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Boyd's West Chester Directory, 1918-1919
Names beginning with A, B, or C (pages 1-18)

compiled by Jim Jones, spring 2009

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page 1



Abrams Charles, waiter, 408 E Gay
Academy of the Immaculate Heart, Villa Maria, Patton av nr Maple
av Station
Achelis George, president Morris Nursery Co, 16 w Chestnut
Achelis Jane T, 16 W Chestnut
Achenbach Elizabeth, h 10 N Nields
Achor S T, 622 S Walnut
Achuff George S, laborer, 743 S Franklin
Acme Tea Co, 34 W Gay and 124 E Market
Ackerman V J, clerk, Y M C A
ADAMS EXPRESS CO, Charles W Fyle Agent, Penna R R depot, E Market
Adams Edgar E, barber, 647 S Matlack
Adams John, electrician, 201 S High
Adams John T, tinner, h 123 N Darlington
Adams M E (wid George), 136 Barnard
Ahren Ellwood Mrs, 306 N Darlington
Ahren Emma M (wid Edward), 232 N Darlington
Ahren John, fish, 148 W Gay, h 232 N Darlington
Ahren Margaret A, clerk, 232 N Darlington
Aitkin T Benton, 129 W Market
Aitkins Harry, physician, 129 W Market
Aldred Bertha L, 113 W Chestnut
Aldred Henry, machinist, 126 N Darlington
Aldsworth Peter, car cleaner, 31 E Market
Aldsworth Peter A, police, 31 E Market
Alexander Annie A, dressmaker, 223 E Chestnut
Alexander Charles J, electrician, h 210 N Penn
Alexander Ellis W, munition factory, 534 S Matlack

page 2

Alexander John, laborer, 142 Nield
Alexander Oswald B, lineman, 129 Nields
Alexander William D, U S Army, 233 W Union
Algier Frank, machinist, 105 N Wayne
Allan Elizabeth J, dressmaker, 29 W Gay
Allan A R, manager, 29 S Church
Alien Carleton W, teacher, State Normal School
Alien James P, foreman, 214 N Penn
Allgood Richard D, laborer, 413 N New
Allison Edwin T, spokemaker, 138 W Union
Allison Emily (wid Joseph F), 204 Sharpless
Allison Frederick, plumber, 204 Sharpless
American Stores Co, grocers, 115 W Market and 39 W Gay
Anderson Elizabeth H, 304 W Miner
Anderson Granville A jr, barber, 13 Wayne
Anderson Granville W, 41 W Market
Anderson James, barger, 41 E Gay, h 321 W Gay
Anderson James J, helper, W Goshen
Anderson Mary E, grocer, Maple av, W Goshen
Anderson Perry, farmer, 313 W'Chestnut
Anderson Robert F, professor, 10 Rosedale av
Anderson William J, helper, 221 S Darlington
Andreas William S, teacher, h Y M C A
Andress Casper P, clerk, 226   WChestnut
Andress Frederick J, 226 W Chestnut
Andress Herbert, clerk p o, 223 N Darlington
Andress John G, laborer, Garfield av
Andress Leonard, lunch hand, 221 N Darlington
Andress Mary, clerk, 226 W Chestnut
Andress Sharpless, laborer, 122 W Washington
Andrews J W, superintendent, 536 S Matlack
Apple Mary (wid Lewis), 17 S Church
Purtell sec, 114 and 116 E Gay
Apple Rodman H, 3 S High
Arabia Antonia, mason, 239 W Gay
Arabia Emelia, dry goods, 239 W Gay
Arcancelo James A, machinist, 404 N Darlington
Archer H Taylor, bar clerk, Mansion House, 425 N New
Archer Maurice J, plumber, 425 N New
Areson Charles H, tinner, 138 Lacey
Areson Eliza P (wid Charles), 218 W Chestnut
Arment Anna D, teacher, 218 W Miner
Arment Charles C, foreman, 218 W Miner
Arment Newall, clerk, 218 W Miner
Arment Newlin D, U S Army, 218 W Miner
Arment Madeline C, teacher, 218 W Miner
Armstrong Thomas, clerk, Mansion House 226 W Chestnut

page 3

Arsenien Arthur R, 343 E Biddle
Ashbridge Edward, 444 N Walnut
Ashbridge Elva A, music teacher, 317 Dean
Ashbridge George jr, 611 S Walnut
Ashbridge W Howard, clerk, 317 Dean
Atkins Abigale M, 112 S Church
Atkins Mary E, h 18 W Miner
Atlantic & Pacifisc Tea Co, 7 N Church
Atlantic Refining Co, Lacey cor Franklin
Aulthouse Delter, painter, 117 E Barnard
Aulston James, laborer, 28 N New
Ayres Eugene E, 29 S Church
Aylesworth George R, teacher, Larchwood Apts


