Instructions for Use of Electronic Notes

Copyright 1997, 2011 by Jim Jones
All rights reserved

First, save the file on your computer.

Next, load your saved file into your favorite word processor and search for words that are relevant to your topic. Then read as much of the adjacent material to get a sense of the content and to identify additional words to search.

You have my permission (as the author of the notes) to use any of these notes in your paper, but you must footnote them properly. At the top of each file containing notes, I included the reference in proper format. All you have to do is add a comma and a page number before the period at the end, and then identify the web page where you found it. Then place it in your paper/project in either a footnote or endnote (but be consistent).

For example, on page 184 of the book by Jean Martin, there is information about the date that the Dutch first occupied Goree Island. If you use this information in your paper, then your reference note should read:

Jean Martin, editor, Lexique de la colonisation française (Paris: Dalloz, 1988), 184, downloaded from Jim Jones, "Miscellaneous Notes for Anna Kinglsey Paper," located at ([date you viewed the webpage]).

Any questions? Email or see me in class.