnut
Haines Alwilder, 444 N Walnut
Haines Harry G, grocer, 100 W Market, h 305 F Winer
Haines Herman, machinist, 129 Lacey
Haines Isaac N, 511 N High
Haines Mary H (wid Franklin), 326 N Church
Haines Mary L, artist, 511 N High
Haley Bros, ice, Bradford av and Market
Haley Elizabeth B, clerk, 112 E Washington
Haley Hannah J (wid Brinckley H), Everhart Apts
Haley Johanna (wid William), 112 E Washington
Haley Lawrence B, engineer, 126 Lacey
Haley Lawrence E, manager, 114 N Darlington
Haley Mary (wid John L), 316 N Darlington
Haley Richard T, electrician, 125 W Fayette
Haley William J, grocer, 6 E Gay, 224 S Walnut
Haley William L, laborer, 316 N Darlington
Halgrim Anna 0, teacher, State Normal School
Hall Albert G, barber, 8 N Church, h 326 Dean
HALL ALBERT P JR, stationer, 117 W Gay, h 132 W Gay
Hall Atrhur, munition works, 737 S Matlack
Hall Clarkson, 501 S Church Hall Clarence, 242 W Gay
[Handwritten: "Mrs. B. W. Haines"]

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