Bachelors' Club, 10 N Church
Bacon David H, laborer, 227 Patten
Bailey Edgar L, stenogr, 425 S Walnut
Bailey Ella J, dressmaker, h 108 E Washington
Bailey Frederick, janitor, 331 E Miner
Bailey George jr, superintendent, 429 N Church
Bailey Isabella (wid W H), 237 Dean
Bailey James W, 216 S Walnut
Bailey Mary B (wid Wm L), 429 N Church
Bailey Mary H, secretary, 429 N Church
Bailey Sarah H, 429 N Church
Bailey, P S, 444 N Walnut
Baily Isaac H, h 327 S Walnut
Bair Joseph, U S Army, 121 E Market
Baird William S, major U S Army, 223 W Barnard
Baker Anthony, clerk, 528 S Matlack
Baker Earle M, mail clerk, 423 W Miner
Baker Jacob, florist, 218 Magnolia
Baker Jane R, physician, 103 Dean
Baker Levis G, 25 Price
Baker Margaret C (wid A Walter), 130 Magnolia
Baker Oliver C, carpenter, 125 E Union
Baker P Henry, bookkeeper, 139 Magnolia
Baker Rebecca E (wid Thomas J). 26 S Walnut
Baker Sarah P (wid Levis J), 501 S Walnut
Baker Serrill, florist, 26 S Walnut
Baker Thomas B, stonewkr, 218 Magnolia
Baker William J, clerk, 204 N Penn
Baldwin Cappie E (wid William R), 315 S High
Baldwin Charles L, cutter, 315 Dean
Baldwin   Cloyd R, builder, 344 W Union

page 4

Baldwin  Ella M, housekeeper, 344 N Walnut
Baldwin  Eugene W, bookkeeper, 406 Dean
Baldwin   Fred J, machinist, 435 S Walnut
BALDWIN GEORGE D (Hoffman & Baldwin), h 527 S High
Baldwin Ida C, 30 S Church
Baldwin John, machinist, 31 E Miner
BALDWIN JOHN S, lawyer, U S Army, 24 W Market, h 207 W Gay
Baldwin Julia T (wid Wm H), 9 W Biddle
Baldwin J Willard, electrician, 115 W Barnard
Baldwin Kinser J, electrician, 36 E Market
Baldwin Marion E, operator, 233 E Chestnut
Baldwin Morris D, h 417 W Union
BALDWIN THOMAS W, lawyer, 24 W Market, h 207 W Gay
Baldwin Walter P, inspector, 613 S Matlack
BALDWIN WARREN C, electrician and electrical accessories, 36 E
Market h 36 E Market
Baldwin William E, president, 245 W Union
Baldwin William Hubert Mrs. 9 W Biddle
Ball Edith F (wid Montgomery), 16 S Church
Balliette Martha M (wid Charles), 119 E Washington
Banks James, barber, 112 Bolmar av
Bannan Charles, machinist, 401W Gay
Banan Joseph, 108 E Miner
Bannan Thomas A, brakeman, 119 E Miner
Bannan William S, helper, 108 E Miner
Banan William S jr, clerk, 303 N Darlington
Barber C Harry, superintendent, h 500 S Walnut
Barber Charles H, knit goods, 112 W Gay, h 114 do
Barber Linda (wid William), 132 W Market
Barber Minnie E, 526 S Walnut
Barber S Leroy, physician, 35 S High
Barbour Marion S, plasterer, 315 W Biddle
Barclay Home for the Aged, 11 W Chestnut
Bard Frank, manager, 121 N Darlington
Bare Jacob, car inspector, 7 N Walnut
Barnard Charles D, farmer, 501 S Walnut
Barnard C Norman, broker, 37 S High
Barnard Emma Baker, 501 S Walnut
Barnes Charles E, clerk, 30 E Miner
Barnes Lillian, 123 E Miner
Barnes Harry, spokeworks, 221 N Walnut

page 5

Barnes Hary P, helper, 114 E Miner
Barnes Robert, U S Army, 221 N Walnut
Barnes Wiliam H, driver, 221 N Walnut
Barnes Wm P, laborer, 221 N Walnut
Barr Gertrude. H, folder, 200 E Gay
Barr Julia, 200 E Gay st
Barr Samuel, doctor, U S Navy, 200 E Gay
Barrett David R, electrician, 5 N Walnut
Barrett Henry, clerk, 233 E Market
Barrett James T, gardener, N High c Ashbridge
Barrett John, silkworker, 433 S High
Barrett Mildred G, teacher, 320 W Gay
Barrett William, printer, 10 N Church, h 433 S High
Barren Jacob, shoes, 12 W Gay, 138 W Market, h 122 W Miner
Barry David, h 341 S Matlack
Barry Edward, grocer, 341 S Matlack, h do
Barry Emma E (wid Thomas F), 118 W Union
Barry James, laborer, 231 W Barnard
Barry Fred J, U S Army
Barry John, laborer, 203 W Union
Barry John F, billiards, 10 N Church, h 231 W Barnard
Barry Patrick J, laborer, 323 N New
Barry Richard J, agent, h 607 S Walnut
Barry W Francis, carrier p o, 607 S Walnut
Barry William, laborer, 118 W Union
Barry William H, bookkeeper, 344 E Biddle
Bartholomew Lillian M, teacher, 249 Dean
Bartholomew William, 249 Dean
Bartholomew William jr, grocer, 101 S Walnut
Bartley John W, driver, 312 W Chestnut
Bartley Mary A, 312 W Chestnut
Barton Lillian, teacher, 316 S Darlington
Bassett Rene, news agent, 124 E Gay
Bartram Deborah (wid Samuel), 444 W Walnut
Bateman George, clerk, 503 N Walnut
Bateman George A, chemist, 503 N Walnut
Bates Ellis, 527 S Walnut
Bates Jesse W, spoke works, 615 S Walnut
Battin Archibald, laborer, 10 S Church
Battin Archibald J, machinist, 124 E Market
Battin Howard, carpenter, 210 E Gay
Battin Maurice J, U S Army, 116 E Washington
Battin Victor D, clerk, 116 E Washington
Batting Charles J, U S Army, 135 E Barnard
Batting Edward W, laborer, 135 E Barnard
Batting Milford B, helper, 112 E Barnard
Baxter Hannah S, dressmaker, 329 W Barnard

