HIS311 logo Review Topics for Third Exam

Since the second exam, we covered the following:

Ethiopia (2 days): Solomon, Sheba & Menelik I; Ajsum; Zagwe, Solomonid, Ottoman period; 19th century resurgence

North Africa (2 days): Islamic heresy; Fatimids, Almoravids, Almohads, Seljuks, Mamluks; Ottomans, Napoleon, Mohammed Ali

Acephalous Societies (2 days): definition of acepgalous; lineages, age-sets and associations; Equiano's memoir

The Transatlantic Slave Trade (2 days): Portuguese on the west coast; the Kongo; the Triangular Trade; the 17-18th century boom; effect on interior states; Fage, Rodney, Curtin & Inikori; how many people were taken from Africa; abolition; legitimate commerce; 19th century East African slave trade; consequences of the slave trade

West African Jihads (2 days): Islam and revolution; the Fulbe; the Sokoto jihad; Ahmadu Bari; Umar Tall, Samori Toure; Qadiriyya & Tidjaniyya; motivations for jihad

Islam in East Africa (1 day): Portuguese explortation and conquest; response of city-states; conditions in the interior; Ali Bey; Sultan of Oman; Seyyid Said; other European involvement; Zanzibar

The Zulu Mfecane (2 days): cattle culture; Dutch exploration and conquest; Xhosa; Zulu, Shaka & the Mfecane; Moshoeshoe's Sotho; Ndebele


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