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Names ending in A-L from William Darlington's
1857 West Chester Borough Directory

compiled by Lena Franks, HIS480, Spring 1998 (edited by Jim Jones)

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Names ending in M-Z || Additional notes from the 1857 directory

This page contains the names of people listed in the Directory of the Borough of West Chester, for 1857: containing a complete history of the borough from its first settlement to the present time ... by William Darlington (West Chester, PA: Wood & James, Publishers, E.F. James, printer, 1857), 63-93. Copies of the book are available in the West Chester University Special Collections and at the Chester County Historical Society library.

CAUTION: These names have not been checked for accuracy. The original list was created by Lena Franks, a student at West Chester University. Jim Jones adapted the list for use by WCU students by replacing references like "Matlack below Market St." with "000-block S. Matlack St." and by separating entries that contained both places of work and residence.

Last First Profession Address Note
Able William S. harness shop 4 N. Church St. work
Able William S. harnessmaker 30 E. Miner St. home
Afflick H. Malin salesman 14 E. Gay St.  
Allen Thaddeus assessor 24 S. Walnut St.  
Andress T. tobacconist 41 E. Gay St.  
Augee Samuel hat store 22 E. Gay St.  
Apple Wm. plumber & gasfitter 84 E. Gay St.  
Apple Theo. plumber & gasfitter 100 E. Gay St.  
Apple Edwin plumber & gasfitter 84 E. Gay St.  
Atwood Jas. gentleman 57 S. Church St.  
Babb John W. gentleman 21 S. Church St.  
Baily J. P. attorney 8 W. Market St.  
Baily Jesse J. nursuryman 38 W. Market St.  
Baldwin Ann gentlewoman 100-blk N. Darlington St.  
Baldwin Eliza C. gentlewoman 100-blk N. Darlington St.  
Baldwin Rebecca seamstress shop 26 E. Gay St.  
Baldwin Rebecca seamstress 100-blk N. Darlington St.  
Baldwin Henry carpenter 26 N. New St. rear  
Baldwin Philip H. printer 13-15 N. Church St.  
Baker Samuel paper hanger 2 W. Gay St.  
Bardin A. Z. doctor (MD) 55 S. Church St.  
Barnard & Painter   lumber yard 200-blk E. Chestnut St.  
Barmon Thomas laborer 100-block E. Miner St.  
Babour Jno. gentleman 146 E. Gay St.  
Barnard S. lumberman 000-blk E. Washington St.  
Barnard Jos. W. merchant 5 W. Market  
Bates Benjamin S. crier of court 69 W. Gay St.  
Bateman Thomas carpenter & builder 90 W. Miner St.  
Battin M. bricklayer 112 W. Gay St.  
Battin C. bricklayer 50 N. Church St.  
Battin S. stone mason 300-blk E. Miner St.  
Bell Thomas S. Jr. law office 23 N. High St.  
Bell Thomas S. Jr. attorney 31 S. Church St. home
Bennett Edwin painter 32 N. New St.  
Bennett Titus trader 14 N. New St.  
Berry Abram laborer 300-blk S. Matlack St.  
Bird Chas. gentleman 124 S. Church St.  
Bishop D. livery stable 100-blk E. Market St.  
Bishop D. stableman 56 E. Market St.  
Bishop D. T. gentleman 29 S. High St.  
Bishop F. T. real estate office 37 N. High St. work
Bishop F. T. estate agent 29 S. High St. home
Bishop J. F. gentlewoman 20 S. High St.  
Black A. D. underkeeper of prison 83 W. Chestnut St.  
Blenkin N. laborer 300-blk W. Marshall St.  
Bosee H. printshop 43 N. High St. work
Bosee H. printer 52 W. Market St. home
Bowen B. laborer 100-blk E. Miner St.  
Boyle Emma gentlewoman 9 N. Walnut St.  
Bradley C. H. surveyor office 30 E. Gay St. work
Bradley C. H. surveyor 200-blk W. Barnard St. home
Bradford Mary gentlewoman 120 E. Gay St.  
Bradford Jas. H. doctor (MD) 100-blk Dean St.  
Bright Wm. cabinetmaker 46 W. Gay St.  
Brinton John H. attorney 8 E. Market St.  
Brinton John B. doctor (MD) 29 W. Miner St.  
Brinton Geo. gentleman 101 Dean St.  
