HIS 311-01 (Fall 1998)

Who's Doing What?

as of November 18, 1998

Kajoor (Cayor) available
Tyeddo warriors Jonathon S. Dec 2 2nd
Jolof or Wolof people Ty Dec 2 1st
Origins of Islam in Senegal Amber Dec 7 2nd
Cape Vert (Cape Verde) in 1806 Kevin M. Dec 4 3rd
Futa Toro in 1806 available
Rufisque in 1806 available
Bambara states in 1806 available
Male-female ratio in slave coffles Sharon Dec 4 2nd
Goree Island in 1806 Mike C. Dec 4 1st
Mulattos in Goree Sandra Dec 11 3rd
Denmark's role in the slave trade Nicole Dec 9 3rd
Cuba in 1806 Bryan Dec 7 3rd
The Haitian Revolution Michelle Dec 9 1st
The economy of the Caribbean sugar trade available
St. Augustine in 1806 Melissa Dec 11 4th
Zanzibar in 1806 available
Ibo Nigeria in 1806 April Dec 7 1st
Susu people from Rio Pongo, Guinea available
Jolof slave villages Jeff Dec 7 4th
Coastal slave factories Terri Dec 9 2nd
Spanish legislation on intermarriage Marina Dec 9 4th
Manumission of slaves in West Africa Andrea Dec 14 1st
Manumission of slaves in Spanish America Marcellus Dec 4 4th
Role of first wife in polygamy Jen Dec 11 2nd
Senegalese fisherman/sailors available
Slaves who owned slaves in West Africa Zayna Dec 2 4th
East Florida insurrection 1784-1812 Kevin C. Dec 11 1st
Race laws in US and Spanish America Jim P. Dec 11 5th
President Boyer of Haiti Bob S. Dec 2 3rd