page 6

Baxter Sarah J (wid George W), 239 W Barnard
Bearinger Norris W, printer, 121 W Chestnut
Bergle John A, driver, 529 S Matlack
Beale Frank, bartender, Assembly Building
Beaumont Davis, clerk, 128 E Barnard
Beaumont William C, laborer, 31 S Darlington
Beaver Jacob E, millworker, 228 W Market
Beckett William H, laborer, 323 N Darlington
Beckett William H, nurse, 115 E Miner
Bedford Sarah P, librarian, 34 S High
Beebe Darlington, 411 S Walnut
Beeber Dorothy, teacher, 416 W Miner
Beeber John, U S Army, 416 W Miner
Beeber Nellie (wid Kimball H), 416 W Miner
Beekman Christopher, 112 E Gay
Beidler S Leslie, brakeman, 315 Dean
Baiswenger, Christian,, fireman, 329 W Gay
Bell Agnes C, teacher, 208 N Penn
Bell Alfred, laborer, E Virginia av
Bell Amelia, teacher, 208 N Penn
Bell Anna K, clerk, 208 N Penn
Bell Frank A, barber, 142 E Market, h 111 S Worthington
Bell Jane (wid John), 208 N Penn
Bell Jonathan, foreman, 325 W Gay
Bell Martha T, 102 E Biddle
Bell Nathaniel, Maple av, W Goshen
Bell Rebecca C (wid John T), 102 E Biddle
Bell Robert A, laborer, Maple av, W Goshen
BELL TELEPHONE CO, Market cor Walnut, W P Poole district manager,
supervisor's office same
Belt Joseph W, photographer, 18 N High
Bender Levi, agent, 614 S Walnut
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, 21 N High
Benkendorf H, baker, 121 W Gay, h 123 do
Benner Helen S, clerk, 225 S Darlington
Benge Barden G, clerk, 315 N Darlington
Bennett Lemuel H, laborer, 218 W Barnard
Bennett Leslie, driver, 218 W Barnard
Bennett Margaret E (wid Jesse), 150 E Gay
Bennett Mary J, nurse, 24 S High
Benson Samuel A, confectioner, 4 N Church, h 136 E Barnard
Berardi Thos, manager, 225 E Washington
Beogle J A, milkman, 529 S Matlock
Bethel A M E Church, E Miner nr S Adams
Bevan William H, conductor, 232 W Market

page 7

Bicking Frank S, manufacturer, 534 S High
BETTS S EVERETT, Drugs, Cigars and Toilet Articles, 23 N Church,
h 29 S Church
Biehm Herman, baker, 352 W Chestnut
BIEHN HARRY E (M A Biehn & Son) 333 W Barnard
BIEHN M A & SON (Milton A and Harry E Biehn), shoes and rubbers,
cor Gay and Church
BIEHN MILTON A (M A Biehn & Son), h 308 S Church
Biles Albert, photographer, 9 N Walnut
Biles Elsie, clerk, 320 N Darlington
Biller Frieda, stenographer, 216 E Gay
Bingaman John R, 133 Lacey
Bishop Elizabeth (wid Horace), 227 N Walnut
Bishop Oscar L, clerk, 227 N Walnut
Bittle Charles A, machinist, 136 E Barnard
Bittle Edgar D, laborer, 130 E Miner
Black Gertrude (wid Carlton C), 22 S High
Black Fred M, helper, 133 W Market
Black J Jackson, cutter, 217 N New
Black S Alfred, wood finisher, 112 W Chestnut
Blackford Jean H (wid W Arthur), 21 E Marshall
Blanker Thomas H, 130 W Market
Bleam Edgar, clerk 305 S New
Bleam John A, salesman, 307 S New
Bleam Lewis E, salesman, 305 S New
Bleam May, teacher, 305 S New
Blundy Martha, clerk, 224 Magnolia
Boardley Lititia (wid Edward), 31W Market
Bobb John E, freight agent P R R, h 230 Price
Bock Thomas A, superintendent, 620 S Walnut
Bogle Elizabeth T, 132 E Chestnut
Bogle Jean H, 132 E Chestnut
Bogle Mary A, 132 E Chestnut
Bogle Mary A, 132 E Chestnut
Bogle Sarah M, 132 E Chestnut
Booz Edward T, agent, 219 S Darlington
Bostic William, janitor, 423 S Matlack
Burough Stables, Matlack & Lacey
Burough Treasurer's Office, Assembly Building
Bowen E H, gardener, Y M C A
Bowen John F, clerk, h 512 S Matlack
BOWERS JOHN R, proprietor Mansion House
Bowers William T, Mansion House
Bowker James B, manager, 39 E Gay
Bawman Cassius, laborer, 416 N Darlington
Bowman David B, drug clerk, The Washington
Bowman James, laborer, 22 N New
Bowman Thomas J, plumber, 137 Nields