Brinton Alfred bakery 26 W. Market St. work
Brinton Alfred baker 4 W. Market St. home
Brinton Jane gentlewoman 23 E. Gay St.  
Brister D. laborer 100-blk S. Matlack St.  
Brown D. grocery 35 W. Gay St. work
Brown D. grocer 401 W. Gay St. home
Brown Mary confectionary 43 E. Gay St.  
Brown John waiter 25 W. Marshall St.  
Brown Charles F. carpenter 141 West Matlack St.  
Brown Wm. stone mason 200-blk W. Barnard St.  
Broomhall M. B. drugstore 5 N. High St. work
Broomhall M. B. druggist 79 N. High St. home
Broomhall H. machinist 32 S. Darlington St.  
Bruce Isaac gentleman 3 N. Church St.  
Buckwalter Henry real estate office 7 N. High St. work
Buckwalter Henry real estate agent 47 W. Gay St. home
Bull James H. law office 35 N. High St. work
Bull James H. attorney 82 N. High St. home
Bullock C. J. baker 2 W. Gay St. home
Bullock C. J. bakery 26 W. Market St. work
Bullinger Jos. cooper 89 E. Gay St. rear  
Burdsall Alex L. confectioner & baker 22 S. Church St.  
Burns Samuel Jr. bricklayer 147 W. Market St.  
Burns John D. potter 147 W. Market St.  
Burns Jas. carpenter 54 E. Market St. rear  
Burns M. carpenter 54 E. Market St.  
Burns Michael laborer 66 N. New St.  
Burns Sam bricklayer 147 W. Market St.  
Burns John bricklayer 70 S. Walnut St.  
Burns Henry harness maker 54 E. Gay St.  
Burnett Josiah shoemaker 5 W. Marshall St.  
Bushman Chas. gunsmith 38 W. Gay St.  
Burtin P. porter 400-blk S. Church St.  
Butler Wm. law office 48 E. Gay St.  
Butler Wm. attorney 90 N. High St.  
Caldwell E. H. gentlewoman 100-blk Dean St.  
Caldwell Jno. laborer corner W. Union & Darlington St. rear  
Cain Thos. laborer 31 W. Marshall St.  
Cain Jno. laborer 33 W. Marshall St.  
Cain Jeremiah oyster & eating saloon 7 N. High St. basement
Carmel C. S. cooper 89 E. Gay St. rear  
Carr A. C. gentlewoman 60 E. Market St.  
Carruthers H. W. printshop 13-15 N. Church St. work
Carruthers H. W. printer 37 S. High St. rear home
Carsal Thos. laborer 200-blk S. Matlack St.  
Carter Pat. shoemaker 87 W. Chestnut St.  
Cery Jno. laborer 35 N. Darlington St.  
Cassatt R. S. gentleman 100-blk E. Chestnut St.  
Chamberlin A. P. carpenter 28 E. Miner St.  
Chandler M. T. proprieter Black Bear Hotel 2 W. Market  
Cheyney Ann seamstress 73 W. Chestnut  
Cheyney R. seamstress 73 W. Chestnut St.  
Cheyney Margaret gentlewoman 64 S. Church St.  
Cherington Rachel gentlewoman 33 S. Church St.  
Clark Lambert book binder 50 W. Gay St.  
Clark Jno. contractor 33 S. Church St.  
Clayton J. S. & Co. dentists 39 E. Gay St.  
Cleland Jas. baker 143 W. Market St.  
Cloud Jesse livery stable 2 N. High St. work
Cloud Jesse stableman 45 W. Miner St. home
Cloud Wm. coach manufacturer 70-72 E. Market St.  
Cloud Michael laborer 400-blk W. Market St.  
Codey Pat laborer 35 W. Marshall St.  
Cogan Thomas laborer 200-blk W. Union St.  
Cogle Ephraim hostler 000-block S. High St.  
Canlin Elizabeth wid 17 W. Marshall St.  
Canlin Sarah J. fancy trimming store 9 W. Gay St.  
Canlin Mary J. trimming store 29 N. Church St.  
Connor Hannah gentlewoman 108 W. Gay St.  
Cooper Ottley B. bricklayer 000-block S. Walnut St.  
Cooper Wm. M. doctor (MD) 98 W. Gay St.  
Cooper C. stone mason 77 E. Miner St.  
Cooper Thos. brick maker 000-block Bolmar St.  
Cooper Wm. L. brick maker 400-blk W. Chestnut St.  
Cope Paschel street com. 400-blk S. Walnut St.  
