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West Chester Geography

West Chester Geography Questionnaire Due Feb. 18, 2004
Instructions: Print out this questionanaire and answer the following questions using maps and/or by exploring on your own in the Borough. Write your answers on this page and bring it to class on February 18. We will use your answers to begin our discussion of West Chester geography.

Note: When referring to blocks, give the three digit number to the nearest hundred followed by the name of the street. For instance, Main Hall is located in the 700-block of S. High Street, Anderson Hall is in the 700-block of S. Church St., and Sykes Student Union is in the 100-block of W. Rosedale Avenue.

  1. What streets border Marshall Square Park? Which intersection is nearest to the war memorial?


  2. What is the address of the tallest building on the 000-block of W. Market Street? Is the building's name incorporated into the design of the building? If so, then what is it?


  3. Which of these streets is widest: W. Nields Street, S. Franklin Street or S. Church Street?


  4. What is located at 501 E. Miner Street? What about 601 E. Miner Street?


  5. What streets does the railroad cross in West Chester? In what block does it end?


  6. What is located on the east side of the 300-block of N. Church Street?


  7. What is located on the southeast corner of W. Lafayette Street and N. Church Street?


  8. Where does Evans Alley intersect High Street?


  9. The "Dague Building" is located at 235 W. Market Street. For what purpose is it used?


  10. Where is the lowest ground elevation on West Chester University's North Campus?


  11. Select an address not mentioned previously, identify it and describe it so that someone else will know that you have seen it. [Example: The West Chester Golf & County Club clubhouse is located at 111 W. Ashbridge Street.]


  12. Repeat the previous item using a different block in the Borough.