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Map Study List

by Jim Jones (Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved)

Return to the syllabus or get a blank map of Africa showing national borders


  1. Instructions for the map test
  2. List of locations and items that may appear on the test
  3. Blank map of Africa showing national borders


The map test is designed to give you a reason to learn where many of the places in modern African history are located. You will find this useful for following class discussion, and it will allow you to complete the assigned readings more quickly and with greater understanding.

Although most people will receive an A on this test, there are always some who do very poorly and even fail it. Afterwards, they say that they did not take the test seriously enough, or they only studied a portion of the names. In order to avoid that, and to enable everyone to do well on the test, the professor offers the following instructions on how to prepare for it:

  1. Print out a copy of a blank map of Africa showing national borders.
  2. Make several photocopies of the map so you can practice.
  3. Using the maps in your books and in the University library, locate each of the items on the following list .

In the past, my map tests have had questions like the following:

  1. Identify the capital of each country (followed by a list of countries).
  2. List the countries that border on Senegal.
  3. Which is farther north, Yaounde or Brazzaville?
  4. [Using the map supplied with the test,] identify each of the numbered place names.

In other words, don't just memorize the list of names, learn where they are and what they are.


MAP ITEM TYPE Located in this modern country
Accra Colonial-era city Ghana
Addis Ababa Precolonial city Ethiopia
Algiers Precolonial city Algeria
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan European colony Sudan
Angola European colony Angola
Atlas Mountains Natural feature Morocco, Algeria
Basutoland European colony Lesotho
Bathurst Colonial-era city Gambia
Bechuanaland European colony Botswana
Belgian Congo European colony Dem. Rep. of Congo
Blue Nile River Natural feature Sudan, Ethiopia
Brazzaville Colonial-era city Congo-Brazzaville
British Somalia European colony Somalia
Buganda Precolonial region Uganda
Cairo Precolonial city Egypt
Cape Colony European colony South Africa
Cape Town Colonial-era city South Africa
Casablanca Colonial-era city Morocco
Conakry Colonial-era city Guinea
Congo-Zaire River Natural feature various
Dahomey Precolonial region Benin
Dakar Colonial-era city Senegal
Dar-es-Salaam Colonial-era city Tanzania
Douala Colonial-era city Cameroon
Drakensberg Mts. Natural feature South Africa, Lesotho
Durban Colonial-era city South Africa
Ethiopia Precolonial region Ethiopia
Freetown Colonial-era city Sierra Leone
French Somaliland European colony Djibuti
French Congo European colony Congo-Brazzaville
Gambia European colony Gambia
Gambia River Natural feature Gambia, Guinea-Conakry
Gold Coast European colony Ghana
Guinea Coast Natural feature various
Italian Somaliland European colony Somalia
Ivory Coast European colony Côte d'Ivoire
Johannesburg Colonial-era city South Africa
Kalahari Desert Natural feature Botswana, Namibia
Kano Precolonial city Nigeria
Katanga Precolonial region Dem. Rep. of Congo
Kenya European colony Kenya
Khartoum Colonial-era city Sudan
Kilimanjaro (Mt.) Natural feature Tanzania
Kinchasa Colonial-era city Dem. Rep. of Congo
Lagos Colonial-era city Nigeria
Lake Victoria Natural feature Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania
Lake Chad Natural feature Chad, Cameroon, Niger
Liberia Independent country Liberia
Libreville Colonial-era city Gabon
Luanda Colonial-era city Angola
Maputo Colonial-era city Mozambique
Mogadishu Colonial-era city Somalia
Mombasa Precolonial city Kenya
Monrovia Colonial-era city Liberia
Mozambique European colony Mozambique
Nairobi Colonial-era city Kenya
Namib Desert Natural feature Namibia
Natal European colony South Africa
Niger-Benue River Natural feature various
Nigeria European colony Nigeria
Nile River Natural feature various
Nyasaland European colony Malawi
Orange Free State European colony South Africa
Orange-Vaal River Natural feature South Africa
Portuguese Guinea European colony Guinea-Bissau
Rhodesia European colony Zimbabwe
Sahara Desert Natural feature various
Sahel Natural feature various
Senegal River Natural feature Senegal, Mali
Sierra Leone European colony Sierra Leone
Sokoto Precolonial city Nigeria
Soudan European colony Mali
Southwest Africa European colony Namibia
Swahili coast Precolonial region various
Swaziland European colony Swaziland
Tanganyika European colony Tanzania
Tangiers Precolonial city Morocco
Timbuktu Precolonial city Mali
Transvaal European colony South Africa
Tripoli Precolonial city Libya
Tunis Precolonial city Tunisia
Ubangui-Chari European colony Chad & Central Afr. Rep.
Upper Volta European colony Burkina Faso
Volta River Natural feature Ghana, Burkina-Faso
White Nile River Natural feature Sudan, Uganda
Yaounde Colonial-era city Cameroon
Zambezi River Natural feature various
Zanzibar Precolonial city- state Tanzania

Return to the syllabus or get a blank map of Africa showing national borders