Cope Eli clerk 22 N. High St. work
Cope Eli clerk 000-blk E. Barnard St. home
Conghlin Jno. gardner 100-blk N. New St.  
Court Geo. stage driver 9 S. High St.  
Court J. A. dress maker 9 S. High St.  
Court Hannah gentlewoman 9 S. High St.  
Court Rachel D. store 31 W. Gay St.  
Court Rachel D. saleswoman 9 S. High St.  
Creigh James J. attorney 12 E. Market St.  
Crossman E. H. clothing store 14 E. Gay St.  
Crowell R. M. druggist 28 W. Gay St.  
Culver S. principal public school 25 S. Church St.  
Cummings Thos. brick moulder 17 W. Barnard St.  
Cummings Jas. brick moulder 300-blk E. Gay St.  
Cunningham E. F. seamstress 18 N. New St.  
Cusic John wheelwright 105 W. Market St.  
Dallings William painter 75 W. Chestnut St.  
Damon Lorenzo WC Agr. Works owner 200-blk E. Market St. home
Damon & Speakman   WC Agricultural Works 235 E. Union St.  
Darlington Wm. doctor (MD) 41 S. Church St.  
Darlington Hannah gentlewoman 8 W. Gay St.  
Darlington Wm. law office 100-blk N. Church St. work
Darlington Wm. attorney 2 E. Chestnut St. home
Darlington Sidney gentlewoman 6 E. Chestnut St.  
Darlington B. gentleman 78 N. High St.  
Darlington Jane gentlewoman 34 S. Church St.  
Darlington J. Lacey gentleman 56 S. Church St.  
Darlington T. C. gentleman 50 S. Church St.  
Darlington Clement clerk 000-block S. Church St.  
Dary Wm. W. laborer 1 N. Matlack St.  
Davis & Martin   grocery 301 W. Marshall St.  
Davis Isaac W. laborer on RR 216 E. Chestnut St.  
Davis Joseph carpenter 100-blk E. Washington St.  
Davis & Lewis   steam planing mill 200-blk N. Walnut St.  
Davis F. F. cashier Coatesville Bank 78 W. Market St.  
Davis W. W. cabinet maker 30 W. Gay St.  
Davis L. H. machinist 4 E. Market St.  
Davis John laborer 83 E. Market St.  
Davis Amos plasterer 61 W. Barnard St.  
Davis Emeline gentlewoman 64 S. Church St.  
Davis Hannah P. gentlewoman 74 S. Church St.  
Dawney Abigal tailoress 28 W. Chestnut St.  
Dayley Pat. laborer 300-blk W. Marshall St.  
Denney Jos. laborer 000-block W. Marshall St.  
Dennis Emma S. teacher 64 W. Gay St.  
Deisem T. W. salesman 50 E. Gay St.  
Devoe Jacob general provision store 30 W. Market St. work
Devoe Jacob provision dealer 300 E. Gay St. home
Dickey J. C. gentleman farmer 88 W. Miner St.  
Doland Jas. carter 155 W. Market St.  
Dolby Thos. laborer 300-blk W. Marshall St.  
Donley James P. potter 96 W. Gay St.  
Donley George potter 96 W. Gay St.  
Donley James gentleman 100-blk E. Market St.  
Donley Hugh laborer 16 N. New St.  
Donley Edward grocery 2 N. New St. work
Donley Edward grocer 4 N. New St. home
Dorsey Michael laborer 300-blk W. Marshall St.  
Downing & Pinkerton   newspaper
Chester County Times
14 E. Gay St.  
Dunlavy Bridget widow 139 W. Market St.  
Duck Wm. H. printer 13-15 S. Church St.  
Eachus Townsend gentleman 44 W. Market St.  
Early Milton carriage factory 46 N. Church St. work
Early Milton carriage maker 56 N. Church St. home
Edwards Hannah B. gentlewoman 3 N. Walnut St.  
Ebbs Wm. gentleman farmer 700-blk N. New St.  
Ehrenzeller Geo. hat shop 20 E. Gay St. work
Ehrenzeller Geo. hat maker 29 E. Market St. home
Elder James gentleman 000-block W. Union St.  
Eldridge Augustus servant 121 W. Market St.  
Elfrey T. B. cooper 600-blk E. Market St.  
Elton Emmor gentleman 000-block E. Washington St.  
Embree James gentleman 43 S. Church St.  
Embree Pierson machinist 43 S. Church St.  
