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Deaths in Chester County, 1893-1907
Names beginning with S

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This file contains a portion of the information stored in the "Register of Deaths for Chester County," volumes 1-3 (1893-1907), located at the Chester County Archives in the Government Services Building, 601 Westtown Road, West Chester PA 19382. The complete set of 26 files represents about seven hundred hours of labor by West Chester University History students and their professor.

No warranty is made or implied as to the accuracy of the data contained in this file. It is provided to the public as a means to extend the life of the orginal volumes, which are old and in fragile condition. For best results, use this file and the others like it to locate the volume number and page number of the entry that interests you. Then visit the Chester County Archives to view the original register.

For each entry, there are fourteen items of information separated by commas.

  1. Last name
  2. First name
  3. Race (white/colored/black/mulatto)
  4. Gender (male/female)
  5. Age at death (in years unless otherwise indicated)
  6. Marital status (single, married, widow, widower)
  7. Place of birth (USA or foreign country)
  8. Profession (if known)
  9. Date of death (year/month/day)
  10. Place of death
  11. Cause of death
  12. Duration of last illness
  13. Volume number (1, 2, or 3)
  14. Page number

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