page 8

Boyce Henry, chauffeur, 12 S Matlack
Boyd Edith J, milliner, 210 W Chestnut
Boyd George, munition works, 431 W Miner
Boyd L C, conductor, Turk's Head Inn
BOYD W ANDREW, publisher, Philadelphia, Pa, West Chester, Pa, and
911 G st, N W Washington, D C
Boyer Eli, 317 E Barnard
Boyer Paul, cook, 318 W Gay
Boyer, Thomas R, laborer, 212 W Washington
Boylen Amanda T (wid William P), 607 S Walnut
Boyles Elsie, clerk, 320 N Darlington
Boyles Eugene M, bartender, 320 N Darlington
Boyles Jesse M, bailiff, 323 S Darlington
Bracker Herbert, driver, 112 S Matlack
Bradley Benjamin F, baker, 137 W Gay
Bradley Blanche (wid Edward), 421 Dean
Bradley John, lineman, 108 N Wayne
Brady J Albert, bookkeeper, 112 E Gay
Brady Thomas, clerk, 225 E Washington
Branson Annie M, 315% Dean
Branson Horace G, clerk, 10 E Barnard
Bray William S, fireman, 526 S Franklin
Brennan Frances P, machinist, 204 W Chestnut
Brennan Mary E (wid Michael) 204 W Chestnut
Brennan William P, police, 125 N Chestnut
Breuil, James F Mrs, 228 E Biddle
Brice Alva L, 324 S Darlington
Brice Samuel, laborer, h 301 S Adams
Brice, William H, engineer, 324 S Darlington
Brice William B, engineer, 607 S Matlack
Brightbill Margaret, 126 E Chestnut
Bringman Earl, munition works, 125 Nield
Brinton Cass, 122 E Biddle
BRINTON EDWARD (Edward Brinton & Son), h 403 N Church
BRINTON EDWARD & SONS (Edward and Edward G), agricultural
supplies, 226 N Church
Brinton Edward G  (Edward Brinton &  Sons), 403 N Church
Brinton George J, 329 N High
Brinton Howard H, professor, 329 N High
Brinton Irwin C, bookkeeper, 116 Dean
Britnon (sic) John, 602 S Walnut
Brinton J Ward, engineer, 602 S Walnut
[Handwritten: "Miss Catherine Brinton"]

page 9

[Handwritten: "Brinton, Mrs. Francis D. desceased?"]
Brinton Robert F, The Linden [Handwritten: "Miss Ellen"]
Brinton Sidney F, 309 S New Y
Brinton Samuel L, The Linden
Brinton Taylor Mrs, 119 N High
Brittingham Arthur, clerk, 227 N Adams
Brittingham Robert E, blacksmith, 342 E Biddle
Brittingham Robert M, clerk, 203 N Adams
Brittingham Walter, brakeman, 342 E Biddle
Brittingham William, nursey, 203 N Adams
Brock Anna (wid William), 315 W Washington
Brock Gerald (Solar & Brock), 214 E Gay
Brody A, tailor, 35 E Gay
Brook Thomas A, 620 S Walnut
Brooke P Ella; music teacher, 201 W Miner
Brooke Jane E, h 131 W Market
Brooke Linda M, teacher, 131 W Market
Brooke Margaret S, teacher, 131 W Market
Brooke M Frances, h 203 W Miner
Brooke Robert E, superintendent, 201 W Miner
Brooke Sarah J (wid Jesse), 203 W Miner
Brooke William A, carriagemaker, 201 W Miner
Brooks Charles E, 202 E Gay
Brooks M M, nurse, 204 W Gay
Brooks William R, harnessmaker, 150 E Gay
Broomall Allan D, machinist, 703 S Matlack
Broomall Anne S, h 220 E Gay
Broomall Beatrice D, 34 E Market
Broomall Harry, blacksmith, 144 E Miner
Broomall Elizabeth B, h 220 E Gay
Broomall Emroe M, mechanic, 116 E Barnard
Broomall Henry, paperhanger, 34 E Market
Broomall ImroM, 128 E Miner
Broomall, James A, wheelwright, 228 Magnolia
Broomall Jason D, paperhanger, 34 E Market
Broomall Jason D jr, paperhanger, 302 W Fayette
Broomall Norman C, 407 W Barnard [Handwritten: "moved"]
Broomall Sarah C, grocer, 15 S Franklin
Broomall Warren M, paperhanger, 34 E Market
Broomell Earl C, spoke works, 213 Nieulds
Brosius George D, nurseryman, 119 W Market
Brown Amis, machinist, 133 E Gay
Brown Auto Supply Co, 24 E Gay
Brown Caroline, 244 W Marshall
Brown Edmund H, councilman, 627 S Walnut
Brown Edwin L, driver, 117 Linden
Brown Ellwood, munition works, 127 W Market
Brown Erintha (wid Lewis), 152 E Gay
Brown Estella, 244 W Marshall
[Handwritten: "Mrs. Broscius, William, S. Church"]