Embree Wm. gentleman 43 S. Church St.  
Embree Hannah teacher 43 S. Church St.  
Embree Sibilla teacher 43 S. Church St.  
Embree Rebecca J. gentlewoman 43 S. Church St.  
Emlin James gentleman 19 W. Chestnut St.  
England M. B. teamster 11 W. Marshall St.  
Entriken E. S. harness shop 54 E. Gay St. work
Entriken E. S. sadler & harness maker 000-block E. Washington St. home
Entriken J. F. harness shop 54 E. Gay St. work
Entriken J. F. Harness maker 34 W. Market St. home
Entriken Wm. gentleman 13 S. Church St.  
Entriken Wm. W. clerk 13 S. Church St. rear  
Entriken Davis W. agricultural warehouse 45 N. High St. work
Entriken Davis W. warehouse owner 100-blk E. Chestnut St. home
Entriken Washington chair shop 21 W. Gay St. work
Entriken Washington chairmaker 25 W. Gay St. home
Entriken Sarah A. doctor (MD) 69 E. Market St.  
Evans Susan widow 44 E. Gay St.  
Evans Lavi blacksmith 200-blk Row E. Chestnut St.  
Evans Mary gentlewoman 24 E. Biddle St.  
Evans P. C. & S. P. Female Seminary 000-block W. Union St.  
Evans Phebe widowed boarding house owner 34 S. High St.  
Evans H. S. newspaper
Record & Register
13-15 N. Church St. work
Evans H. S. newspaper editor 37 S. High St. home
Everhart William dry goods store 101 W. Market St. work
Everhart William merchant 12 W. Miner St. home
Everhart Benj. merchant 101 W. Market St.  
Everhart J. B. attorney 12 E. Market St.  
Everhart J. doctor (MD) 13 E. Market St.  
Evison Ann widow 65 W. Miner St.  
Fairlamb C. store 21 N. High St. work
Fairlamb C. merchant 42 Walnut St. home
Farley Jno. laborer 149 W. Market St.  
Farley Jas. laborer 149 W. Market St.  
Farley J. laborer 000-blk S. Matlack St.  
Fassnacht Geo. B. soap & candle manufacturer 34 W. Gay St.  
Fawkes Issiah gentleman 22 S. Darlington St.  
Fell R. W. gentleman 10 W. Miner St.  
Fendall Mary A. trimming & variety store 4 W. Gay St. rear  
Ferrell A. shoemaker 66 S. Walnut St.  
Finegan Jas. grocer 9 N. Church St.  
Finegan Pat clerk 9 N. Church St.  
Finegan Peter laborer 145 W. Market St.  
Finegan B. laborer 201 W. Market St.  
Finegan M. laborer 100-blk W. Miner St.  
Finegan Jas. wheeler 100-blk S. Matlack St.  
Fithian L. shoemaker 73 W. Barnard St.  
Fithian R. P. printer 13-15 S. Church St.  
Fitzpatrick Wm. laborer 64 N. New St.  
Fitzsimmons Geo. plumber shop 100-blk W. Market St.  
Fitzsimmons Geo. plumber & gas fitter 16 S. Church St.  
Fleming Henry carpenter 13 E. Biddle St.  
Fleming Henry justice of peace 13 S. High St.  
Flines Wm. wheeler 100-blk S. Matlack St.  
Foster Thos. shoemaker 57 W. Gay St.  
Foster Thos. Jr. shoemaker 57 W. Gay St.  
Fraley Jos. cedar cooper 89 E. Gay St.  
Frame R. Maris superintendent of gas works 100-blk S. Walnut St.  
Frame Jane gentlewoman 13 N. Walnut St.  
Frame Clinton laborer 91 E. Gay St.  
Freeman H. B. watch & jewelry 15 E. Market St.  
Freeman Mrs. S. C. milliner 15 E. Market St.  
Freeman B. carter 31 W. Barnard St.  
Fuld David clothing merchant 20 E. Gay St.  
Furlong A. carpenter 27 W. Market St. rear  
Fullerton F. oyster saloon 63 E. Market St. basement  
Fusselback Jno. cooper 82 E. Gay St. rear  
Futhey J. Smith law office 29 N. High St. work
Futhey J. Smith attorney 83 N. High St. jome
Futhey John S. gentleman 29 S. Church St.  
Gainter J. M. printer 35 W. Gay St.  
Galliner Jas. gentleman 42 W. Market St.  
