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Boyd's 1918-19 West Chester Borough Directory

compiled by Jim Jones, spring 2009

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This page contains links to pages containing the names of people who were listed in 1918-1919 Directory of the Borough of West Chester. A copy of the book is available in the Chester County Historical Society library, 225 N. High Street, West Chester PA 19380.

Table of Contents

Selected introductory material
Names beginning with A-C (pages 1-18 )
Names beginning with D-G (pages 18-36)
Names beginning with H-L (pages 36-56)
Names beginning with M-Q (pages 56-75)
Names beginning with R-V (pages 75-92)
Names beginning with W-Z (pages 92-99)
Classified Business Directory (pages 100-117)
Appendix -- Gov't, Organizations, etc. (pages 118-130)


title page of Boyd's 1918
West Chester Borough Directory

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