page 10

Brown Frances A. (wid James), 110 S Matlack
Brown George W, 131 E Market
Brown Hampton H, druggist, 31 E Gay
Brown James, blacksmith, 3 S High
Brown James A jr, manager, 24 E Gay
Brown Jesse, laborer, 218 W Fayette
Brown John W, 247 S Matlack
Brown Joseph, mechanic, 113 E Miner
Brown Levis J, grocer, 601 S Matlack
Brown Mahlon J, laborer, 234 S Matlack
Brown Martha E, wid Moses), 131 E Market
Brown Mary, cook, 410 E Market
Brown Norman, conductor, 234 S Matlack
Brown Paul J, clerk, 3 S High
Brown Prince A, paperhanger, 114 W Chestnut
Brown R Alice (wid Jesse), 444 N Walnut
Brown Sarah (wid James A), 24 E Gay
Brown Thomas B Mrs, 117 W Gay
Brown William H, plumber, 608 S Church
Brown William R, agent, 340 W Miner
Buckalew John L, 121 W Barnard
Buckley Mary A, housekeeper, 251 E Chestnut
Buchwald Leona, teacher, 301 S Church
Buffington Joseph H, carpenter, h 319 Dean
Bull Anna J, 132 W Market
Bull Elsie 0, teacher, State Normal School
Bullock Charles C, physician, 336 W Union
Bullock John H, blacksmith, 319 W Gay
Bullock Horace D, Brandywine Inn
Bunting Sarah K (wid Joseph), 444 N Walnut
Burdette Crownin M, manager, 501N Walnut
Burke James J, tinner, 320 N New
Burke Patrick, carpenter, 353 E Biddle
Burke Robert, laborer, 235 E Chestnut
Burkenstock Francis X., engraver, 309 W Washington
Burnett Frank R, carpenter, 611 S Matlack
Burnett May S, chief operator, 136 Lacey
Burnett Sarah (wid Josiah), 136 Lacey
Burnette Mary H C, maid, 309 Dean
Burnham Smith, professor, State Normal School
Burns Emma A, restaurant, 34 W Gay
Burns Harry M, carpenter, 17 S Walnut
Burns John, janitor, h 204 W Barnard
Burns John, laborer, 201 W Washington
Burns Joseph M, builder, 508 S High, h do
Burns S Helen, librarianfi 508 S High
Burns William H, engineer, 311 N Darlington
Burns William J, 228 S Matlack

page 11

Burton Clifford, laborer, 215 W Fayette
Burton Frederick, laborer, 402 S Bradford
Burton James, laborer, 245 S Matlack
Burton Lydia M, 109 N Wayne
Burton Thomas H, furniture, New and Gay, h 224 Magnolia
Burton Walter B, laborer, 415 E Barnard
Burton William E, laborer, 216 N New
Burton William E jr, brickmaker, 516 E Miner
Butler Charles R, manager, 201 S High
Butler Gladys L, secretary, 213 W Miner
Butler Horace, U S Navy, 228 W Miner
Butler Samuel, operator, 117 S Church
Butler Smedley D, Col U S Army
Butler Sylvester, junk, 403 W Market
Butler Thomas S, lawyer, 2 W Market, h 228 W Miner
Butler Viola, housekeeper, 214 S Darlington
Butler William jr, judge, County Court House, 424 N High
Buxton Eva, 313 N High
Buxton George, janitor, 313 N High
Buxton Henry G, 128 W Miner
Buxton Howard, crayon factory, 128 W Miner
Buxton Jesse, electrician, 141 E Gay
Buxton William, engineer, 115 Magnolia Byers John, 303 N Walnut
Byers Ross, spoke maker, 126 W Gay Byerly John S, 409 W Union
Buzby Ethel M, teacher State Normal School


Caccamo Luigi, barber, 136 W Gay, h 130 N Wayne
Cain Elizabeth D, 444 N Walnut
Cain Marshall J, barber, 208 S Darlington
Cain Vivian, 416 E Gay
Caine John W, helper, 142 W Barnard
Caldwallader Janet, nurse, 444 N Walnut
Caldwell Joseph S, 11 W Biddle
Coldwell Mary I, nurse U S Army, 11 W Biddle
Caley Ella J, boarding, 347 E Biddle
Caley J Clarence, teacher, 347 E Biddle
Caley M Adele, teacher, 347 E Biddle
Callahan James, laborer, 115 Poplar
Callahan 0, laborer, 10 Bolmar av
Calloway Brodie, laborer, 613 S New
Campbell Chester C, lawyer, 111 N High
Campbell F. Eva (wid Robert), 122 Lacey