Gardiner Wm. painter 64 S. Walnut St.  
Gardiner Esther gentlewoman 64 S. Walnut St.  
Gardiner Mary widow 16 W. Miner St.  
Garrett J. B. boot & shoe merchant 10 W. Gay St.  
Garrett Margaret not given 63 W. Chestnut St.  
Garrett & Jones   marble yard 200-blk N. High St.  
Garrett Emma candy shop 4 E. Gay St. work
Garrett Emma confectioner 100-blk E. Biddle St. home
Gastrell Mrs. wig maker & ladies hair dresser 65 W. Gay St.  
George John tailor 200-blk E. Market St.  
Gheen L. A. gentleman 80 W. Market St.  
Gibbons Hannah gentlewoman 9 E. Chestnut St.  
Gibbons Jane gentlewoman 9 E. Chestnut St.  
Gibbons Abram gentleman 200-blk E. Chestnut St.  
Gibbons B. F. & D. coach makers 200-blk E. Market St.  
Gibbons Jos. G. gentleman 79 E. Market St.  
Gibbons J. laborer 100-blk E. Miner St.  
Gibson S. M. widow 80 W. Market St.  
Ginnon Jno. P. harness shop 4 N. Church St.  
Ginnon Jno. P. harnessmaker 30 E. Miner St. boarding house
Givin Jas. drugstore 3 N. Church St. work
Givin Jas. druggist 200-blk W. Barnard St. home
Gladman Jno. & Lousia stable & storeowner 48 E. Market St.  
Gladman Alex. barber 7 N. High St. basement
Gladman A. E. Mrs. not given 78 S. High St.  
Glenn Samuel painter 18 W. Miner St. resume here
Golden Jas. E. carpenter 40 E. Market St.  
Gold W. T. painter 132? W. Chestnut St.  
Gold E. W. dress maker 132? W. Chestnut St.  
Good Julia gentlewoman 23 E. Biddle St.  
Goold Payne tabacconist 32 S. High St.  
Grant Rosanna gentlewoman 45 W. Barnard St.  
Grant Jno. brick moulder 45 W. Barnard St.  
Gray Gibbons gentleman 77 E. Market St.  
Gray Sarah D. gentlewoman 4 W. Gay St.  
Gray Ruth Ann dress maker 22 N. New St.  
Gray Jos. B. nurseryman 537 S. Walnut St.  
Graves Mary gentlewoman 78 S. High St.  
Green Jesse dentist 17 W. Gay St.  
Green Wm. carpenter 300-blk N. Darlington St.  
Green John laborer 93 W. Market St.  
Green Chas. brickmaker 000-block N. Franklin St.  
Green Mariam Mrs. not given 10 W. Chestnut St.  
Gregg Benj. carpenter 61 W. Chestnut St.  
Grier Geo. contractor 62 S. Church St.  
Griffith J. J. tailor 200-blk S. Walnut St. boarding house
Griffith H. laborer on RR 208 E. Chestnut St. boarding house
Guhlman Charles shoemaker 85 E. Gay St.  
Guilkey J. C. shoemaker 27 W. Market St. boarding house
Guillemet D. Fr. Teach. 300-blk N. Darlington St.  
Guss Harry R. Green Tree Hotel proprietor 101 N. High St.  
Guss Samuel jr. livery stable 14 N. Walnut St.  
Guss Samuel Sr. gentleman 11 N. Walnut St.  
Hayes Benjamin gentleman 100 W. Miner St.  
Haines Hon. Townsend Judge 6th District W. Miner & Wayne St.  
Haines S. W. gentlewoman 58 W. Chestnut St.  
Haines E. & Son grocery store 23 W. Gay St.  
Haines E. & Son grocers 20 W. Chestnut St.  
Haines E. D. bank clerk 20 W. Chestnut St.  
Haines A. carpenter 000-block E. Washington St.  
Haines Abram W. carpenter 68 S. Walnut St.  
Haines Benj. F. prison keeper 225? W. Market St.  
Haines George D. carpenter 12 W. Miner St. boarding house
Haines Eugene T. Public School teacher 77 W. Barnard St.  
Haines John T. carpenter 7 E. Barnard St.  
Halderman R. J. store 15 E. Gay St.  
Halderman R. J. merchant 13 E. Gay St.  
Haldum Joseph K. carpenter 400-blk W. Market St.  
Hall Thomas H. bank clerk 22 N. Walnut St.  
