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West Chester, Pennsylvania

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10/07/2006: Posted DLN articles on Sept. 1931 Goose Creek fire
10/01/2006: Posted notes from Daily Local News
09/24/2006: Posted report on the Warner Theatre

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1932 Borough Directory:
Selected introductory material
Names beginning with A-B     C     D-F     G-H     I-L     M-O     P-R     S-T     U-Z
Classified Business Directory

Notes on Borough Council Minutes (1929-1933): 1929   |   1930   |   1931   |   1932   |   1933

Notes on Daily Local News articles:
Nov. 1929
Dec. 1930
Jan. 1931                     Mar. 1931     Apr. 1931     May 1931         Sept. 1931 *
June 1932     July 1932
Feb. 1933     Mar. 1933                     Nov. 1933     Dec. 1933    

* Complete articles on the Sept. 11 Goose Creek Fire

Other materials:
Notes on Studs Terkels' Hard Times (oral histories, but not specific to West Chester)
History of the Warner Theatre
Report on The Great Depression and Its Effects on the Movie Theatres
Report on Diets in West Chester during the Great Depression
Report on West Chester's fire companies during the Great Depression
Report on The Effects of the Depression at West Chester State Teachers College