page 12

Campbell Florence B, teacher, 122 Lacey
Campbell Nellie A, teacher, h 122 Lacey
Cann William, real estate, 20 W Market, h 412 W Miner
Cann William L Rev, 118 Linden
Canning Robert J, gardener, 218 Price
Cannon Catharine M, stenographer, 227 S High
Cannon Hannah L, stenographer, 227 S High
Cannon John, engineer, h 227 S High
Cannon William A, carrier p o, 227 S High
Cappoda Vince, laborer, 349 W Chestnut
Cardwell Caroline C (wid George), 322 N Church
Cardwell George G, lineman, 322 N Church
Cardwefl Robert H, photographer, 322 N Church
Carey Clarence, teacher, 35 Price
Carey Florence E, nurse, 500 Nields
Carey Henry D, tinner, 500 Nields
Carey May, nurse, 215 S Walnut
Carey Robert, carpenter, 123 Nields
Carey Robert J, machinist, 204 W Chestnut
Carey William E, wood turner, 500 Nields
Carey William E jr, laborer, 500 Nields
Carey William J, clerk, h 132 W Chestnut
Carlisle H Burton, superintendent, h 301 S New
Carman Luanna M, teacher, 134 N Church.
Carnath an Walter, lineman, h 128 W Union
Carpenter George A, machinist, 212 S Darlington.
Carpenter Jennie, teacher, 317 W Union
Carpenter,. Leslie H, U S Army, 212 S Darlington
Carson Archie, munition works, 220 Nields
Carter J Herbert, bookkeeper, The National Bank of Chester Co, h
124 E Chestnut
Carver Albina C, 504 S High
Carver Anna M (wid I Carey), 5 w Biddle
Carver Mary E, 504 S High
Casama James, laborer, 424 S Matlack
Casey Mary A, laundress, h 415 W Gay
Casey William, laborer, 415 W Gay
Cashman Dorothy G, dressmaker, 128 E Union
Cashman Elizabeth M, tel opr, 128 E Union
Cashmam William A, clerk, Golf Club, 322 N Darlington
Cassidy Francis, clerk U S Army, 122 E Gay
Cassidy Joseph, chauffeur, 122 E Gay
Cassidy Mark B, helper, 122 E Gay
Cassidy Mary, clerk, 122 E Gay

page 13

[Handwritten: "Mrs. William G? Chambers Jr."]
[Handwritten: "Miss Agnes Chamberlain"]
Cassidy Patrick, foreman, U S Army, 122 E Gay
Cassidy Thomas J, 122 E Gay
Catanach Notman, physician, 209 W Gay
Cattell Charles F, engineer, 7 S High
Cavanaugh Mary, housekeeper, 388 Nields
Chalfant Florence, Homeopathic Hospital
Chalfant Harry 346 W Union
Chalfant William jr (T W Marshall & Co), 506 N Church
Chambers Norman D,, U S Army, 313 N Walnut
Chamberlain Anna M, 303 N High
Chamberlain Clarence J, clerk, 130 E Barnard
Chamberlain Martha J, 303 N High
ChamberUn Cheyney, cabinet maker, 13 E Miner
Chambers Evelyn H, clerk, 127 W Miner
Chambers Howell E, tool dresser, 202 W Barnard
Chambers Nelson, laborer, 331 W Market
Chambers Norman D, 313 N Walnut
Chandler Eli H, lawyer, 406 N Church
Chandler Elmer E, chauffeur, 212 Sharpless
Chandler Jesse, dairyman, 122 S Church
Chandler Pearl E, nurse, 117 E Chestnut
Channell Oliver B, tobacconist, 327 N High
Chassha Oliver, engineer, 345 W Gay
Chassha Robert, clerk, 345 W Gay
Chaxelle Alfred, tinsmith, 127 W Fayette
Cheney William, farmer, 402 W Miner
Chester County Fair Grounds, W Chester Pike, 1 mile east of city
Chester County Garage, 17 W Miner
CHESTER COUNTY GAS CO, William 0 Lamson jr manager, 33 W Gay
Chester County Hospital, E Marshall
Chester County Jail, New and Market
CHESTER COUNTY TRUST CO, West Chester, Pa, E Gay nr High, J
Everton Ramsey president, William M Potts
vice-president, L K Stubbs vice president secty and treas,
William P Sharpless trust officer, Elbert N Pusey
assistant trust officer and assist secty and treasure. (See adv
outside back cover)
Chew Alphofonz, barber, 241 W Gay, h do
Chew John, cook, 6 N Wayne
Chew Norman, laborer, 6 N Wayne
Chew Robert H, foreman, 237 W Chestnut
Chew Robert H jr, chauffeur, h 237 W Chestnut
Chew Walter L, chauffieur, 237 W Chestnut
Cheyney Martha & Marion L, art needle work, 130 W Gay, h 31 W Gay