Hall Edward coal yard 300 E. Union St. next to RR
Hall Edward coal dealer 22 N. Walnut St. boarding house
Hamer Emeline widow 84 W. Miner St.  
Hammond S. K. printing or real estate clerk 30 E. Gay behind 65 E. Market St.
Hammond S. K. clerk 65 E. Market St. boarding house
Hampton Ruth gentlewoman 30 S. Darlington St.  
Hannum Alice dry good & grocer 244? W. Miner  
Hanthorn St. Sidney L. seamstress 48 W. Gay  
Harice Martin laborer 100-blk S. Matlack St.  
Harlan E. dress maker 31 S. High St.  
Harley & Kelley   carpet weavers 33 N. New St.  
Harley James carpet weaver 104 E. Gay St.  
Harley J. soda manufacturer 104 E. Gay St.  
Harry Samuel butcher 84 W. Market St.  
Harris George L. wheelwright 100-blk N. Matlack St.  
Harris George L. wheelwright 95 E. Gay St.  
Hartman W. D. doctor (MD) 61 E. Market St.  
Hatch Mary A. widow 44 S. High St.  
Hawley George W. gentleman 60 S. Walnut St.  
Hawley Thomas P. gentleman 58 S. Walnut St.  
Hawes Hannah W. gentlewoman 3 N. Walnut St.  
Hayes & Phipps   Mansion House Hotel proprietors 1 S. Church St.  
Heck C. C. carpenter 204 E. Chestnut St.  
Hazar T. P. shoe maker 27 W. Marshall St.  
Heed Samuel S. hatter 14 E. Gay St.  
Hefflefinger Jacob Deputy Sheriff 37 S. Market St. boarding house
Heines Gustavus gentleman 200-blk S. Church St.  
Heines C. art/music/German professor 46 S. Walnut St.  
Hamphill James gentleman 81 E. Miner St. boarding house
Hamphill R. Coleman gentleman 44 S. Church St.  
Hamphill Wm. C. livery stable 000-block W. Miner St.  
Hamphill Joseph attorney 7 N. High St.  
Hamphill Joseph attorney 52 S. Church St.  
Henderson Mary G. gentlewoman 66 N. Church St.  
Henderson Charles bricklayer 65 W. Barnard St.  
Hennessey Wm. carpenter 156 W. Market St. boarding house
Hennessey Thomas shoemaker 36 W. Gay St.  
Hennessey Michael laborer 79 W. Chestnut St.  
Hennessey J. carpenter 700-blk N. High St.  
Henry R. C. shoe maker 200-blk W. Chestnut St.  
Henry Ellen widow 235 S. Matlack St.  
Hepburn Moses gentleman 200-blk E. Miner St.  
Hepburn Moses (Jr) barber 6 E. Market St.  
Hesson H. A. White Hall Hotel proprietor 2 S. Church St.  
Hesson Abram S. harness shop 4 N. Church St.  
Hesson Abram S. harness maker ??? E. Miner St.  
Hewes Charles P. phosphate dealer 4 W. Gay St.  
Hewes Margaretta saleswoman 15 E. Gay St.  
Hibbard Walter conv. shop 33 N. High St.  
Hibbard Walter business owner 39 S. Church St.  
Hichman E. C. harness shop 7 W. Gay St.  
Hichman E. C. harnessmaker 100-blk E. Barnard St.  
Hichman R. H. widow 87 E. Miner St.  
Hichman Eber gentleman 27 S. High St.  
Hichman Francis shoemaker 21 S. High St.  
Hichman Hannah B. widow 63 W. Gay St.  
Hilderman A. laborer 114 E. Gay St.  
Hilderman Jacob laborer 79 E. Miner St.  
Himes Joseph gentleman 24 S. Darlington St.  
Hodgson John newspaper Jeffersonian ??? E. Market St. work
Hodgson John newspaper editor 57 S. High St. home
Hodgeson & Dennis   trimming store 28 N. Church St.  
Hodgeson Mary not given 168 W. Gay St.  
Hoeber Fred cake baker 15 W. Gay St.  
Hoffman W. cabinet shop 51 E. Gay St. home near Paoli
Hoffman Levi engineer on RR 202 E. Chestnut St.  
Hogans D. laborer 37 W. Barnard St.  
Hogans M. wheeler 26 W. Barnard St.  
Hollon Lucy widow 32 W. Miner St.  
Hood Benj. drover 97 E. Miner St.  
