Directions to the Chester County (PA) Historical Society

The Chester County Historical Society is located at 225 N. High Street, two blocks north of the Chester County Court House and nine blocks north of West Chester University.
From West Chester University (Main Hall): Exit the building towards S. High Street and turn left. Walk along High Street for nine blocks past the Burger King at Price Street, the Seven-Eleven at Barnard Street, the Chester County Court House at Market Street, and the Iron Hill Brewery at Gay Street. At the next block (Chestnut Street), cross over both High and Chestnut Streets. That will place you on the northeast corner of Chestnut and High Streets, right in front of the Historical Society.

Coming from the north on US Route 202: Exit at Paoli Pike or West Chester Pike and head west. After both roads join to form Gay Street, continue west towards the center of town past the McDonalds at Montgomery Avenue, Borough Hall at Adams Street and Rita's Water Ice (in the shopping center past Adams Street). Get into the right lane and follow PA Route 3 one block to the right at Matlack Street, then turn left onto Chestnut Street (which runs parallel to Gay Street). At the next interesection (Walnut Street), turn left an then enter the Chestnut Street Parking Garage. Afte you;ve parked, walk a half block west along Chestnut Street to the traffic light at High Street, then cross Chestnut Street and walk a third of a block north to the Historical Society entrance.

Coming from the south on US Route 202: Follow Business Route 322 (S. High Street) under the US Route 202 Bypass, past West Chester University, the Burger King and Seven- Eleven to Miner Street. Park in the Bicentennial Parking Garage located on the left (west) side of High Street between Miner and Market Streets. Then walk two blocks north to Chestnut Street, cross over Chestnut and High Streets, and enter the Historical Society.

Major Routes and Parking Garages
in West Chester, Pennsylvania

map of West Chester showing location of the Chester
County Historical Society

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