page 14

Cheyney Robert W, 31 W Gay
Cheyney Rufus T, clerk, 206 E Gay
Cheyney Thomas, safe deposit clerk The National Bank of Chester
Co, h 206 E Gay
Cheney Wilmer, 402 W Miner
Chrisman Charles S, mechanical engineer, 435 W Miner
Chrisman J L Mrs, h 105 W Gay
Chrisman M Elizabeth, teacher, 435 W Miner
Christ Alexander, bootblack, 2 N Church, h 407 W Miner
Chittick Martha A, housekeeper, 628 S High
Christman Samuel N, laborer, 385 Nields
Chubbs James, carpenter, 401 S Matlack
Church of the Holy Trinity, S High c Union
Church Street Public School, N Church c Biddle
Civial James J, fireman, 314 W Washington
Clancey William, driver, Maple av, W Goshen
Clark Clarence C, milkman, 223 N New
Clark David, laborer, h 149 E Miner
Clark Ella, nurse, 315 W Union
Clark Francis L, clerk, 216 N Penn
Clark J T, butcher, 145 Nields
Clark John Mrs, 142 E Union
Clark Mabel, clerk, 321 S Walnut
Clark Michael F, foreman, 216 N Penn
Clark Norman W, U S Army, 321 S Walnut
Clark Walter A, foreman, 129 E Market
Clay Catherine A, 522 Maple
Clay Henry, clerk, 25 E Miner
Clay Lucretia S (wid William), 25 E Miner
Clayton John L, 703 S Walnut
Clayton Joseph B, carpenter, 707 S Walnut
Cleaver C Barrett, trucking, 118 Linden
Cline Thomas, machinist, 128 E Market
Clime Henry W, manager, 348 E Biddle
Closson David L, 209 Sharpless
CLOSSON FRANK S, furniture, 22 E Chestnut, h 208 S Darlington
CLOMPUS I M & CO (Isadore M Clompus & Jacob E
Kodish) Scrap Iron, Junk, Etc. Wayne cor Market.
Clompus Isadore M (I M Clompus & Co), 116 N Darlington
CLOUD SAMUEL P, cashier The First National Bank of West Chester,
h R F D
Clouser Henry L, music teacher, 116 S Walnut
Clouser Henry J, messenger, 116 S Walnut
Clouser Helen (wid Joseph A), h 25 S Walnut
Cloud Elma, nurse, 128 W Miner
Cloer John, warden, 228 W Market
Clomer John L, warden of Jail, Market c New

page 15

Cobb Edward, 222 S Walnut
Coborne Millinery, 36 S High
Cobourn Frank P, dentist, 114 S High
Cobourn Jonh W, cigars, 21 E Market
CobournMargaretta (wid Joseph), 117 E Miner
Coburn William, engineer, 325 N New
Coburn William T, engineer, 325 N New
Cochran Alice, librarian, State Normal School
Cochran Carlos B, State chemist, 28 W Market, h 514 S High
Cochran Grace, teacher, 514 S High
Cochran William C, machinist, 408 S Walnut
Coffman Mary E, 135 E Union
Coffman R Jennie, superintendent, 135 E Union
Cohen Morris, shoemaker, 107 W Market, h 126 E Market
Coldwell Anna, (wid Robert), 243 S Matlack
Coldwell Loyd, laborer, 243 S Matlack
Cole Elijah, laborer, 426 Hannum
Cole Harriett (wid Josiah), 214 W Fayette
Cole Lewis, helper, 116 Bolmar av
Cole Lucy, maid, 615 S New
Colehower Dilworth B, ticket agent, 306 Dean
Colehower Horace T, U S Army, 306 Dean
Coleman Henry B, salesman, 509 S High
Colesworthy Thomas G, 501 Price
Collins Jeremiah T, engineer, 315 N New
Collins John F, 122 E Market
Collins Margaret, 122 E Market
Collins Samuel, mechanic, 137 W Chestnut
Collins, William R, munition works, 539 S Franklin
Colston Arthur, assistant sec Y M C A
Columbus Mary, Mother Superior St Aloysius College for Boys, E
Marshall nr Franklin
Colonial Restaurant, 35 W Market
Comfort I Roberts, treasurer, 300 N Penn
Comfort Walton F, clerk, 139 E Marshall
Conard Bayard A, 117 W Miner
Conard Margaret E (wid James F), 135 W Biddle
Conard Samuel, railroad, 305 S Matlack
Congdon William E, mechanic, 121 W Fayette
Conley John, U S Army, 328 S Darlington
Conner Clifford, laborer, 217 S Walnut
Conner Edward J, motorman, 120 N Darlington
Conner Ethel, dressmaker, 120 N Darlington
Conner James A, carrier p o, h 320 W Union
Conner Waren, 314 W Biddle
Conners William R, principal, 117 W Biddle
Conway Albert, 305 S Walnut

page 16

Conway Bridget, maid, Mansion House
Cook Charles S, 40 E Market
Cook Lannie G, trainman, 143 Nield
Cook Michael F, printer, 126 Magnolia
Cooper Ann (wid James), 226 Nields
Cooper Charles M, clerk, h 304 S Darlington
Cooper Erma, clerk, 304 S Darlington
Cooper Harry M, rambler, 325 N Darlington
Cooper John C, U S Army, 304 S. Darlington
Cooper Marriatt, clerk, 304 S Darlington
Cooper Mary L, 120 Lacey
Cooper Mary (wid William), 325 N Darlington
Cooper Mildred G, clerk, 304 S Darlington
Cope Alien, 221 W Barnard
Cope Caroline, 13 W Biddle
Cope Debbie B, 13 W Biddle
Cope Ellen, teacher, 532 N Church
Cope George, 145 W Gay
Cope Gilbert, geologist, 523 N Church
Cope Jesse K, 337 W Bardard
COPE JESSE K JR, bookkeeper, The First National Bank of West
Chester and secty West Chester Building and
Loan Association, 319 W Barnard
Cope Mary B, 13 W Biddle
Cope Mary E, boarding, 29 W Gay
Cope Eobert H, clerk, 29 W Gay
Cope Samuel W, clerk, 119 W Chestnut
Coppodona Biagto, stone mason, 343 Hannum av
Corbin Doc, waiter, 141 E Miner
CORCORAN CONSTRUCTION CO, contractors, Wayne cor W Market
Corcoran Erta F, 200 W Market
Corcoran Hannah A (wid William J), h 200 W Market [Handwritten:
Corcoran Henry, 135 E Gay
Corcoran John P, painter, 226 W Market
Corcoran Julia M (wid John P), 135 E Gay
Corcoran Mary (wid John), 135 E Gay
Corcoran Patrick H, president Corcoran Construction Co, 142 W
Corcoran William J pr, secretary and treasurer Corcoran
Construction Co, 115 W Miner
Cornell William J, 500 Price
Cornish W T Rev, 313 E Barnard
Cornwell Ella (wid G G), 339 N Franklin