Hoopes Mary millinery 26 W. Gay St.  
Hoopes Phoebe confectionary 24 E. Gay St.  
Hoopes A. C. gentlewoman 15 W. Chestnut St.  
Hoopes Joshua teacher 100-blk S. Matlack St.  
Hoopes R. F. recorder 19 E. Barnard St.  
Hoopes C. gentleman 15 E. Barnard St.  
Hoopes Jno. M. stone mason 200-blk N. New St.  
Hoopes Ezra gentleman 72 W. Market St.  
Hoopes S. carpenter 20 S. High St.  
Hoopes James J. carpenter 26 W. Gay St.  
Hoopes J. hatmaking shop 14 W. Gay work
Hoopes St. J. hatter 000-blk E. Miner boarding house
Hoopes F. M. harness maker 54 E. Gay St.  
Hoopes Stephen shoemaker 500-blk W. Miner St.  
Hoopes Rebecca gentlewoman 71 E. Market St.  
Hoopes Margaret gentlewoman 71 E. Market St.  
Hooton Francis C. law office 100 N. Church St.  
Houghton Wm. laborer 102 E. Gay St.  
Houpt Jacob carpenter 300-blk E. Gay St.  
Howard L. laborer 34 W. Miner St.  
Howard A. M. laundress 34 W. Miner St.  
Howarth Richard plumber 22 S. Matlack St.  
Howarth N. plumber & gas fitter 100-blk E. Miner  
Hughes Jas. T. gentleman 1 N. High St.  
Hughes Jas. M. gentleman 1 N. High St.  
Hunter J. Benton printer 57 S. High St. boarding house
Hunter A. W. book & stationery shop 45 E. Gay St.  
Hunter A. W. widowed shop owner 34 S. High St.  
Hunter Emma telegraph operator 34 S. Church St.  
Hunt Joseph carpenter 24 N. New St.  
Husted Daniel & Son boot & shoe manufacturer 18 W. Gay St.  
Hustin Ann not given 99 W. Miner St.  
Illingsworth James turner 100-blk N. Darlington St.  
Ingram John blacksmith 200-blk E. Chestnut St.  
Ingram A. P. butcher 000-blk W. Marshall St.  
Ingram Wm. gentleman 33 W. Miner St.  
Irwin Robert RR contractor 14 N. High St.  
Jackson John real estate office 30 E. Gay St.  
Jackson John real estate agent 44 S. Walnut St.  
Jackson Mrs. L. seamstress 58 W. Miner St.  
Jackson Mary S. not given 11 E. Chestnut St.  
Jackson Jane milliner 52 W. Church St.  
Jackson J. B. shoemaker 101? E. Union St.  
Jackson S. S. conductor on PRR 52 N. Church St.  
Jackson Seth S. farmer 19 W. Marshall St.  
Jacobs Thomas B. boarding school proprietor 102-104 W. Miner St.  
Jacobs Charles segar maker 47 E. Miner St. boarding house
James Francis law office 31 N. High St.  
James Francis attorney 75 N. High St.  
James Hickman Register of Wills 300-blk E. Gay St.  
James F. H. teacher of vocal music 300-blk N. Darlington St.  
James E. F. printshop 30 E. Gay St.  
James E. F. book card & job printer 300-blk E. Gay St.  
James Jesse gentleman 86 N. High St.  
James & Devoe   provision store 30 W. Market St.  
James Rachel widow 82 W. Miner St.  
James Harriet M. widow 67 W. Barnard St.  
Jeffecy Owen laborer 49 E. Miner St.  
Jefferis J. Baynard Prothonotary 27? W. Lafayette St.  
Jefferis Wm. W. Cashier of Bank 73 N. High St.  
Jefferis M. T. drugstore 21 N. Church St.  
Jefferis M. T. druggist 20 W. Chestnut St. boarding house
Jefferis John P. doctor (MD) 10 W. Market St. boarding house
Jefferis Joseph A. laborer 300-blk E. Miner St.  
Jefferis Cheyney speculator 124 W. Gay St.  
Jefferis Joseph gentleman S. Church St. near W. Barnard  
Jimmerson R. Gay not given 000-blk Worthington St.  
Jester Davis Y. wheelwright 200-blk E. Market St.  
John S. clerk in store 23 W. Gay St.  
John S. clerk 20 Chestnut St. boarding house
John Thomas shoemaker 58 W. Miner St.  
Johnson Geo. R. cabinetmaker 300-blk N. Darlington St.  
