image showing a portion of the annual report of the Mali National
Railroad From the Niger River to Dakar by Train
. . . a slide show by Jim Jones
Niger River near Segou (Mali) on an early evening in 1992
HISTORY view of
the port of Dakar (Senegal) about 1902 African
workers construct bridge pilings at Mahina (Mali) in the Upper
Senegal basin about 1895 African
workers dig a railroad cut by hand in western Mali in the 1890s Opening
ceremonies at Bamako station (Mali) in 1904 Congestion in the Dakar maritime terminal (Senegal) in 1906
     dry season gardens next to the Niger River at Koulikoro
     (Mali), the inland terminus of the Dakar-Niger Railroad dry
     season savanna landscape in Mail in 1992 trucks
     poised to exchange cargoes with the railroad in Bamako
     (Mali) in 1992 women
     and locomotive along the road to Koulikoro near Bamako
     (Mali) railroad station Mopeds
     parked at Bamako station (Mali) in 1992
     stuffed with baggage on the Mali Express in 1992 a
     village near the railroad tracks in western Mali in 1992 women
     offer goods for sale to train passengers in 1992 a
     market woman offers a plate of vegetables for sale through
     the train window in western Mali in 1992 a
     portion of curved track in western Mali in 1992 Railroad headquarters at Kayes (Mali) in 1906
     era store once owned by the firm of Deves and Chaumont in
     Kayes (Mali) as it appeared in 1992 the
     railroad company's hotel in Kayes (Mali) in 1992 key
     a room at the hotel owned by the railroad in Kayes (Mali) a
     in the savanna of western Mali as the 1992 rainy season
     begins the
     railroad station at Koussanar (Senegal) in 1992 a
     tower in Koussanar (Senegal) left over from the days of
     steam locomotives
     freight train passes through the industrial outskirts of
     Dakar (Senegal) in 1992 the
     suburban station of Colombane outside of Dakar (Senegal) in
     1992 a
     commuter train approaching Dakar (Senegal) in 1992 Dakar
     (Senegal) train station seen as one departs towards Mali entrance to the train station in Dakar (Senegal) commercial space next to the main train station in
     Dakar (Senegal)

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