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Computer Methods in Historical Research

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HIS 480, "Computer Methods of Historical Research," teaches students of the West Chester University Department of History to use personal computers to organize and analyze historical data. Each year, students from HIS480 conduct original research using primary sources for Chester County History, and provide compilations to local libraries and archives. For more information, visit courses.wcupa.edu/jones/his480.htm or email the professor at jjones@wcupa.edu.


1995: David Floagus, Robert Gialanella, Kelly Kulp-Bosler and Michael Wolford.

1996: Vincent Civiletti, Robert Gregory, Scott Harre, Nancy Hershey, Kenneth McFadden, John Morrison, Robert Troutman and Christopher Waychunas

1997: Nicole Bowman, Karin Flippin, Mary Kurtak, Kelly McVeigh, Wendy Smoker and Brian Toombes

1998: Thomas Brientnall, Donald Bunnell, Patrick Dorsey, Lena Franks, Kristin Hoffman and Kirby McKinney

1999: Zayna Bizri, Christine Bowen, Charlotte Bridges, Pamela Colbert, Shawn Coombes, Valerie Demarco, Sam Flammini, Caryn Hermann, Stephanie Kotz, Ryan Kretschmar, Andrew Macomber and Jeffey Spaniel

2004: Marla Baker, Kisha Barnwell, Andrew Burgoon, Criston Carroll, Daniel Caycedo, Jared Cunningham, Marla Edwards, Alishia Faller, Steven Gasda, Justin Goodwin, Christopher Harmon, Eric Herr, J. P. Hussey, Mary Kivlin, Vincent LaRosa, Janine Long, Andrea MacMillan, Timothy McCune, Cheryl Nagle, Nicholas Rutala, Mark Schmidt, Eric Silow, Stacy Smoyer and Stephen Wilcher

2006: James Bencrowsky, Rob Borradaile, David Fraser, Benjamin Grim, Justin Grisin, Nuah Gweh, Kalli Kokas, Jim Metzger, Michael Pasquarello, Jonathan Sauerwald, Derek Shugar, Chris Weersing and Joseph M. Williamson

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