Johnson Charles carpenter 100-blk E. Washington St.  
Johnson John laborer 18 N. Walnut St.  
Johnson James laborer 100-blk S. Matlack St.  
Joice Sarah widowed nurse 19 W. Miner St.  
Jones Joseph iron store 37 W. Gay St.  
Jones Joseph iron merchant 39 W. Gay St.  
Jones Josiah S. confectioner 71 W. Gay St.  
Jones Edith widow 106 W. Gay St.  
Jones David marble yaqrd 200-blk N. High St.  
Jones S. P. doctor (MD) 52 W. Market St.  
Jones Wm. laborer 58 S. High St.  
Kane Wm. P. cabinet shop 51 E. Gay St.  
Kane Wm. P. cabinetmaker 75 W. Barnard St.  
Kannon David farmer 700-blk N. New St. tenant
Kaough Martin contractor 300-blk N. Darlington St.  
Kay Jane E. gentlewoman 74 W. Miner St.  
Keames W. laborer 29 W. Miner St.  
Keech Abner stone mason 300-blk N. Darlington St.  
Keiser James R. minister 118 E. Gay St.  
Kenney Alice seamstress 34 E. Miner St. boarding house
Kelley Wm. H. express agt. 100-blk E. Washington St.  
Kelley Hugh carpenter shop 33 N. New St.  
Kelley Hugh carpenter weaver 300-blk W. Marshall St.  
Kelley R. shoe maker W. Marshall below Chestnut St. [Note: Marshall & Chestnut do not intersect]
Kelley Elizabeth widow 14 N. New St.  
Kelley Thomas G. machinist 233? E. Union St.  
Kennedy T. J. map publisher 28 N. New St. rear  
Kerr George carpenter 5 W. Chestnut St.  
Kervey L. W. H. tailor shop 7 N. Church St.  
Kervey L. W. H. tailor 65 E. Market St.  
Kessler H. S. carpenter 100-blk E. Washington St.  
Kift Joseph florist 300-blk S. High St.  
Kimby A. laborer on RR 200-blk E. Chestnut St.  
King P. tailor 400-blk N. Darlington St.  
Kirk W. S. bank teller 80 N. High St.  
Kirk Alexander H. gentleman 47 S. Church St.  
Kirk M. James blacksmith 93 E. Gay St.  
Kirk Ruth M. widow 47 S. Church St.  
Koncle Eliza tailoress 100-blk E. Miner St.  
Konner John laborer 100-blk E. Washington St.  
Kurtz Rev. doctor (MD) 98 W. Miner St.  
Lack John milk vender 300-blk W. Gay St.  
Lack C. D. ladies' boot & shoemaker 300-blk W. Gay St.  
Lackey Wm. lumber merchant 29 W. Market St.  
Ladley George clerk 200-blk E. Market St.  
Lamborn Martha gentlewoman 122 E. Gay St.  
Lamborn Priscilla teacher at Public School 122 E. Gay St.  
Lavery James shoe findings 9 E. Market St.  
Lavery John laborer 131 W. Market St.  
Lee C. V. coal merchant 300-blk E. Gay St.  
Lee C. V. coal merchant 200 W. Union St.  
Lee Richard brick maker 128? E. Barnard St.  
Lent John stove factory 20 N. Church St.  
Lent John stove maker 18 N. Church St.  
Lent Mrs. S. H. confectioner 12 N. New St.  
Levis R. W. & Bro. grocery store 100 W. Market St.  
Levis R. W. & Bro. store owner 19 S. Church St.  
Lewis L. Thomas bricklayer 15 S. New St.  
Lewis Wm. carpenter 300-blk E. Franklin St.  
Lewis Joseph J. law office 14 E. Market St.  
Lewis Joseph J. attorney 55 W. Gay St.  
Lewis D. Clinton carpenter 100-blk E. Washington St.  
Linch Wm. shoemaker 17 S. New St.  
Linesley Sarah nurse 13 N. Walnut St.  
Logue Emma fancy trimming store 27 N. Church St.  
Longstreth Benjamin carpenter 600-blk W. Miner St.  
Lowry Robert minister 42 S. High St.  
Lowry Wm. carpenter 000-blk S. Worthington St.  
Lowry Robert carpenter 000-blk E. Washington St.  
Love Mary A. gentlewoman 86 W. Miner St.  
Lucas Ann seamstress 300-blk W. Union St.  

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