page 17

Cornwell Robert T, lawyer, 8 S High, h Virginia av c N Darlington
Cornwell Martha J, sculptor, n w c Virginia av, N Darlington
Corson Caroline, milliner, 38 S High
Corson Louise C, milliner, 38 S High
Cosden William, nurseryman, 350 E Biddle
Cosgriff Margaret D (wid Joseph B), h 431 N New
Cosgriff Louis P, plumber, 329 N New
Corgriff Mary, clerk, 329 N New
Cosgrove Eugene, grocer, 147 W Gay, h do
Cotter Edward, clerk, E Gay
Cotter Francis V, 352 E Biddle
Cotter James H, sawyer, 327 N New
Cotter Pauline, clerk, h 327 N New
Cotter Thomas, laborer, 344 Hannum av
Coursey Emma L (wid Charles), 531 N Darlington
Countee Henry, fireman, 114 S Matlack
County Comptroller's Office, Court House
County Treasurer's Office, Court House
Court Frank R, gas maker, 110 N Wayne
Court Fred, laborer, 122 N New
Court William, machinist, 407 W Gay
Coverdale James R, dairy, 122 W Washington
Covington William, 407 N Wayne K
Covington Lewis, salesman, 311 S New
Covourn William J, plumber, 117 7 Miner
Cox Alfred, trucker, 238 W Barnard
Cox George, 119 E Union
Cox Lewis, mechanic, 210 W Washington
Cor Lewis J, machinist, 39 S High
Cox Lydia A, 304 W Biddle
Cox R Walter, machinist, 124 W Union
Cox Warren B, millhand, 228 W Barnard
Coxe Charlotte K, stenographer, 354 E Biddle
Coxe Clarence, clerk, 354 E Biddle
Craf Rose, 9 N Walnut
Craig Prank, laborer, 315 S Matlack
Craig James, laborer, 302 E Gay
Craig Louis 0, carpenter, 616 S Matlack
Craig Walter, clerk, 616 S Matlack
Cramer Oliver H, osteopath, 37 S High
Crane A Ross, dentist, 305 S Walnut, h do
Crater David L, clerk, 103 E Barnard
Cravath Ruth J (wid Erastus M), 519 N High
Craven John V, 139 E Biddle
Crawford Peter, electrician, 334 W Union

page 18

Criley Elizabeth F, teacher, State Normal School
Crisman M B, dentist, 2 W Market, h 201 S Walnut
Crispell Edward, salesman, 121 S Walnut
Criswell E R, 208 W Miner
Criswell George H, slater, 205 W Union
Criswell George H jr, U S Army, 205 W Union
Cromwell A D, teacher, Rosedale and Matlack
Cropsey Isadore E, teacher, State Normal School
Crosby Edwin, government works, 125 Nields
Crosby Lena J, 125 Nields
Crosby Luke, U S Army, 3 N Matlack
Crosby William, chauffeur, 125 Nields
Crosby William jr, plumber, 125 Nields
Crosley Alice (wid Peter), 224 S Walnut
CROSLEY GEORGE H, meats, 142 W Gay and 32 E Market, h Milltown
Crosley Katie (wid William), 126 W Barnard
Crossman Fred H, U S Army, 6 W Gay
Crosson Edward J, machine works, 6 W Gay
Crosson Warren, laborer, 217 S Darlington
Crouse Harry S, inspector, 604 S High
Crowe Florence L, stenographer, h 408 W Miner
Cummings Jeremiah, laborer, h 414 N Darlington
Cummings Orlando J, music teacher, h 119 E Market
Cummings Wayne B, porter, 137 E Miner
Cunard W Hayes, machinist, 326 S Darlington
Cunningham Clarence F, stone cutter, h 320 W Washington
Cunningham Howard T, bricklayer, 22 S High
Cunningham Mary E, Maple av
Cunningham Oscar G, foreman, 614 S High
Curry Chocolate, laborer, 341 W Market
Curry Frederick A, chauffeur, h 336 W Gay
Curry George W, clerk, 20 S Walnut
Curry Hayes, plumber, 40 E Gay
Curry Smith T, clerk, h 326 W Washington
CURRY WILFRED C, meats, 33 N Walnut, h 112 E Biddle
Curry William C, grocer, 42 E Gay, h 40 do


Dahr Walter, electrician, 319 S Church
Dailey Charles J, electrician, 222 N Penn
Dailey George T, clerk, 222 N Penn
Dailey Hannah A, bookkeerep, 222 N Penn
Dailey James J, 222 N Penn
Dailey Mary A, bookkeeper, 222 N Penn

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