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Spring 2007

What's New?

Third exam on Friday, May 11, 8-10am.

Instructor: Jim Jones
Email: jjones@wcupa.edu; Telephone: 610-436-2168
Office: 519 Main Hall
M-W-F 11am-noon & 1-2pm

OBJECTIVES: This course covers the history of Africa during the colonial period and since independence. By the time we finish, you will be familiar with African geography, political events, economic conditions and the consequences of colonialism, and you should be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes: 1) a knowledge of historical eras, change over time, and key historical concepts in global history; 2) effective communication of history in formal written assignments and structured classroom discussions using reasoned arguments supported by historical evidence, allowing for multiple causes, effects, and perspectives; and 3) an analytical appreciation of diverse perspectives. Successful students should be able to make connections between their new historical knowledge and contemporary life and issues in a heterogeneous, global society.

RESPONSIBILITY: Professor Jones must deliver interesting lectures and facilitate meaningful classoom discussion, maintain regular office hours, write fair examinations and provide written feedback. Students must read assignments before coming to class, participate in class discussion, and pass three examinations plus a map test.

GRADES First exam, 20% Second exam, 30% Third exam, 30% Map test, 10%
  Class participation, 10%     (Perfect attendance improves borderline final grades.)


You are also responsible for reading and abiding by the COURSE POLICIES on:
Attendance Cheating/Plagiarism Disabilities Discrimination Substance Use/Abuse

Week Topic Assignment
Jan. 15
Jan. 17
Jan. 19
Martin Luther King Day - CLASS DOES NOT MEET
Introduction CLASS BEGINS
Precolonial Africa Review

Davidson 3-4
Jan. 22
Jan. 24
Jan. 26
Preconditions for European Imperialism in Africa
The Portuguese in Africa
The Congress of Berlin
19th century Europe & Africa
Portuguese in Africa
Congress of Berlin
Jan. 29
Jan. 31
Feb. 2
Crisis in Egypt
French & British imperialism in West Africa
Egypt & Europe in the 19th Century
Read ahead
France & Britain in West Africa
Feb. 5
Feb. 7
Feb. 9
South Africa
East Africa
The Fashoda Incident
Conquest of southern Africa
Conquest of eastern Africa
The Fashoda Incident
Feb. 12
Feb. 14
Feb. 16
Reading King Leopold's Ghost
Slavery and the Congo River Basin
The Congo Free State
Hochschild, 19-100
Hochschild, 101-274
Feb. 19
Feb. 21
Feb. 23
The First World War
Colonialism Before the Depression
Davidson, 5-10
Davidson, 11-21
Feb. 26
Feb. 28
Mar. 2
African Response to Colonialism
Colonial Adaptations
Africa in the Depression
Davidson, 22-30
Davidson, 31-43
Davidson, 45-60
Mar. 5
Mar. 7
Mar. 9
CASE STUDY: Forced Labor in FWA
World War II
Colonial Adaptations
Instructions & Reading
Davidson, 61-68
Davidson, 69-91
Mar. 12-16 SPRING BREAK  
Mar. 19
Mar. 21
Mar. 23
The Colonial Crisis
Decolonization   -   Last day to withdraw or change to Pass/Fail
Things to Know
Davidson, 80-93
Davidson, 98-103
Mar. 26
Mar. 28
Mar. 30
Various Routes to Independence
Independence: The Algerian Example
Overview of Independence
Algerian independence
Apr. 2
Apr. 4
Apr. 6
Independence and Social change
Politics in independent Africa
African political models
Davidson, 181-193
Davidson, 193-217
Davidson, 246-259
Apr. 9
Apr. 11
Apr. 13
Economics in Independent Africa
Development and Dependency
Energy and Globalization
Davidson, 218-223
Davidson, 223-245
Apr. 16
Apr. 18
Apr. 20
Algeria Since Independence
Urban poverty
Love, marriage & family
Allouache, 1-42
supplementary material
Algerian film clips
Apr. 23
Apr. 25
Apr. 27
Official and "parallel" government
The "black market"
Relations with former colonizers
Allouache, 42-82
Allouache, 82-132
Apr. 30
May 2
May 4
Current Events in Africa
May 11 THIRD EXAMINATION Friday, 8-10am

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